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Do the Munchkin Cat Breeds Have Short Stubby Legs?

There are many types of cats in the world some are long and thin and some are short and fat. But have you ever come across one with short stubby legs? Well, surprisingly enough, there is one cat breed that looks a bit odd, yet cute and adorable. 

This is the Munchkin cat, and they are one of the most lovable felines out there. It is an intelligent and playful one with short legs unlike any other breed and can be endless fun for you and your children. 

Their big eyes and bushy tail resemble something out of a children’s fairytale, yet they are real and exist in many pet owners’ homes. If you had to compare it to a dog breed, then the Daschund would be the closest thing to it in terms of its short legs and stubby body. They did exist back in the 2nd World War but then disappeared shortly after, only to emerge again years later in the 80s.

Breeding the Munchkin Cat

Due to their popularity and unique features, many who want one either breed them or adopt one from a shelter. Unfortunately, these cannot be bred within the same line, as they will not survive past the womb. This is why breeders usually pair them with other felines but with longer legs.

They would still have their unique genes; however, the chances of survival will be greater. The good news is, these can live a long healthy life when taken good care of. It has been recognized as a full breed since 2003, by the International Cat Association’s New Breed Program. Click here to find out what they say about them and the history behind them.

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If you love them and want o have one for yourself, there may be some wisdom in knowing a bit of background about their personality traits and characteristics. We will look at these briefly, below.

Personality Traits You Can’t Miss

As a sociable type of cat, you don’t need to worry about them not getting along with other pets in the house or people in your family. They love to play either with you or with their toys and run around the housekeeping themselves busy till it’s time for their nap. 

They enjoy the company of pets, children and strangers and get involved in any game that is presented to them without thinking twice. If there ever was a curious cat, it’s the Munchkin. They have a unique ability to sit on their hind legs and peek over to see what’s happening in front of them, much like how rabbits do.

They enjoy exploring different corners of the house and also climb onto things with ease, even with their short legs. Jumping off things is a hobby of theirs too, however you can try and keep them from doing this using a few tips mentioned on this site:

Because of their short strides, it may take them a while to get from one side of a house to the other, needless to say, this does not stop them from doing it every chance they get and will find a way, because of their intelligent streaks.

As an extremely playful type, it is best to keep them around children, so both parties can stay active as long as possible, not to mention busy, while you go about your daily business. This characteristic of being fun-loving doesn’t stop when they get older but continues even in their adult stages.

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Another way they feed their curiosity is by scratching around cabinets and drawers. So, the next time you find your clothes disheveled or missing, you know who’s behind them. They will take whatever they like and keep it to themselves, and you may find their bed or basket filled with all sorts of things from different parts of the house. Are they hoarders? We yet have to find out.

One great thing about them is they are easy to train and will follow your voice, no matter what you say to them. They can be given instructions and will listen. The best thing to do to keep them busy is to introduce them to interactive toys. Such as pet puzzles, cat food mazes, laser toys for pets, and even a roller circuit if you will. 

Not many cats enjoy a cuddle, however, with these guys you will have no trouble doing so. They can either sit next to you or curl up on top of your lap without any issues. They are loyal, friendly and extremely soft and cuddly.

Common Characteristics of This Breed

According to the Holistapet cat guides, there are some of the most common characteristics that you will find with these breeds include:

  • A small to medium-sized body
  • A large torso and well-rounded chest, sometimes muscle definition can be found under their fur
  • A moderate weight of up to 9 pounds. Females tend to be smaller than males
  • Their head and body are in proportion and have rounded features, with high set ears
  • Large eyes and ears
  • Their fur can be short or long and is weather-proof
  • They come in various eye colors and coat patterns. Eye colors include green, brown, hazel, orange and yellow
  • Short stubby legs that are evenly apart
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As with any pet you have, you need to look after them. This cat breed loves to climb on things and jump off them. This can lead to an injury, and it’s essential to prevent it. To avoid this from happening, providing steps or a ramp is advisable. Additionally, investing in pet health insurance can help you cover some of the expenses in case your furry friend gets injured or falls ill. Companies like Bivvy will insure any pet, regardless of age, size, gender, or breed, for only $15 per month. Thus, ensuring your cat remains protected and healthy. 

All in all, you can’t go wrong when adopting this little guy.

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