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19, Aug, 2019

10 Best Earphones Brand In India : The Most Reliable Products of 2019

best earphone brands in india

Music is an art form and cultural activity which makes us feel peaceful. If you like to listen to music, then you must own a good pair of earphones to enhance your music-hearing experiences.

The market is full of various options with different kind of earphones with different qualities. A lot of earphones are available online. Buying the best earphones online is quite a tough task as you have to completely rely on the information provided. So here at MyWiseCart we are to guide you about the best earphones brands in India. Many things matter while buying a set of good earphones. They should be light, comfortable and should not keep falling out of the ears. Moreover, they should have a good sound quality as well.

In this article, we will provide you with details about wireless, Bluetooth earphones brands in India.

Here is a list of Top 10 best earphones brands which will help you in buying the best earphones.


sony_logoZebronics is one of the leading brands in India. They are light weight with  high-quality passive noise cancellation. It is very comfortable to wear. If you want a long-lasting earphone in a low budget then go for it.
Here are some models of Zebronics with information which may help you find yours.


1. Zebronics flex Bluetooth earphones headset with Mic for Mobile & Tablet.

Flex is a Bluetooth earphone which comes with a neckband in a collar design, this band is detachable. It also comes with media and volume control options and comes with a 10 mm driver which makes it mobile/tablet compatible.

FEATURES & DETAILSZebronics Flex Bluetooth Earphone

1 BT function
2 Built-in Mic
3 Detachable neckband
4 Volume control
5 Strong and long-lasting cable
6 It’s quite expensive but it can be a good option if you buy it.

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2. Zebronics ZEB-BE380T BT earphones

It is a wireless pair of earphones and has a good stereo sound quality. A good volume control and a playback of 4-6 hours is quite attractive. It has a good design and micro SD support is available.


1 High-quality speaker diaphragm
2 TEP tensile, tangle free cable
3 Mic and volume control
4 Micro USB charging slot
5 BT version 4.2

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3.Zebronics EM800 stereo earphone with Mic

It is wired stereo earphone with a dual mode switch. Very reasonable and pocket friendly. Call button is available and the cable is lengthy. A good frequency and sensitivity makes this a good option.


1 Drive size 10mm
2 Mobile tablet compatible
3 3.5mm jack and dual mode switch

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philips-logoPhilips earphones let you enjoy music the way you want. Listen to music on the move on Philips wireless, Bluetooth, in-ear earphones. It comes under the most trusted brands in India. A good warranty and quality make Philips a purchasable option.
Here I’ll let you know about the top 3 models in their own ranges.


1. Philips earphones with mic SHE420BK/00

The easy to use remote control allows you to play and pause tracks and answer calls with a simple push of buttons. If you have an expandable budget then go for this.

 FEATURES & DETAILSPhilips Headphones With Mic SHE4205BK/00

1 Bass tube
2 Clear sound
3 Metallic finish
4 12.2mm drivers
5 Extra durable cable

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2. Philips earphones SHS3300BK

It has an open-back earhook highlight. Very comfortable and has a perfect fit for maximum comfort. 

 FEATURES & DETAILSPhilips Headphones SHS3300BK

1 Extra bass for powerful sound
2 27mm speaker driver
3 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use.
4 Neodymium magnets enhance bass performance.

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3. Philips SHE1350 in-ear earphones

If you are looking for a cheap  and simple pair of earphones with good quality then this model is a good option. With a feather light feel while wearing, it is very light in weight. It is made to fit you and your lifestyle.


1 Bass beat vents allow air movement for better sound with a deep rich bass.
2 Non-distorted sound
3 15mm speaker driver
4 Small enough for optimum wearing comfort and big enough to deliver crisp.

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panasonic-logoPanasonic is one of the leading brands which give us a lot of good products in many fields. When it comes to Panasonic earphones they are quite durable and long lasting. 

 Here I will inform you about the best options.

1. Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo stereo headset

This model is the perfect combination of style, comfort and most of all high-quality sound. Three sets of earpads are provided (S/M/L). It has a crystal clear sound helping you to keep out unwanted outside noise.

FEATURES & DETAILSPanasonic RP-TCM125 Ergo Fit

1 Enhanced ergo comfort microphone and talk ON/OFF.
2 In-ear headset with mic and controller for use with mobile phones switch
3 Compatible with- iPhone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Micromax, and Karbonn.
4 OctaRib speaker for quality sound

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2. Panasonic RP-HJE118E-Y In-ear canal earphone for iPod/ MP3 player.

