How to plan a Motorcycle Road Trip

A motorcycle road trip can be fantastic because it allows you to connect with your surroundings more closely than a car can. You’ll get to smell wildflowers by the roadside, enjoy a great view, and feel every bend in the road through your whole body.

On the other hand, traveling by motorcycle presents its own set of challenges and risks. You’ll be exposed to the elements, and the vibration, road noise, balance, and cramped position can be exhausting.

 However, proper planning can make your journey as safe, comfortable, and enjoyable as possible. This guide will teach you how to handle all those difficulties by explaining what you need to plan a motorbike trip.

Tips for Planning a Motorcycle Road Trip

Are you ready? Here is a step-by-step guide to what you need to plan a motorcycle trip so that you have an exciting adventure.

Choose the Right Motorcycle

It is essential that you have the appropriate motorcycle for your height and weight. The bike should also be suitable for your riding style and the terrain you intend to ride on. Since you’ll be seated in the same posture for an extended period, your bike must be designed to accommodate you conveniently. 

Check that the handlebars, backrests, footpegs, suspension, and seats are set up and adjusted appropriately for your height and riding posture before you start riding. Adding accessories like highway pegs, which allow you to stretch your legs out, can also enhance comfort.

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Choose the Right Gear

The right motorcycle gear can help protect you from harsh conditions such as the sun, rain, wind, noise, debris, and the pavement itself. It will shield you from the sun’s harmful rays, the wind’s damaging effects on your hearing, and anything else blowing through the air. 

Their primary function is to protect you in the event of a collision. And that is why you should get quality safety gear, including helmets, jackets, boots, and others. Some online stores, such as, sell various types of motorcycle gear.

Map out a Route

You’ve decided where you want to go, and now it’s time to figure out how you will get there. Try to plan your motorcycle trip so that it takes you to your destination via a series of smaller highways and back roads. This route will allow you to enjoy less traffic and more beautiful scenery. Also, consider the time of year and the potential weather conditions in the regions you will be riding through.

Plan Your Gas Stops

If you haven’t already calculated your motorcycle’s mileage, you should do so before you leave. Most modern bikes have readouts that display information such as MPG and miles to empty. 

However, doing it the analog way would be a good idea to validate the accuracy of the readouts. Fill the tank first, then drive a few miles at the speed you intend to maintain throughout the journey, and finish by filling it again. 

Determine how many miles per gallon your vehicle gets. Then multiply that number by the volume of your vehicle’s fuel tank, and you’ll know how long you can go without refueling.

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Finally, ensure you have everything you need for the trip, considering the path to your destination, the weather, and emergency supplies. Don’t forget to perform a test run to ensure that everything fits and the bike are not overloaded!

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