How Can You Wear Wool Hats? The Essential Cold-Weather Hat Guide

When the temperature declines and you need to move outdoors, it’s time to let go of the hoodie and choose a fashionable wool hat. A wool hat will not just keep your head warm, but it will also add more style to your winter wardrobe. 

Today, wool hats are versatile for both women and men, and you will always have ample choices to select from. To know more, you can check out American hat co. But when you have several choices, things can get slightly overwhelming. 

So, if you have been wondering about the type of wool hats that you can choose for the cold weather, here are a few choices that can help you. 

1.Wool Fedora

A fedora is alluring and timeless. It is a classic hat style that has been impressing people since 1889 when Sarah Bernhardt, a French actress, appeared on the stage wearing this hat for a play. And from then until now, the hat has become a great accessory for people’s winter attire and it can be dressed up and down for any occasion. This hat will make sure that you get noticed by others. If you want, you can get a wide or a medium brim fedora. But there are people who often opt-in for a short-brim fedora. However, people often think that they are wearing a trilby instead of a fedora. 

2.The wool newsboy cap

When you want an accessory that is dressier than the baseball cap and is not as formal as the fedora hat, a newsboy cap is your go to. The hat was named after the newsboys who wore them back in the first half of the 20th century. Men and women both can wear this hat. You can opt-in for an antique leather or plaid wool hat to match with any attire. The newsboy caps often get compared and confused with the flat caps, which is another great hat option. However, both are different. 

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If you want, you can wear your wool newsboy cap with a cashmere sweater, long-sleeve shirt, camel coat, navy-colored jacket if you want to sport a classic look. 

3.A wool beanie

This hat can be simple, but it’s not basic! A wool beanie is a flattering and stunning hat option for women and men during the winter. If you want to stroll in the streets or head for the mountain slopes, this hat can be your best style companion. You can opt-in for a loose or a close-fit style, it will look good on you. And since these hats come with a straight silhouette, you can get creative with the style you choose. For instance, you can opt-in for a cuffed or a slouchy wool beanie. You can wear a simple wool beanie along with a sleek leather jacket and vibrant scarf if you wish to have an effortless look. You can always choose any other style that caters to your persona. 

These are the three popular wool hats you can say yes to during the winter months. It will make you appear stylish without making you look over the top or out of place. 

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