4 Things to Know About Simon Brodkin

Every comedian is going to be different. This is the beauty of the comedy world; you can go and see a new show every week, and none of them will be the same. Indeed, every comedian has their own style, stories and setup, which is going to keep you entertained for the night.

But, before you choose tickets to buy, you should learn a little bit about the comedian. This is going to make sure you can enjoy the show and contribute to the good energy of the night. For example, if you see a Simon Brodkin show, but you have never heard of him before, you will want to know more about him. So, here are four things that are interesting about Simon Brodkin.

His Shows Are Very Popular

Note that if you are debating going to a Simon Brodkin show, you should not hesitate in getting a ticket. He is a very popular comedy, which means that his shows regularly sell out. This is a good sign and it clearly means that people love his sense of humour and the story he tells.

But, if you are looking to get a last-minute ticket, this might be difficult for Simon Brodkin. If you want to see one of his shows, you will need to look at the dates in advance and make sure that you are quick. You can get to know Simon more before you book tickets at Comedy Carnival. There is an extended biography on the site that is going to make an interesting read and prepare you for one of his shows.

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The One Behind Lee Nelson

Many people will be familiar with Lee Nelson. He was a hilarious character from South London and many people would laugh at how he was ‘chavvy’ and was called a ‘wide boy’. Well, the person behind that character was actually Simon Brodkin. Not a lot of people realise this, but they are aware of Lee Nelson. So, now you know.

This was simply a persona he would take on, and he entertained many by being Lee Nelson. For example, he played this character on Live at the Apollo. You can watch clips of him online to see how great he is at impressions. He was so great that people thought his character was a real person.

One of the Best Pranksters

If you are someone that likes a bit of silly comedy, then you will love Simon Brodkin. He is known for puling pranks on people and this is just one of the reasons why you will be laughing at his shows. Sometimes, things like this are simply yet effective humour. He does not take life too seriously and this can give you the laughs you need.

As an example of one of the pranks he has pulled in the past, we have to mention Theresa May. He was Prime Minister at the time and was going to speak at the Conservative Party Conference. Simon decided that he was going to give her a P45 form. This was the talk of the country when it happened and a lot of people found this hilarious. Other people he has pranked include Donald Trump and Kanye West.

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Most Viewed British Comedian on TikTok

If you do not believe us when we say how popular Simon Brodkin is, we should say that he is the most-watched British comedian you will find on TikTok. This is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now and where everyone is posting and watching videos. Indeed, people love Simon Brodkin and clips from his shows.

If you want to gain a better idea of Simon Brodkin’s humour, you can also look him up on TikTok. Here, there are a lot of videos he has uploaded on his own profile. In fact, he has over 11.3 million likes on the platform, as well as over 672,000 followers.


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