How to use React Native video editor SDK in an appropriate way

5 Best React Native Video Player Libraries in 2022

React Native is a software framework that stores UI on platforms where it is used on. This tool is popular and offers a frame rate of 60 per second. The features offered by the React Native Video Editor SDK enable users to take advantage of popular libraries.

5 Best React Native Video Player Libraries

  1. React Native VLC media player is one of the frequently used ones. The player library is a great option that supports RTSP, RTP, HLS, MMS, and RTMP. The player also supports almost all file formats. The react native library can playback multiple sounds as well as subtitles. 
  2. The React Native MO video player has a feature-rich library and the capability to customize settings. In addition to the standard basic features, users can select video cover art, and adjust the viewing speed, volume, and sound quality.
  3. Videos can be efficiently processed in React Native. The library provides the possibility of selecting various options for processing. There is trimming and editing. Users will be happy to take advantage of the boomerang effect. When it is run on an Android device, it is possible to compress videos. The library has a default API. It should be noted that no new versions have been released during the 12 months. The React Native video player is a modern and quite advanced tool. The project is equipped with settings and controls. What makes this video player different is the built-in brightness adjustment and volume settings. The library offers the possibility of watching RTMP and HLS live streaming. The library stands out for its excellent service and is based on the Snyk platform.
  4. Expo-av is a versatile player for multimedia. It is an easy-to-use and high-quality video player. The package has excellent style options and detailed documentation. More than one hundred specialists have been involved in the development and are responsible for the software. A new version is released every three months. 
  5. React Native video player has an excellent library. There is a basic set for video playback. This player is very easy to work with. You can play basic multimedia formats on it. You can also view photos and listen to music. The current version does not feature volume control. We can assume that in the future the developers will take the time to solve this problem. The library has over 4,000 downloads in one week. 
  6. IIMG.LY React Native Video SDK has an excellent power of VE.SDK. It is a multifunctional tool that enables you to customize multimedia and sort audio recordings, and video files. A big advantage is the availability of a video editor. Users can customize tracks, frames, select filters, and highlights. The module has its libraries. It is very easy to use the player, as there are step-by-step guidelines available.
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How to Choose a Video Editor SDK for React Native

It is recommended to get familiar with a description of a particular video editor and its capabilities before choosing the best option. Follow the link to find the 12 best React Native Video Payer Libraries.

Video Editor SDK Banuba. It is a set of tools that developers can use. It has all the features required to create videos and animated clips. In addition to the basic features, users can take advantage of merging, and adding overlays. Banuba provides the capability to have practical experience of Face AR that feature beautification effects. There are also many other great features, including color and visual effects, and sound editing. 

Banuba has a great video editor with excellent documentation. There is also its sample on Github. Before downloading, users can check out the features in the free version. The video player provides the possibility of on-device and remote playback of files. It is supported by iOS and Android platforms. 

Users should refer to the library for react-native-media-controls. This is due to the fact that the main package does not have video control elements. The best video editor for react has excellent documentation. It can be easily configured and used. The disadvantages include poor video performance on Facebook.

React Native JW media player. It is easy to be used and installed. The tool is equipped with the traditional features of a video player. A unique option is the picture-in-picture mode. There is also casting, the capability to customize the style of the external player. Users download this package up to 450 times a week. 

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  True Sight. The package is provided with two control slots. Different parts feature a control panel and a progress bar. The footer of the software display has elements to control the video playback. If the user has issues with the connection, the download function will be triggered. 

The React Native video player libraries are designed to be used to save time during editing and more. Before using the tool, it is recommended to test it thoroughly and read the applicable documentation. Here are some basic tips for choosing the Video Editor SDK:

  • the possibility of recording video with high resolution;
  • availability of such functions as frame capture and rearrangement;
  • large selection of filters;
  • the seamless video editing process.

Banuba Video Editor SDK meets all these requirements. You can experience its functionality by taking advantage of the free trial version.

Essential Functions

It is quite easy to operate React Native video players are fairly easy to operate. They are rather compact. They usually have the basic functions only, such as video viewing and recording. Video editing is based on artificial intelligence and has extensive features, including the following:

  • recording – this function makes it impossible to shoot and save videos shot with the camera;
  • trimming – it enables users to adjust the length of the video and delete unwanted parts;
  • merge – this function helps users to combine several videos into one and change their sequence of playback;
  • timeline – it displays frames, and is used when trimming and editing videos;
  • audio editing – it is used to record or delete certain parts;
  • overlay – it is used to add a caption; this is one of the popular features.
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The video player should also have a hands-free feature. The availability of the timer means you don’t have to hold a phone in your hand all the time to take pictures. The Banuba website has a large selection of video players and detailed descriptions of them. Users can browse the library and test the free version before downloading.


Video in today’s world is one of the most popular content formats. Different videos are used on famous platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and many others. TikTok has an excellent editing library. This app has conquered the online space and has users of different ages all over the world.   

In terms of downloads, this software has become a leader in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Its popularity owes to its feature-rich video player, which grabs the attention of users.

The use of video editors is very popular all over the world. As technology advances, the use of various software products is growing in popularity. Editors enable users to take advantage of filters to make certain changes to their videos. 

Shuffling frames is one of the many features that video editors offer. One of the best tools on the market is the Banuba Video Editor SDK. Users can use the free versions to get to know the editors before downloading them. The basic feature set is usually adequate for video editing. 

If the right library is chosen, users can significantly accelerate the editing process. React Native libraries can save time when searching for errors. Before making a choice, it is recommended to thoroughly check the tool to be downloaded. Users can take advantage of the trial version of Banuba Video Editor SDK to have experience with an advanced feature set.


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