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List Of The Weirdest Residential Roofs On The Planet

Modern technology has brought many things new in every field, which seems strange to people, but they are unique and creative on their own. The same is the case in roofing technology. Roofing experts and designers develop new designs and roofing structures to encounter the unusual climatic effects and give modern sleekness to today’s roofing industry. 

You must have seen the strange roofing designs somewhere and must be curious to know more about new and unique roofing structures. It is not always about looking at roof designs to copy them, but it may also be fun-loving to look at new things exploring how people used to live. Let us explore the strange roofing designs here;

Oddest roofs in the world;

Many roofs have become the grazing area for animals. Roofs host millions of plants and animals like bees. Some of the roofs are playgrounds for soccer players. It seems odd, right? But it is true. We will take you to the world places where some of the weirdest roofs are present. Some of the oddest roofs are listed below and be sure to click here to see pictures of roofers in Albuquerque;

Casa batlo Gaudi roofs;

If you visit Barcelona, the uniqueness you find here will be casa batlo Gaudi roofs. They are named after their architecture Gaudi who structured the roofs to give a strange, scary look of a dragon. It is designed like an animal’s spine and may strike fear but sleek its uniqueness.

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The acros Fukuoka roofs of japan;

The roofs contain millions of plants and the inhabitants of animal species. You must be wondering how it can be possible. But yes, it is true. The international hall of japan is covered with the same roof and consists of greenery over a large area acting as a park. Is not it interesting? 

A roof containing artificial hills;

It would be the strangest thing for you that roof is like a hilly area with grass somewhere. This kind of roof is present in the California academy of sciences, one of the biggest natural history museums. The roof also provides living space for many animal and plant species.

The Vancouver convention center roofs;

The Vancouver convention center roofs also benefit society as they are covered with greenery and home to animal and plant species. Greenery roofs may look strange, but they are amazing in giving back to society. They provide excellent insulation and transform carbon dioxide into oxygen, providing fresh air to the community. If you are replacing the roof, go for green roofs in the future.

Trojan roofs of Indonesia;

If you ever visit Indonesia, the Trojan people of Indonesia will be your attention; their traditions attract the visitors the most. Trojan people used to build houses for their ancestors, called tongkonan. These homes have boat-shaped roofs. It may inspire you to expand your horizons of knowing people more. Let us know how you find them.

Swimming pool roof;

Have you ever heard about the swimming pool on the roof? If not, let us take you to south Singapore; here at marina bay sands, a swimming pool of 150m is located and shaped beautifully at the side of the roof and give an amazing looking at the top. It is so original that even you can swim hours there. 

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The villa roof in china;

Here we take you to the heart of China, Beijing. A villa is built on the top of the building, covered with mountains, hills, and trees to give an amazingly modern and creative look. This roof is also animals’ living area in nearby hills and plants.

Leaf roof;

The roof in Brazil is itself unique, creative, and fun-loving to know about it. It is shaped like a leaf and looks like a tropical banana leaf, and its structure is amazing for hot countries as it provides a full-coverage shade to the house. 

Curvy roofs;

There are many designs and shapes of roofs we can look at sites, but a curvy roof is unique and hidden. It is v-shaped and provides an upside-down look. It might look scary but funny on the side too. Let us know what you think about this design.


The roofing industry is more than you think; it has broadened its design aspects to provide house owners with unique and creative designs. We have listed some of the unique and weirdest designs above; they may broaden your horizons of thinking and liberate you from typical roof designs and structures.

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