Best Laptop Brands of 2020 with Trusted Models and Reviews

As we look through scores of brands and big names while searching for the best laptop brand that suits our daily or professional requirements, we are often led to a dilemma. Brands like HP, Dell, Apple, and Lenovo are names that never fail to catch our eyes being the most critically acclaimed names in the laptop scenes. And there are other names such as MSI, ASUS, and Razer that stand apart from the cliche and are meant for hardcore gamers. Acer, as a brand for the masses, Microsoft is known for its system software and Samsung for its sheer luxury and designs; each of the top ten laptop brands serves several niche and audience.  Laptops have now become an essential part of our lives. We are required to sit for hours either to work ourselves to shreds or play our heads off. My laptop plus my mobile phone has stood by me for the test of times like the best of buddies. And to put things clear, I am quite possessive of them. They are my link with the world outside, my work-space, my play-station and the summarized version of me; my choices and what I look for while searching the best laptop suitable to my taste and needs.

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We the internet generation swear by our gizmos and gadgets. Of them, laptops have become a daily essential supplying the needs of work, recreation, social connect, googling and what not. As such choosing the best Laptop with Latest features and Ubercool Specifications is not a petty decision. The market is filled with brands claiming to be the best among the piles and heaps. For a layman who knows how to juggle several programs together but lacks the expertise to make a fair and rational choice, choosing the best laptop available in India is a herculean task. We can always go for the known and big brands while opting for a laptop that meets all our reclusive and inclusive needs.

laptop 7We can rate the laptop brands on several parameters such as support, design, innovation, value for price and product quality to conclude the best laptop brands in India. Which Laptop brand is the best is an oft-asked question. Customers rate their favorite brands based on their compatibility, durability, performance and a host of other features to come up with the most reliable laptop brands of 2018. Here are the latest laptop brands ranking 2018 served for you all. MyWiseCart provides you with an in-depth analysis of the best laptop brands in India in 2018. Without further Ado let’s get started.



List of top ten laptop Brands in India in 2018

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samsung-logoThe brand has been focusing a lot on looks lately and lost points on technical aspects and user-friendly experience. The range of options to choose from is limited and very far from the aura that Samsung has lent itself as a mobile brand. Users relate to its specifications and pros very easily but faults in design such as the recent Add to the catwalk, SAMSUNG NOTEBOOK PRO 9, in which the location of the touchpad which messes up the typing. As such it has fallen in the latest laptop brand rankings.



In terms of price, they are on the expensive and luxurious side with the focus now shifting a little bit towards delivering customer satisfaction and meeting the design and specs requirements of the customers.

In terms of battery life, they can survive up to 7 to 8 hours. The portability and durability of the laptops which was an issue have been looked after with the new versions like Notebook 9.

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The tech support is superb though.

Our Picks

  • High Range: Samsung NP800G5M-X02US | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Samsung 15.6 | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Samsung Chromebook | Buy at Amazon

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Microsoft offers the system software that is the class apart. It tries to bring in an eclectic mix of performance and smooth windows experience. With a few models in the lineup, Microsoft does not have much to offer in terms of variety to its clients. They act as Hybrid gadgets; acting as a standalone tablet as well as the fully fledged system. It brings in technology that caters to the masses with little innovations, almost a classic experience.


But issues regarding  WiFi router in the Microsoft surface Laptop. The surface pro 3 tablets is sleek, minimalistic, sturdy and tough; idle for everyday usage.

In terms of price, they are on the expensive side and to get the latest model you need to shell out in dollops. Those with friendly budget options are often lax and carry outdated software.

In terms of technical support, it does not fare that well.

Our Picks

  • High Range: Microsoft Surface Book 2 | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Microsoft Surface Laptop | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Microsoft Surface 3 | Buy at Amazon

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Razer is a blessing for hardcore gamers and games addicts. RazerBlade and RazerBlade Pro are the two variants that are the dream recluse for those with the big budget. Razer specifically rotates its brand around gamers and hence not very popular among mainstream users.