ErgoFit design is given for ultimate comfort. Neodymium magnet is placed for a strong magnetic power. Includes 3 pairs of soft earpads (S/M/L)

FEATURES & DETAILSanasonic RP-HJE118E-Y In-Ear Canal Earphone

1 Drive unit: 9mm
2 Cord length: 3.6 feet
3 Maximum input: 200Mw
4 Color matching for iPod nano 5th generation

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3. Panasonic earphone RP-HV095E-K-black

It is 5 g weighted earphone with a reasonable price. Earbuds are provided for a soft and comfortable fit.

FEATURES AND DETAILS Panasonic Earphone RP-HV095E-K-black

1 Without microphone
2 Wired connector- 3.5mm single pin
3 Durable wire

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Sennheiser_LogoIf you want to upgrade to superior sound than Sennheiser is here to give you the best quality sound you can ever get. Sennheiser is continuously working in the design and product of high fidelity products. It offers top quality earphones, shaping the future of audio with wireless, Bluetooth and top quality earphones in India.
Look below the super 3 models which you can get in varying ranges.



1. Sennheiser CX2.00 G wired headset with Mic

Now, you only need a single headset to make the most of your music and your calls. It has an in-line remote which comes in handy when you have to quickly answer a call or change your track. With deep bass frequencies, this can be the earphone which you were looking for.

FEATURES & DETAILSSennheiser CX 2.00G Black in-Ear Canal Headset

1 Earbud provided
2 3-button in-line remote with mic
3 4 ear adaptors (XS/S/M/L)
4 Clear sound even at weak amplifications

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2. Sennheiser CX275 S In-earphone

Use these earphones while playing games or traveling. The cable is symmetrically designed and the earphones are very comfortable to wear.


1 Powerful bass
2 Detailed mids and wonderful treble in stereo
3 Ambient noise is reduced
4 Compatible with CD/MP3 players and portable gaming systems.

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3. Sennheiser CX 180 street ll in-ear earphones

It has minimal impact and gives a feather light feel. It is an absolute must-have accessory.A built-in capability of delivering a powerful bass-driven stereo sound is given. A perfect gadget that lets you enjoy an amazing music experience.

FEATURES & DETAILSSennheiser CX 180 Street II

1 Eliminates background sound
2 Finger-contoured housing design
3 Very comfortable to wear
4 Perfect in-ear canalphone design
5 Lightweight

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sony_logoEnjoy delightful music while using Sony earphones. Now there is no need to worry about tangled wires disrupting your music and comfort. Get set for enriching the aural experience by listening to clear highs and powerful lows with these wonderful models. Here we let you know about 3 most wanted products in their own ranges.

1. Sony MDR-XB55 extra-bass in-ear earphones without mic

The enhanced model is made for electronic dance music lovers. You can enjoy the intensity of deep bass notes in a variety of environments. It amplifies the low-end frequencies for a better sound.


1 12mm Neodymium drivers for powerful, balanced sound
2 Lightweight and comfortable
3 Silicone earbuds (3pairs)
4 Tangle free cable

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2. Sony MDR-EX150AP in-ear earphones with mic

Enjoy the convenience of taking calls while listening to your favorite music using an in-line mic for hands-free phone calls. Personalize your headset with this easy to use application SMART KEY APP.


1 9mm Neodymium drivers for powerful, balanced sound.4
2 Lightweight and comfortable
3 Soft fit Silicone earbuds
4 Wire manager for tangle free wires

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3. Sony MDR-E9LP in-ear wired earphones with mic

If you want to go with a pocket-friendly model then these are a better option in Sony. It has all the pretty features you are looking for. With a dynamic headset technology, it gives clear sound and amplifies low-frequency sound as well.


1 16 ohm impendence
2 Ear pads included
3 In-cord volume control
4 3 pairs of ear tips
5 Lightweight and comfortable

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Skullcandy makeskullcandy-logos you discover life at full volume with headphones, earphones, earbuds and more. Skullcandy is your one-stop shop for new music, culture and audio built up and much more. The most stylish earphones are a work of Skullcandy. Non-tangle cables with extra durability make Skullcandy one of the best brands available to buy earphones. Here we will let you know about the 3 most wanted models of Skullcandy in their own ranges.


1. Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth wireless in-ear Earbuds with mic

It delivers quality rich sound. A featherlight 24gm and the low-profile design of Ink’d wireless earphones will enhance your all day listening. With built in mic you can attend calls or change tracks without touching your phone.

FEATURES & DETAILS Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Wireless in-Ear Earbuds with Mic

1 8-hour rechargeable battery
2 33 feet of BT range
3 Built-in microphone
4 Call, track, and volume control

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2. Skullcandy smokin’ buds 2 S2PGFY-003 earphones with mic

Enhance your daily music listening experience with style. The earphones are a blend of style and quality. A single button play/pause option with a microphone is provided. The cables are tangle free for music listening.The design keeps the earphones from falling off the ears.

FEATURES & DETAILS Skullcandy Smokin' Bud 2 In-Ear Earphones

1 Fits inner ear
2 Durable cable
3 Moisture resistant earbuds
4 3.5mm single pin jack

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3. Skullcandy headset S21KDY-010 original earphone with mic

Enjoy stereo sound, enhanced bass, and clear bass with extra 2 buds available. The Skullcandy earphones provide you a direct in ear sound with proper noise cancellation. It gives you a strong bass and a clear amplified sound.

FEATURES & DETAILSSkullcandy Headset S2IKDY-010

1 1Omm drivers
2 Isolation of external noise
3 Silicone ear cushions are very comfortable
4 3.5mm audio port

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4. JBL

JBL-LogoBe it traveling or going out on a long drive these headphones will not call it a day. Featuring rich bass, these earphones reproduce sound that’s both deep and powerful. Juice up your workout routine by listening to your favorite tracks on the JBL wired and wireless earphones.

They surround you with high-performance sound in very comfortable and cozy earphones. Here we will let you know about the top 3 models of varying ranges.

1. JBL E25BT signature sound wireless in-ear headphones with mic

It delivers a clear sound with up to 8 hours battery and a neck clip is provided which keeps them in place comfortably.  


JBL E25BT Wireless Earphones with mic

1 Up to 8-hour battery life
2 Multiple size ear tips
3 Three-button universal remote

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2. JBL E15 signature in-ear headphones with mic

A stylish model with full spectrum signature and a compact form which delivers ultimate clear sound. Angled earbuds are highly comfortable for long duration.


JBL E15 in-Ear Headphones with Mic

1 JBL signature sound
2 Tangle free fabric cable
3 Multiple size ear tips
4 Lightweight and comfortable
5 One-button universal remote

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3. JBL C100SI in-ear earphones with mic

It is a dynamic ultra-lightweight model which gives you a high-frequency sound and a strong bass. It is very comfortable for all day listening.


JBL C100SI in-ear earphones with mic

1 3 sizes of ear tips for longer listening periods
2 One button universal remote with mic
3 9mm powerful drivers deliver thumping bass
4 Gold plated 3.5mm jack & 1.2mm long cable

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audio-technica-logoListen to your favorite album while you paint or draw using AudioTechnica earphones. AudioTechnica is a leading brand which delivers rich and clear sound irrespective of the type of music so you can groove anytime and anywhere. The lightweight and compact design of these earphones offer premium comfort even when you wear it for long duration. Featuring improved audio clarity with sound isolation, the AudioTechnica earphones are designed mainly for clear sound with strong bass. Here we will inform you about the best leading models which you can buy in varying ranges.


1. Audio-Technica solid bass ATH-CKS770Isbk In-ear earphones with mic

Achieved through the superior magnetic power and innovative venting system. Drivers for truly deep bass are provided. In-line control with mic for handling calls and controlling music and video playback.


Audio-Technica solid bass ATH-CKS770Isbk In-ear earphones with mic

1 Large 13mm dual magnetic-field drivers
2 Multiple-transition diaphragm for powerful bass
3 Airflow-bass venting system provides excellent air damping
4 Machined aluminium housing for extended mid-high frequency

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2. Audio-Technica solid bass ATH-CKS550ISBK in-ear earphones with mic

Dual magnetic-field drivers for superb bass. Achieved through the superior magnetic power and an innovative venting system. In-line control with mic for handling calls and controlling music and video playback. In-ear earbuds provide a comfortable fit which prevents falling off.


