Creative Ways to Flaunt Custom Iron on Patches

Are you looking for creative ways to use your custom iron-on patches

Custom patches are a great way to promote your business, show your support for a cause, highlight your personality, and more. Although patches are small, they are ideal for making the statement you want to make. 

However, you might be wondering about the best way to showcase your custom patch. If you are not careful, the statement you want to make can easily get lost in the noise. 

Fortunately, there are several creative ways you can flaunt your custom patches. By thinking a little bit outside of the box, you can make sure your custom patch is fully on display.

If you are wondering how to showcase your custom patch, here are several ideas to get you started.

Give Them as Company Swag

A great way to flaunt your custom morale patches is to give them out as company swag. You can give them to your employees or your customers. If you want to give out custom patches as part of your company swag, visit today. 

Wear Them on a Hat

One of the best ways to display your patches is to wear them on a hat. This is a great way to make a statement while staying true to your style. You can supercharge your efforts by using custom patches for hats. 

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Customize Your Business Uniforms

If you have custom embroidery patches, why not use them to customize your business uniforms? You can use different colored or patterned patches for different levels of employees. This is a great way to add flair to your company uniforms.

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Add Them to Your Phone Case 

A creative way to showcase your patch is to add it to your phone case. You can do this by adding the patch to a phone case that already has a design or using a clear case. This is a great way to display your patch in a unique way. 

Use Them for Elbow Patches

One way to use your custom iron-on patches is to use them for elbow patches. Depending on the size of the patch, they can perfectly fit the elbows of your favorite jacket or sweater. 

Frame Them for Decor 

If you have a custom patch that is meaningful to you, why not frame it and use it as decor? You can use your patch to decorate your home, office, or any other area. This is ideal for showcasing your patch without needing to wear it. 

These Are the Best Ways to Showcase Your Custom Iron-on Patches

There are several creative ways to showcase your custom iron-on patches.

Consider giving them out as company swag to your employees and customers. You can also wear them on a hat, customize your business uniforms, or add them to your phone case. Consider using them for elbow patches or framing them for decor.

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Use one or more of these ideas to flaunt your custom iron-on patches. 

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