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Why Your Business Should Offer Gift Certificates

Gift certificates consistently rank as the most wanted gift, requested by 59% of survey respondents. Not all businesses realize they can use this popular product as an effective marketing tool.

There are several benefits to creating your own gift certificate; it increases sales, creates brand loyalty, and more. They’re also a symbol of your brand that lures in new customers and keeps current ones coming back.

Read our guide to learn more about the benefits of gift certificates and how to implement them into your current company marketing strategy.

Why Your Business Should Use Gift Certificates

Customers have a variety of reasons for using gift certificates. 50.4% enjoy the freedom they provide, 24.7% say they’re more convenient than traditional gifts, and 5.2% say they help them stick to a budget. 

There are just as many reasons for businesses to offer them to their customers.

65% of gift certificate recipients spend 38% more than their original value when they finally make a purchase. 

Physical certificates give you the benefits of print marketing. It provides a 20% higher motivation response and 31% greater brand recall than digital alternatives.

Gift certificates also increase brand loyalty, help you compete with larger businesses, and encourage repeat visits to your store. 

How Your Business Should Use Gift Certificates 

Knowing why gift certificates should be part of your marketing plan is only half of the process. You also need to know how to implement them.

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Marketing tools must include your company’s identifying colors and symbols. They should also look attractive and stand out amongst your other products and advertisements. Use gift certificate templates from Adobe to create the perfect design that balances both of these elements.

Make sure that the gift certificate you’ve made works with your POS so it’s easy to use at the checkout counter.

70% of upper-middle-class households are newspaper readers. 95% of individuals under the age of 25 read magazines. Use print ads to gain customer interest.

The internet is another way to use your gift certificates for marketing. Advertise them on your website and send messages about them to all members of your email list. Make it easy for customers to purchase them and check their balances online.

There are also several unique ways to market gift certificates. Replace out-of-stock items with gift certificate displays, make them occasion-specific, offer incentives, and package them like any other product.

These steps help you build a brand with loyal customers who keep coming back to make purchases for themselves or others.

Where to Learn About Other Marketing Tools

Gift certificates are the gift that keeps on giving, benefitting customers and businesses. They allow for convenient purchases and are also an effective marketing tool.

Gift certificates draw customers into your store. The effect applies whether they see them from the window or hear about them from ads or by word of mouth. All you have to do is advertise them and make sure they’re attractive and easy to use.

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