Audio-Technica solid bass ATH-CKS550ISBK in-ear earphones with mic

1 9.8mm drivers
2 Multiple-transition diaphragm
3 Airflow-bass venting system for excellent air damping
4 Lightweight and comfortable

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3. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-ear earphones 

If you are fond of listening to your most favorite tracks with earphones, see this model. These earphones ensure a quality audio experience. They feature high acoustic resolution so that the sound that reaches you is powerful, detailed and enriched with depth & clarity.


Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK In-ear earphones

1 1.2m Y-type cord
2 8.5mm speakers
3 Extremely light and comfortable
4 3.5mm single pin
5 Crystal clear sound
6 3 sizes (S/M/L) Silicone ear tips

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beats-by-dr-dre-logoExplore the latest collection of earphones with Beats by Dr. Dre. It is probably the most popular brand of earphones. Exclusive driver design pumps out the deepest bass, soaring highs, and ultra-clear midrange lightweight design. It is worth choosing earphones from Beats by Dr. dre. Here you will get to know about the 3 most amazing models in their ranges.





1. Beats powerbeats3 MQ362ZM/A Wireless earphones

It comes with powerbeats3 wireless earphones, ear tips with four size options, carrying case, universal USB charging cable. Take calls, control your music and active Siri with the remote.

FEATURES & DETAILSBeats Powerbeats3 MQ362ZM/A Wireless Earphones

1 Up to 12 hours of battery life
2 Secure fit ear hooks
3 A 5 minute charge gives you 1 hour of playback
4 Sweat and water resistance

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2. Beats powerbeats 3 wireless earphones

Take your workout to the next level with powerbeats 3 earphones featuring secure-fit earhooks to maximize comfort and stability. Flexible earhooks can be adjusted for increased stability and comfort on any ear.


Beats powerbeats 3 wireless earphones


1 12 hours of battery life
2 A 5 minute charge gives you  1 hour of playback
3 Sweat and water resistance
4 Dynamic beats sound
5 Cable management clip provided
6 Redesigned remote talk

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3. urBeats In-ear earphones

Play your music on urBeats and won’t miss a beat. These urBeats earphones for HTC fit well into your ears, preventing any audio leakage. Multiple size ear tips are provided for the comfortable hearing.


urBeats In-ear earphones

1 Strong built and hassle-free connection
2 In-ear headphones
3 Lightweight
4 Tangle free cord Prevent vibrations or other undesirable noises
5 Inline remote

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bose-logo-png-transparentWith bose earphones, cancel all the noise and enjoy the seamless clear sound. Wear them all day without any discomfort with a clear quality sound.

Here you’ll get to know about the top earphones of Bose in 3 different ranges.

1. Bose sound sport free truly sport earphones

Meet your workout’s secret weapon – the first truly wireless in-ear earphones from Bose. You can freely move with these earphones with there good signal frequency.


Bose sound sport free truly sport earphones

1 Sweat and weather resistant
2 Shaped to stay put and feel good
3 Calls, commands and easy controls
4 StayHear + Sport tips (S/M/L)
5 Track lost buds and more
6 Upto 5 hours battery per charge

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2. Bose SoundSport wireless earphones

Volume optimizes EQ delivers consistent sound, even when you have to turn it up in the crowded gym. Newly redesigned StayHear+ tips are more stable and improve the audio performance.


Bose SoundSport wireless earphones

BT pairing or one touch NFC pairing
Silicon earbuds
Sweat and weather resistant
6 hours battery per charge + a 15 min charge provides 1 hour play
Inline mic and remote

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3. Bose SoundSport in-ear earphones with mic for Apple devices

It delivers deep, clear sound for the music you love, and a durable design to keep up with whatever your day brings. TriPort technology provides crisp highs and natural-sounding lows. Strathearn tips keep them comfortably in place throughout it all.


Bose SoundSport in-ear earphones with mic for Apple devices

1 Sweat and weather resistant
2 Conforms your ears
3 Inline mic/remote
4 Lightweight, durable case

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So, these were the top 10 brands with 3 best models you can opt for. Some are very expensive while some are pocket-friendly. But all are best in their own ranges. Now it’s your choice you can choose according to your preference and budget. Our experts have worked out these best options for you. If you have any further suggestions for any other brand or model then please mention them in the comment box.


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