They are sleek and powerful laptops and lightweight Ultrabooks.



The company earns on design but loses on technical support. They are long lasting variants and hence, are value for money.


In terms of battery life, they are definitely a good deal.

Our Picks

  • High Range: Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Razer Blade Stealth 17″ | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Razer Blade Stealth 13.3″ | Buy at Amazon

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Known for its budget-friendly product line, Acer has successfully wooed the audience in its rainbow charm it has something to offer for every taste with its aluminium designs, 1080p  screens and pleasing features in terms of subtlety with its designs on one hand, and daring choices as far as gaming laptops such as predator series are concerned where the Gaming rigs wowed us.


Its affordability along with value for money is the best rationale that appeals to the users. A fun fact, It offers an Apple-like Macbook styled 13-inch Laptop for a dime.

In terms of battery life, it does not give a satisfactory performance, similar is the case with tech support. It was flamboyant and very responsive to support but this year seems to have been a sort of slowdown with poor reviews from customers and less receptive and incorrect feedback from the company itself. Also, if you need an Acer warranty, MIND IT! it does not cover your shipping costs.

Our Picks

  • High Range: Acer Nitro AN515-51 | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Acer Aspire 5 | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Acer E5-575 NX.GE6SI.016 | Buy at Amazon

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Asus is considered one of the most reliable brands by the customers in reviews and surveys though surprisingly it fails to achieve top marks. It earns marks due to its Affordable cum innovative systems like ZEPHYRUS. The Gaming addicts will not be sorry to have ASUS in their possession as it is one among the best in Gaming Laptops range with its models like  ZenBook UX331UN.  The range of premium, as well as gaming laptops, is varied with loads of elegance and design. The most mesmerizing fact is that all the incredible designs and features are available at optimal prices from the Vivobooks to the Zenbooks range.

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The Asus Chromebook Flip is the most affordable Chromebook available in the market right now.

It has tie-ups with several ventures, hence an interesting range to explore. They are more on the lighter and portable side when talking of bulk.

They fail miserably as far as technical support is considered with customers rating it poorly and the website a bit Tardy with long waiting queues. Also, to make use of the warranty, you need to plug in money for shipping.

Our Picks

  • High Range: Asus ROG Strix GL553VE-FY047T | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Asus Vivobook Max R541UV-DM525T| Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Asus Vivobook X541UA-DM1358D | Buy at Amazon

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5. MSI


It has been an ace with its motherboards and graphics cards earlier. Having entered the laptop scenes as a stalwart, it has been generating waves in the arena of gaming laptops. As of now, it boasts of one of the best keyboards for gamers in its latest  MSI GT75VR Titan Pro.  The company focuses on high-quality components for its gadgets, hence, not suitable for those with tight budgets. They are apt for middle level an high-level users who are ready to sell $1000 or more. Another perk is that for those with a careless and rough hand, it offers free accidental damage protection after you have registered your laptop.



The Drawback lies in their after sale service and tech support which can be rated as the worst among the featured line of laptops. They are continuously innovating and evolving their features with a slant for gamers’ preferences.

Our Picks

  • High Range: MSI GT75VR-7RF-002IN | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: MSI GL63 8RD-455IN | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: MSI GL62M 7RDX-1261XIN | Buy at Amazon

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Lenovo as a brand has been a forerunner as far as laptops are concerned. they are among the classic choice that one would opt for. another interesting fact about Lenovo: it acquired IBM’s division for personal computers back in 2005 and is now the largest vendor of PCs in the world. Who is not aware of the yoga series in the 2 in 1 bend back segment from Lenovo, with eyesome features and uber-cool designing it has raised the bar for the competitors but winning the masses’ hearts.


As far as features are considered, it earns bonus points for being lightweight and sturdy at the same time. It is a respected name in the market with its product line to dedicated to professionals and everyday users.

In terms of battery life, it is one among the best as per industry standards. Always innovating, it caters to people with different budgetary and utility requirements with its varied line of products.

