Create A Budget-Focused Gift Guide

You can create a holiday gift guide using a budget as your guide’s focus. Then, categorize the products into categories based on personality types. You can also include cross-sells and schedule your posts on social media. This is a great way to boost sales and increase traffic to your website. Visit Snappy for more information.

Create a budget-focused gift guide

To create a budget-focused holiday gift guide, take a look at the money you have set aside for holiday expenses. Maybe you have a Christmas club account at your bank or have been saving spare change in a jar. If you’re planning early, you can build up a nice nest egg by the holiday season.

Make sure the photos are high quality and have a neutral background. This way, your product will be more likely to make it into the final cut. You should avoid using images of products that are too complicated to ship. Also, it is best to use product photos that are taken in a studio, as some media outlets prefer to shoot products in-house.

Don’t overlook PR outreach. Even though it’s a traditional way to promote your product, it’s often underutilized by brands. Even though it’s time-consuming and expensive, most consumers trust earned media over advertising. For this reason, PR outreach is a great way to get your name out there without having to spend a fortune.

Budget-focused holiday gift guides can be a great way to highlight items that are not expensive. One example is the Real Simple magazine, which limits its focus to gifts that are $50 or less. Other media outlets like to highlight unique items and local brands over mass-merchandise brands. It is also a good idea to emphasize the small-business angle when creating a budget-focused holiday gift guide.

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To create a budget-focused holiday gift guide, first consider the amount you spend on gifts each year. Do you spend more on expensive gifts? Or do you spend more on tchotchkes? Think about the patterns of gifts you give and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

Categorize products by personality type

If you want to create a holiday gift guide that is sure to sell, categorize products by personality type. For example, an INTJ personality type will appreciate wooden puzzles, which can be the perfect gift for an architect. These people are hard-working, self-confident, and good at reading between the lines. They often choose careers in science and math and are excellent listeners. You can also go for some of the beautiful winter blooms that suit the personality of the receiver. To find some of the most beautiful christmas gift collections, you can read more.

Include cross-sells

Including cross-sells in your holiday gift guide is a great way to increase sales and promote related products. Including a related products section on your website can drive a significant increase in sales. A well-placed products bar can also help increase your average order value.

Gift guides also create a backlink for your website, which is valuable to search engine optimization. Choose products that your customers will want, and feature brands that have a large following and synergistic relationship with your business. Incorporate cross-sells to keep your guide fresh and relevant to your customers’ interests.

Ask your sales associates for advice on how to include cross-sells. They often have firsthand knowledge of customer buying preferences and behaviors. They can also give you valuable insights on how to create the perfect holiday gift guide. You can even ask them for their suggestions about what they would like to get for their loved ones.

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Schedule posts on social networks

A social media content calendar is a useful tool for establishing a posting schedule. It can help you schedule content and collaborate with your team on different tasks. It’s also easy to modify your posts and edit them anytime, from anywhere. Open the template as a Google Sheet and copy it to your Google account. It will open as a read-only Google Sheet, but you can make an editable copy by right-clicking the name of the tab and selecting Duplicator.

During the holidays, you should also schedule posts on various social networks. This way, you will be able to promote your evergreen posts and engage with your audience. Moreover, you can save your valuable time by scheduling posts in advance. This will also free up your time and prevent stress when you have to rush to post them.

Creating a gift guide is one way to attract more customers and generate more leads. However, you need to make sure that the guide is not a list of useless products; instead, it must be productive. It should bring in customers and generate leads, which will ultimately boost your overall individual sales. Holiday spirit can lead you to lose sight of your marketing strategy, but it’s important to focus on your overall strategy to make your holiday gift guide a success.


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