Can You Hide Who You Follow on Instagram and Be All Mysterious?

Sometimes, you just want to remain private on social media and we understand why!  If you’re not a business, a brand, or an Influencer, why would you want prying eyes looking at what you’re up to on Instagram every day?  Plus, there’s always the added drama of other people wanting to know why you’re following someone that they don’t think you should!  We’re talking about your boyfriend or girlfriend wondering why you’re still tracking your ex!  Or those occasions when an ex-partner can see who your new followers are and work out who you’re seeing.  Yes, staying private means staying out of trouble and leaving the drama behind.  So you’re reading this because you want to know can you hide who you follow on Instagram.  Great news, we’re going to tell you!

If Your Followers Want to See Who You’re Following

If a follower of yours wants to see who you’re following, unfortunately, you can’t just stop them doing that, because they’re already following you.  You could block them, just by tapping on the three dots alongside their profile.  If you do that, and you’re convinced they’re constantly looking you up – they’ll soon notice (perhaps you don’t need that added drama). Plus, once you do that, you’ll no longer be able to view what they’re up to.

If you think that Instagram surely must be able to let you hide your followers from others – well, they used to and last year (2021) they changed their setting so there’s no privacy setting available that allows you to hide your followers.  There is a way round it though and we’ll show you can you hide who you follow on Instagram with some easy wins!

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Let’s dive in.

When Someone Doesn’t Follow You and You Want to Stop Them Viewing Your Followers

You’ve got an ex you want to stay firmly out of your life, or a friend who’s no longer a friend.  Then if they’re not following your Instagram account, can you hide who you follow on Instagram?  Yes, kind of.  Here’s what you need to do to accomplish that:

  • Login to your Instagram account (desktop here:
  • Visit your Settings menu (it’s easier to do this on the app).
  • Select the Privacy option – note the “lock” icon next to it.
  • Scroll down to Connections.
  • Click on Account Privacy.
  • Click on Private Account and switch over your Instagram profile to a private profile.

Once you’ve done that – only people that DON’T follow you won’t be able to view your follower lists.  Those that DO follow you will still be able to view your follower lists.

What About Hiding My Follower List From A Current Follower?

Can you hide who you follow on Instagram from a current follower?  The answer to this one is no; you can’t hide who you follow on Instagram from a current follower.  Even if you set your account to private rather than public, you won’t be able to hide your follower list.  The only way you can stop a specific person from viewing your Instagram account is by removing them as a follower or blocking them.  Otherwise, they have full access to your Instagram account.

How to Remove a Follower From Your Instagram Account

Can you hide who you follow on Instagram by removing them? Yes, you can. To remove a follower, click on the Follower area beneath your Instagram profile.  Then, you need to find the person that you want to prevent viewing your Instagram followers.  Once you’ve located them, just remove them.  There’s a white button with the word “remove” next to their name.  Click on Remove and Voila!  You’ve got rid of that follower, and they can’t view who’s following you any longer.

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Be Choosy About Who Follows You On Instagram

If you’ve just moved over to Instagram from Facebook – great choice (see why here:, the privacy settings are similar because it’s owned by Meta. Can you hide who you follow on Instagram if you’re constantly plagued by people checking up on what you’re doing on Instagram? Then just get rid of them! Always remember, be choosy about who you accept as a follower on Instagram to stop this type of behavior from recurring.  


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