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Do You Own a Restaurant? Equip Your Chefs With These Essential Tools

If you’re reading this and you’re in the restaurant business, you’re probably looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your kitchen and treat your employees at the same time. Sometimes you just want to show your appreciation for the hard work your chefs do while also giving them a much-needed upgrade. 

That’s completely valid, and giving your chefs tools that they can use to create all-new, delicious culinary delights in the kitchen is one of many great ways to show that you appreciate them. Equipping your chefs with top-of-the-line gear allows them to push food through the line and out onto the floor faster, getting appetizers, entrees, and even desserts to customers quickly and improving the quality of everything that comes out of the kitchen. After all, if you give your chefs cutting-edge tools to accomplish their work with, the quality of the product shaped by those tools is bound to go up. Investing in new tools for your kitchen can be understood as a win for everybody, an investment in human capital, product quality, and (on the customer side) brand awareness and loyalty. 

The next question would likely be what kinds of tools should you invest in? With the assortment of available gadgets out there, each investment has to be one that adds value to your kitchen and expedites your restaurant’s processes. As such, the following list aims to highlight a few essential tools that are considered valuable parts of chefs’ arsenals. Pick up anything from the below list, and you’ll surely accomplish all you’re setting out to accomplish. 

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Let’s get into it. 

A New Set of Kitchen Knives

Knives are perhaps one of the most important tools a chef uses frequently, and there’s such a plethora of them that it can be hard to know which to invest in. For your purposes, not any old knife set will do, like the kinds you find in a supermarket that come in a box with a cutting block and have “stainless steel” on them in bold; you’ll need professionally-made chef’s knives that are durable, cut well, and that can be hard to find. Research knife brands used by renowned chefs, and pick up (at minimum) a chef’s knife, paring and boning knives, meat cleavers, and a santoku knife.

You can always ask your chefs if they need a particular knife type as well, as they are better equipped to tell you where your kitchen could use some improvement. 

Cream Chargers

Your pastry chef is going to love these. Cream chargers are nitrous-oxide fueled whipped cream dispensers that create fresh, flavorful cream in seconds, producing delicious creams that can be used in a variety of dishes. In addition to allowing your pastry chef to move more efficiently, cream chargers are notable for their products’ freshness compared to other common methods, such as canned or bottled creams. 

Customers tend to prefer their desserts to be topped with whipped cream that feels fresh, rather than stale. And so by investing in these, you not only allow your chefs to incorporate freshly-made cream into any recipe that may call for it, but you practically guarantee the customer will be satisfied.

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New Non-Stick and Cast Iron Pans

If your kitchen currently has a non-stick pan, you’ve no doubt noticed a decrease in its efficacy over time, as non-stick coatings tend to wear down with frequent use. Cast iron pans don’t work quite the same way, but they can rust over time if your chefs don’t remember to clean and season them properly, losing the thing that makes them valuable: their textured, gritty surface. 

Both types of pans serve a specific purpose in the kitchen, with non-stick pans being great for cooking eggs and other time-sensitive materials and cast iron pans being notoriously great for searing steaks and other proteins. Failing to have either on hand could hamper your kitchen, as without the efficiency and unique flavor provided by these tools, your chefs will be left using more inefficient methods to achieve less delicious results.

Choosing to invest in any of the above gadgets, as well as any tools your own staff members tell you about, will increase both the efficiency of your kitchen and the satisfaction of your staff and customers. Give your restaurant the greatest gift of all (cutting-edge technology and tools) and watch as the profits come rolling in.

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