Never experience unexpected website down with watchingdom in 2019.

In 2013, went down due to some technical reasons and the engineers took around 40 minutes to bring it back to work. Now just imagine for a company like Amazon who is the giant in the e-commerce business, what will be the loss in those 40 minutes. To your surprise, Amazon lost $ 66,240 per minute. In total it was over 25 million USD.

Agreed, not all business are of similar worth like Amazon, but even if you are a small business owner, a blogger or an e-commerce giant, Your website acts as your virtual employee that runs your business 24X7, 365 days a year. So it is important to create a responsive and professional website with quality content to be there on the first page of Google.

But there can be scenarios when your website may go down and there could be a number of reasons for that like poor server connectivity, any recent update not going smoothly with the coding, hardware failure, lapses in maintenance, low-quality web hosting, malicious hacker’s attacks and many more. How would you come to know about this? You need to know certain things about how downtime can affect your business.

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Revenue Generation

We search the internet for each and every purchase we plan to make. We might end up buying a product offline, but its features, price difference at different platforms, performance and reviews are easily available online only. So when someone makes a search for your product you need to make sure you are available online as well. You don’t know how many people search for the same product at the same time. Those may be potential new customers and if your website is down, you will never have them, that’s the loss of business, you just lost a few new customers.

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Every Website is Different

There are different ways websites make money. An e-commerce website makes money through sales, a blogging website earns with pay per clicks. So there are different modes of earning for websites. Now how will you analyze how much you may have lost when your website is down. Nature of business may be different by when you lose customers and the % of your visitors goes down, it can be considered the similar loss to your website

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What you actually lose

  • Either planned or sudden, there are some losses direct and indirect a business is supposed to face.
  • Sales revenue may go down
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Loss of the productivity of employees
  • Potential overtime cost
  • Effect on supply chain
  • Morale of the employees may go down
  • Damage to the brand loyalty
  • Overall, the cost of maintenance

There may also be some other different type of losses depending on the nature of the business. To get saved from this You will need real-time website monitoring that can alert you on time and you will be able to save your business.

Protect yourself from unexpected downtime of the website with online website monitoring tool/solution

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Why Watchingdom?

Watchingdom monitors your website every 10 minutes. If there is anything that blocks the functioning, it’s automated services raise alerts via SMS and emails immediately so that you can take the necessary actions. Watchingdom is a real-time website monitoring tool where you can get a detailed analysis of your website’s performance and it is free to use.

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Advantages of using watchingdom:

To Save your business

Just assume you have an e-commerce website and a sale will be live soon. You have spent so much to advertise about the sale and now it is time to make some money but at that moment your website goes down. How would you track that? This will impact your business in a very negative way and you will end up losing customers. But if you are using website monitoring tool or service, you will be notified immediately so that you can run corrective actions to help your website go live again.

To ensure best search engine rankings

Whenever we buy something online, we do google first. This is the most common practice used by almost every individual in digital space. And we only consider the results appeared on the first page. Now here, if your website is down google will not be able to rank you on its search results and customers will not even know about your business. Website change monitoring here helps you to be in good books of Google as well because if you loose google ranking once, you never know how much time it will take rake up there again.

Avoid hacking attacks

You don’t want a hacker to get into your website and update some malicious code to take your website down for staling your company data. Regular alerts from free website monitoring services (free in some cases) can help you to save your data and business on time and the damage can actually be controlled.


Satisfied Customers

When you create a brand, you gain trust and loyalty from your customers and they prefer to buy your services or products over and over again. But if the website is not functioning well, you will end up losing customers for sure without your knowledge. So it is better to use a service that gives you automated results, reports, and graphs.

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