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Four Popular Freelance Positions in the US

The freelance market is growing every year, and millions of professionals in the US prefer to work online. The Covid-19 pandemic proved the effectiveness of the remote work format, which caused a huge demand for freelance services. It is not difficult to guess that this trend will prosper in the following years. This article will talk about four currently popular jobs among freelance professionals.   visit here

Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality assurance engineers are involved in testing programs and applications at all stages of development. They look for errors in the code, give recommendations on how to fix them, select development tools, improve the work of products, etc. 

Median salary in the US: 97,000$.

Graphic designer

The work of a graphic designer is aimed at the company or brand as a whole. A graphic designer creates logos, designs business cards and booklets, designs infographics, works on the packaging and product design, etc.

Median salary in the US: 51,000$.

SEO Specialist

You will promote client websites and blogs in search engines through contextual advertising and site optimization while working as an SEO specialist.  The main aim is to increase and improve the overall organic visibility of a website or blog within a search engine and increase the site’s position in search results. 

Median salary in the US: 53,000$.


Anyone who speaks any foreign language at a high level can start working. And the main format of translators’ work is precisely freelancing: they take tasks from different clients but can work remotely with several employers simultaneously. A translator is a specialist who translates oral or written speech from one language into another. Translators are usually required to work in press centres, radio and television centres, travel agencies, translation agencies, museums, libraries, international associations, etc. If you have knowledge but don’t have any experience, don’t worry because there are many freelance translator no experience jobs on the Internet.

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Median salary in the US: 53,000$.

Becoming a freelancer is not as easy as it might seem at first sight. Freelancing is the same job but in a remote format. In other words, you still need to be a responsible specialist, have certain skills and knowledge, and desirably have some work experience. 

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