Reasons to Move to Washington DC

If you’re considering relocation plans in the United States, our nation’s hub, Washington DC may be the right place to start. While moving to this city may seem terrifying for some, as it is the strong force of the US, Washington DC has many exciting residential options and thrilling activities to offer you. Here are some other reasons to move to DC. 

The Top 10 Reasons to Move to Washington DC

1. A State with Plentiful Employment Opportunities 

One of the top reasons you want to consider a move to Washington DC is the high level of employment opportunities in every industry for both genders. Statistics have shown that in DC, an average household revenue ranges over $64,000, which is over twenty percent greater than the stipulated national average household income. What does this mean? It means that the city offers higher-paid jobs than most cities in the US. If you have a thing for administration jobs, then this state should be your next entry zone. With the government making job provisions for over 140,000 local citizens, the unemployment rates have taken a dramatic dip for the better.  

2. A Sporting Center

If you are a sports fanatic but have never watched any live games, Washington offers you the opportunity to watch professional sports in different seasons, from the Nationals to the Redskins, Capitals and the Wizards.

3. Home for Standard Education

If you’re looking for a place with high teaching standards for your kids, you will find out that schools in DC are notable for their quality education.  With tons of education institutes ranging from about 208 public schools to 87 private institutions, the district offers you various educational facilities to choose from.  

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4. The Food paradise

DC has a brimming number of signature dishes to suit your every appetite. If you’re a food lover, you enjoy different cuisines, which you can get at the hipster’s bar, chic cafes, or high-end restaurants in the district. Apart from this, you also enjoy a celebrity-like dining experience with signature dishes like Korean fried chicken, mumbo sauce, Chesapeake blue crabs and oysters, Peruvian Polla a la Brasa, and many more that will suit your budget.   

5. Experience an Ever-Changing Yet Exciting Climate

In DC, you get to experience various climate conditions, from the summer months to the Fall, Winter, and Spring seasons. But that’s not all! Unlike most southern states in the US, summer is most enjoyable as it is fairly mild and without the harsh skin-blistering heat that accompanies the season. During the various seasons, the temperature can reach a peak of 31 degrees and notice a considerable dip to as low as -1 degrees.  

6. A Safe District

With the nation’s capital housing presidential living area, the White House, and various government buildings, DC has never been safer than ever. But, if you’re thinking about moving to this location, you want to know how the different neighborhood operates in DC. Although not every city is free from criminal activities, the crime rate is considerably lower than most.

7. A Bustling Location

DC has a central location that allows you to experience thrilling adventures and visit various sites using the various high-tech airline. For history lovers, the city offers you the site of the famed civil war battle at Fredericksburg. Apart from this, places like Mount Vernon and Baltimore with exciting activities are within driving distance from DC. 

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8. Welcomes Diversity 

When it comes to demography, DC is highly diversified, with 48% white residents, 25 percent of the residents as blacks, 14 percent Hispanic, and the remaining 9 percent are Asians. What does this mean? The city is welcoming to people around the globe regardless of color and race. It also means that the city has a blend of diverse cultures from around the world. 

9. Thrilling Attractions 

If you’re a nature-loving person, DC has various attractions to keep you on an emotional rollercoaster. From the Tidal Basin to the National Mall and National Arboretum, DC’s Parks and gardens will make the hustle and bustle of living in the nation’s capital an adventure. 

10. An Avenue for Creativity

Apart from the thrilling adventures you enjoy in Washington, there’s still a whole lot of creative activities to embark on in the district. Feel bored? Partake in festive activities, visit a museum or historic site or enjoy the professional sport DC has to offer. DC gives room for creativity. 


When it comes to moving, Washington DC does not only serve as the nation’s capital but also is renowned for various reasons. From the high employment rates, low crime rates, enjoyable dining experience, standard education, thrilling adventures, professional sports, and many more.  If you’re thinking about relocating, DC has every living attraction to keep you thrilled. 

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