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What Features Should I Look For In A Bathroom Remodel?

Having a bathroom that you are completely satisfied with is key to good mental health. That being said, there are many things that might be on your mind when it comes to bathroom design and renovations. The type of look you have in mind for the room will play a huge factor in what sort of features your bathroom remodel should include.

If you want to create the closest thing possible to a spa-like environment, then having an entirely tiled shower or bathtub enclosure is going to be necessary. If however, you have no problem with sharing the space with other people (or don’t plan on using it very often), then maybe creating this kind of wet area isn’t as important or convenient for you.

You must pay attention to how much space you are working within your bathroom. The more spacious the room is, the more likely you will be able to get creative or lavish with certain design elements. Also, take into account any structural considerations that might be of importance when it comes to renovations.

Of course, many other features can make a bathroom look stunning and inviting. It all depends on your budget and personal tastes of course, but here are 20 features that you should think about including if they fit into your plan of action:

  • A new sink – If you have an outdated one that’s worn down or stained beyond repair, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t consider replacing it before starting work on your bathroom renovation.
  • A new toilet -Although the plumbing Scottsdale AZ needs to be taken into account if you are thinking of replacing your entire bathroom fixture then it doesn’t hurt to include this piece in your list either.
  • Sleek and modern lighting fixtures – If you want a unique look that is going to make all your friends jealous, then install unique lighting fixtures throughout the room. The more contemporary they look, the better!
  • Mirrored cabinets above sink area – This can create a stylish appearance as well as save space. It’s an easy way to make a small bathroom feel larger as well.
  • Cabinetry with integrated lighting – You can now find many cabinets that will have lights installed inside them so that it’s like a built-in feature.
  • A new showerhead and bathtub – Although this might be costly depending on what you want if you go all out it’s one of the most luxurious-looking features that can make the bathroom feel like an oasis.
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass enclosure – This is more practical for bathrooms with multiple people using them as opposed to only one person because it allows the natural light to shine through more than an opaque door or curtain. If you go with this sort of design then frameless glass works best.
  • Frameless glass doors and enclosures – Another big plus, taking out any barriers between yourself and your surroundings makes for a very freeing experience!
  • A steam shower – If you want to feel like you are in a spa, then adding a steam shower is the way to go.
  • A mirrored glass wall or row of wall cabinets – This goes well with any modern bathroom design and works well for giving the illusion that there’s more room than what you have. The mirrored glass will also help reflect the natural light to provide sufficient brightness.
  • Double sinks instead of one large sink – The same effect as above where it makes the room look larger by using two smaller pieces rather than just one huge sink. Make sure that they match though!
  • Custom tiling – An easy way to make your tiles unique (if not already so!) is by having them made especially for your bathroom general remodeling.
  • Larger tiles – Tiles that span the entire wall or floor are much easier to clean and maintain, not to mention they take up less space! (You could even go with glass tiles.)
  • Custom cabinetry – By adding customized cabinets you can make your design truly unique. Plus it’s useful for storing anything you need out of view from guests when they come over.
  • A bathtub with jets – If you have a larger bathroom where this would fit then this is the way to go because who doesn’t want a relaxing soak in a tub? Besides, there are many therapeutic benefits that you get from taking baths.
  • An oversized shower head – This might be pricey but if you install a large shower head that can cover your entire body then it will make you feel like you’re in the rain.
  • A steam generator – If you want to go all out and splurge on bathroom remodeling services, then this is certainly something to put on the list! Perfect for detoxing and relaxing.
  • Quartz counters – With quartz countertops, you never have to worry about them losing their shine or becoming discolored because they are very easy to maintain and keep clean.
  • Mirrors with dim lighting behind them – Framed mirrors with lights built into the back of them give off a diva-like quality which makes for an inviting place to get ready.
  • Custom tiling – Another way to add a unique touch is by having customized tiles made. Smaller tiles can make rooms look bigger and more spacious while larger tiles help cover up space and give the illusion of more room.
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What Features Should You Look for in a Bathroom Remodel? 

You can find many different features that make a bathroom feel luxurious and unique. This list goes over 20 of the more common features, but there is an endless amount of things that you could do! If you’re looking to build your own home from scratch then this is especially important as it will set the tone for all future renovations inside your home.

Because of how many trends there are when it comes to bathroom remodeling, it’s hard to decide on which features you should go with. Keep in mind what is most practical for your lifestyle because you can choose the look that best works for any modern bathroom design.

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