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18, Oct, 2019

10 Must-Have Accessories for A New Laptop 2019 | Mywisecart Top Picks

Best Coolest Laptop Accessories

Do you know that although smartphones and tablets are two gadgets that have dominated the world, laptops have still maintained their importance in our day-to-day lives? This fact is significant as a result of their flexibility and sheer power to perform more than what mobile devices can do. From typing to playing games to watching movies and surfing the net, laptops are very much capable of handling any task thrown at it.

Laptop Accessories

Bearing in mind the prominence of laptops, they come along with the accessories that perform a range of crucial functions which includes enhancing the productivity, improving the usability and protection of the device against physical and Internal damages.

Here are 10 Must-have accessories for your new Laptop:

1. Laptop Bag

The first consideration for your new Laptop should be safety. As a result, a laptop bad comes first in our list of accessories because you don’t want to risk causing damage to your expensive system by carrying it around without a bag. However, the type of Laptop you buy also matters a lot.Leather Laptop Bag

You should acquire one that comes with quality safety features like padding to further safeguard your Laptop in the event of falling, impacts, scratches, and contact with water. Also, laptop bags come in different shapes, sizes and styles but the most preferred ones come as a backpack or shoulder bag

2 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Another necessary accessory to get along with your new Laptop is a mouse. You have the option to decide whether if it is a Wired or Wireless Mouse you want. The reality is that the Laptop’s touchpad cannot provide you with the same comfort and ease you will get from working with an actual mouse. 

Apple Keyboard Mouse Price

For pros in gaming, a mouse is a must-have as it allows you to navigate the complex gaming maps, and it will be challenging to achieve this using the Laptop’s touchpad. Although some gaming laptops generally under $1200 come with a mouse as part of the whole package.

3. Portable USB Flash Drive

Even though your Laptop might come with ample storage for your files, music, games, videos, and movies, it is necessary to have a portable USB flash drive for additional storage. It can store up to 1TB or more, and this feature comes in handy when you want to transfer important files to and from your Laptop.

Coolest Pen Drives

You don’t need to get a USB flash drive with massive storage, about 4GB or 8GB capacity is sufficient for essential day-to-day use. Importantly, always keep the portable USB flash drive in your laptop bag or pocket to avoid misplacing it.

4. External Hard Drive

The primary function of an External Hard Disk Drive is to act as perfect backup storage for a large amount of data. You can easily plug them into the available ports in your Laptop and create a backup of your entire system, photos, videos, and games in them while freeing up storage space in your Laptop.

ASUS Lamborghini external HDD
Source: Asus

When buying an external hard drive, take a look at the quality and specs such as the capacity and transfer rate. Some of the best offer a capacity of up to 2TB and an average transfer rate of 4MB/s. A good quality hard drive should last you several years.

5. Bluetooth External Speakers

If you are a fan of loud music with brilliant sound quality, then Bluetooth external speakers are a must-have accessory for your Laptop. Sadly, most laptop speakers do not produce the excellent quality sound you can enjoy, and that is what makes portable external speakers remarkable.

Bluetooth Speaker 5.0

Whether it is enjoying music with your loved ones on the move or watching movies anywhere you are, Bluetooth external speakers give you a fantastic sound experience. You can easily connect them to your system via Bluetooth.

6. Cooling Pads

If you are going to use your Laptop for a prolonged period, then a cooling pad becomes a necessary accessory to keep it cool. Sadly, most people are not aware of the importance and purpose of a cooling fan, and because of this, they tend not to use it. If you want to ensure your Laptop lasts very long and avoid severe heating problems, then you need a cooling pad.

Cooling Pads for Laptops

New generation cooling pad comes extremely sleek and does not take much space in your bag. Besides, the design of the cooling pad comes with a level of adaptability as it makes its use combined with typing quite more comfortable and without much effort.

7. Cleaning Tool Kit

Over time and continuous use, your Laptop is bound to accumulate dust and dirt in areas where cleaning might be challenging to take place. You should consider investing in cleaning kits to ensure a longer life and optimum performance for your Laptop.

Laptop Cleaning Kits

Most cleaning kits come with small brushes and cleaning solutions that get to the trickiest corners and crannies of your laptops and efficiently eliminates the dirt that has accumulated over time.

8. Keyboard Covers

Keyboard Cover

A keyboard cover helps to protect the Laptop from liquid spills, scratches, and other forms of wear and tear.It comes in a simple sheet of a thin transparent material such as plastic which covers the keyboard and allows for easy use while typing. You also have the option of removing it while not in use.

9. Gaming Controller

The must-have accessory list for your Laptop will not be complete without a PC gaming controller similar to that of the Xbox One, particularly if you enjoy playing games on your Laptop.

Logitech G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel



A gaming controller helps to improve your laptop gaming experience. Buy a dedicated gaming controller that you can carry around in your laptop bag anytime you want to play games.

10. USB Power Bank

Generally, a laptop has an average battery life that lasts between 4 to 5 hours on average. In a case where your battery runs out, and there is no power source to charge it, you can make use of a power bank.

Best power bank with 10000mAh

You can easily plug this power bank into the USB port in your Laptop and charge your battery effortlessly.


Obtaining these awesome accessories for your new Laptop will help enhance its performance. They also make it convenient to move your Laptop from one place to another and avoid any form of damage. They make your work easier, improves gaming, and a lot more.

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