The only flaw that has cropped is the tech support and weak customer support services. the Brand is ranging otherwise.

Our Picks

  • High Range: Lenovo Legion Gaming Y520 | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Lenovo Ip320 | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Lenovo Ideapad 320E 80XH01FHIN | Buy at Amazon

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After Lenovo, HP grabs the second place as the highest selling PC vendor. Hewlett-Packard or HP as they are more popularly known,  have unleashed several new avatars that are more powerful, faster and user-friendly. earlier the brand was more focused on building laptops suitable for professionals with sturdy and durable features, but recently, they are manufacturing hybrids, notebooks, and laptops that can fit as per the needs of an ordinary user.

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It gives tough competition to the market leader Lenovo when it comes to the choice and price of its lineup. With its trendy Pavilion series that is sleek and loaded with eye-catching features and ZBook and EliteBooks for business class, it offers complete value for money with a wide range.

In terms of tech support, it is awesome with a prompt response with paid shipping when a repair is needed, of course, under warranty.

Talking about the drawbacks, the battery life is less when compared to the leading brands. another issue is regarding the removal of SD card slot to make the laptop sleeker in looks, is an issue raised in customers reviews.

Our Picks

  • Omen Series: HP OMEN X-ap046TX | Buy at Amazon
  • High Range: HP Spectre x360 Convertible | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: HP 15-cc130tx | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: HP 15 15-bs615TU | Buy at Amazon

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What aura a brand can create around itself with unmatched quality and sophisticated technology, Apple as a brand is the best example to quote. The brand is legendary with no competitor worthy enough to overtake the legacy of its Macbook, Air and Pro range of laptops. Becoming thinner with each new model and getting thicker and juicer in terms of technology, Apple has maintained its top-notch quality features over the years. It is highly ranked in almost all customers reviews for their sturdy designs, enviable looks, and audio quality.


In terms of battery life, they do not disappoint and possess lightening fast charging feature as well suitable for users on the go. Apple, as a Premium brand, is priced higher and has no options available in medium to low budgetary requirements. The tech support is brilliant and prompt.

Our Picks

  • High Range: Apple MacBook Pro MLW82HN/A | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Apple MacBook Air MQD42HN/A 13″ | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Apple MacBook Air MQD32HN/A 13.3″ | Buy at Amazon

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dell-logo Talk of innovation and you have an ultimate range of Ultrabooks, XPS models( with Dell XPS 13 and Dell XPS 15 as the forerunners) elegantly walking the technology ramps and delivering power-packed performance. It has emerged as one of the top laptop brands of 2018. The laptops and notebooks are reliable and durable with superb screen resolution, connections, and software with 7th generation Intel processors. The range, product designs, the lineup is huge; as such it has something to suit every need and utility. The brand’s strength lies in its innovation.


The battery life is one among the best with value for money that gives it an edge over its competitors. Be assures of its after sale service and excellent technical support. it covers the shipping cost both ways when it comes to repairing for any damage within its one year warranty period.

The only lackluster performance lies in Dell inspirations that do not live up to their names and the hype created around them; otherwise, Dell has already swooned the audiences to its beats.


Our Picks

  • Alienware Series: Dell Alienware 15 | Buy at Amazon
  • High Range: Dell Inspiron 7570 | Buy at Amazon
  • Medium Range: Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5567 | Buy at Amazon
  • Low Range: Dell Inspiron 15-3567 | Buy at Amazon

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We at MyWiseCart try to bring in the most authentic reviews and critique. This was our take on the top 10 laptop brands that are ruling the 2018 scenes in India. the rankings are a mix of varied factors and as and when keep on changing. The brands are all up and going to foray into their territories with the best of deals and product lines to woo their audiences. If you feel or want to add anything about your favorite Brand of Laptop or else share your personal experience, drop your views in the comments section below. We will keep you updated with the latest developments, till then take care guys and pssst. Stay in Touch…

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