How Can Catalogue Printing Help Your Business?

Catalog printing is a specialized process. Unlike most other types of print media, a successful catalog requires the work of multiple people and departments within your company.

The type of cover, paper thickness, and sheen level all contribute to the image-printed catalog projects. This is why the design of a catalog should be taken seriously.

Increased Sales

A well-executed catalog campaign can drive many customers to your online or offline store. Some business owners even see an immediate increase in online orders after a print catalog blast.

The tangible nature of catalog printing near me is a unique selling point that holds a strong appeal for customers, especially when they are looking to buy products or services that require extensive research. Many of your customers will also appreciate having a physical copy to refer to during meetings with sales reps or while browsing your shop.

Catalog printing can help you professionally present your brand with high-quality photography and quality paper stock that reflects the aspirational lifestyle your products or services promote. This is important, especially for businesses that sell more expensive or luxury goods and services, where customers may expect high-end production values in your marketing materials. By implementing web push notifications into your digital catalog, you can take this one step further and deliver hyper-relevant advertising experiences to users as they browse social media or websites opted-in to your catalog remarketing tags.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With a well-designed catalog, your business can deliver a great customer experience. This is because a catalog will be designed to suit your target market, including images and information relevant to their needs and expectations. This helps to create an engaging customer experience, which will, in turn, increase your sales and revenue.

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A catalog can also help with other marketing efforts, such as social media campaigns or email outreach. This makes it a highly versatile and effective tool that should be included in your business’s marketing arsenal.

Additionally, catalog printing can improve customer satisfaction by providing a great user experience. For example, if you are selling travel products, a well-designed catalog should feature immersive imagery of destinations rather than generic stock photos. Similarly, a food catalog should showcase the people behind your brand, which can help to humanize your products and services. Catalogs can also be interactive by including features such as pull-down tabs or hidden folds that readers must unveil to access the content. This adds a layer of engagement that digital catalogs can only dream of.

Increased Brand Awareness

Printed catalogs allow you to showcase your products and services while delivering on-brand messaging. Incorporating a sensible layout, attractive images, and bold graphics helps to create the right impression with customers. Additionally, the cover design, type of paper, and binding can all help to convey a brand image in your customers’ minds.

A key advantage of catalogs over digital channels is that they can be sent directly to your customers. This typically creates a short lag between the customer signing up for your catalog and receiving it, helping convert inquiries and sales more quickly.

It’s also easier to track the performance of print catalogs. Including discount codes and coupons gives you a great way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. At the same time, URL shorteners can help link sales back to specific catalog editions and campaigns. This information can be invaluable for improving future campaigns and identifying new customer groups. This is a significant improvement on digital channels, which often need help to offer up-to-the-minute reporting. This considerable problem costs the average UK business 5.9% of its annual revenue.

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Increased Customer Loyalty

Printed catalogs can offer customers or potential clients a tangible experience, which they can browse and consider at their own pace. This allows an audience to connect with a brand and its products or services on a deeper level, helping them build trust and brand loyalty that is difficult to achieve through solely digital channels.

A well-designed catalog featuring straightforward navigation, enticing product photography, and bold graphics will help customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. This makes them a helpful marketing tool for companies looking to increase sales and drive customer loyalty.

If you are using a digital catalog, choose one hosted by a green provider that uses renewable energy sources for their servers. It is also a good idea to only offer the latest version of your digital catalog, as storing old versions can consume terabytes of data that only add to your carbon footprint. Digital catalogs can also be enhanced with tracking parameters identifying individual readers, giving you valuable insight into your online audience.

Increased Product Awareness

Catalog printing, especially when litho-printed, allows your catalog to be a physical product that can be held and explored. It also will enable customers to mark and annotate the content with digital highlights and bookmarks – a virtual equivalent of physically keeping a book or journal. This makes it easy for customers to share their catalog with others and increase your reach.

With a digital catalog, tracking customer responses, such as ordering data and feedback, is much easier, as you can incorporate QR codes, dedicated phone lines, and offer and discount codes. This lets you quickly run short-term pricing discounts without waiting for the next print run.

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Digital catalogs also allow for social media and email sharing links, which can be optimized for a specific platform to increase your reach. You can even add page-turn graphics and sounds, which creates a more immersive experience. This can be particularly effective for luxury or aspirational products, such as luxury real estate, high-end cars, or antique furniture.


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