Technology has changed our life a lot. Now we are in the state that we can’t think of our life without it. Although, we will not die without everyday technologies but yes, we will find our life very difficult to spend.
Firstly we should know the meaning of TECHNOLOGY. Why we are talking about it?
“TECHNOLOGY is process of science converted to a product.”
So today we will know about some everyday technologies that are beneficial for us. Technology is making our life easy and improving the standards of living.
Technology is not limited to one single thing. It is very wide and is increasing its era day-by-day for more applications. Today whatever we are using is related to technology in one way or another. We use various technologies in our everyday life,but we don’t know much about it.
Thus, we have hand-picked some useful and good products that we use every day and will discuss its technology and benefits.







fans are needed in summers.


Thinking about our life without fans and coolers is unacceptable. We can say that fan is the basic need of today for everyone in summers. In rural areas, we can see fans in every home while in urban areas,fans and coolers both can be seen easily. Nowadays Air conditioners are coming into trend. Thus, as we all know it is of utmost importance in summers.

⦁ In table fans or ceiling fans. We use Single Phase Induction Motor which are single phase permanent capacitor.
⦁ In coolers, we use technologies based on cooling system such as air-cooled, water-cooled, evaporative-cooled, dry fluid-cooled, ammonia-cooled etc., . Here we use Brushless Induction Motor.

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people watching television with cold drink and snacks


Television is available in every home.It is a source of entertainments, news, knowledge etc.,. It is a recreation product and helps in refreshing up the mood. Students find it informative by channels like Discovery.
News channels broadcast news and weather updates all over the world by their respective branches.
Thus, television is useful because we get knowledge,entertainment, news, etc., while sitting at home.

Mostly LCD and LED are in trend today.
In LCD (liquid crystal display), flat panels are of around 1 inch thick, and we can hang it on the wall.
In LED (light emitting diode), flat panel gives bright light. They are used for large screens such as Stadium screens. It displays ultra large flat panel video display that no other technology is giving.

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study table with light and laptop

As we all know we can illuminate our homes, offices, buildings. roads etc., just because of light. Tubelights are most commonly used product.
Before invention of bulb, candles or earthen lamps were used by humans. Nowadays rural areas are also getting the facility of electricity so that they can use lights and fans in their homes. While in urban areas, whatever decoration on boards and building we see are due to lights. Different types of lights are available in the market according to the technology used. One can choose from range and illuminate his/her home, office, building. Government provides street light for giving light to the people on road at night.

⦁ FLUORESCENT TECHNOLOGY- Fluorescent tubelight work by ionising mercury vapour in a glass tube. This cause electrons in the gas to emit photons at UV frequencies and thus UV light is converted into standard visible light.
⦁ LED TECHNOLOGY- LED tubelight are produced using numerous low or medium power LEDs. With these light output and heat conduction are balanced out across the entire technology.
Main advantage is that LED tubelight are energy-efficient produce less heat and have long life.

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we store edible things mostly in refrigerator

What if for one week we are not allowed to use fridge in summer? What will be the result of it?
The result will give you normal water (which is said hot during summers) and perished fruits and vegetables which we bought from the market.
Refrigerator brings down the temperature inside it and thus gives cooling effects.
We use it every day for cool and chilled water to drink and put perishable fruits and vegetables which prevents these from getting perished. It is a blessing for us in summer.

It is a process of removing heat from a low temperature reservoir and transferring it to a high temperature reservoir.

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a person is washing clothes

We know this machine is used to wash clothes. One does not need to soak the clothes,wash and rinse manually, but simply have to put all the clothes in the machine and add washing machine then switch it on. Work will be done by machine.
It is a time saving, efficient and helpful machine which makes our life much easier. And it has the option to dry clothes which is really beneficial. Today different types of washing machine with different technologies are in the market.

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⦁ Latest Flexwash and Twinwash gives two in one washer. You don’t have to confuse with front and top loaders as it gives both loaders.
⦁ Many types of washing style technologies are –
1. Air bubble wash
2. 360 degree wash
3. Cradle wash
4. O2 wash
and many more……

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filtratio of water is done for purity

Clean water is essential for us to drink and to cook. Many disease like cholera, etc..,can cause if we drink dirty water.
Earlier earthen pots were used to get safe water. But today we need more clean water as the water we get from the source have so much harmful chemicals and impurities. Nowadays we have water filters available in the markets which we use at home.

There are many technologies used for purification of water. Most widely used methods are:-
⦁ REVERSE OSMOSIS – Membrane is used to remove dissolved salts, bacteria, harmful chemicals, microbes etc., and allow only water to pass through it.
⦁ UV PURIFICATION (E-BOILING)- This method uses UV light to kill germs and bacteria. Small lamp inside purifier emit small UV waves that destroy bacteria and viruses present in the water.
Most purifier has both methods combined so that they can purify first dirt particles and then invisible germs and bacteria.

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apple phones are in trend

Communication has become very easy today just because of mobile phones. We use phones every day and are crazy for it. Mobilephone comes in variety of forms such as cellphone, smartphones and I-phones. Smartphones are very popular due to its features. Many technologies are used in this which makes it very interesting apart from only doing and receiving calls.
One can do and receive calls and can use internet. Internet opens path for extremely vast opportunities and knowledge. Android smartphones have features of playstore where one can install apps. There are various apps on playstore and each app has something to offer to its users.
Earlier when no mobilephones were present, communication was done through letters with people living far. Now mobilphones enable us to connect instantly with people all around the world and to get many opportunities and knowledge through internet and much more.

⦁ CELL PHONE TECHNOLOGY – Cellphone is a two-way radio consisting of a radio transmitter and a radio receiver. When you talk with your friend on your cellphone,your phone converts your voice into an electrical signal which is then transmitted via radio waves to the nearest cell tower.
⦁ SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY- It is a cell phone with an integrated computer and other features not originally associated with telephones such as OS, Web browsing and the ability to run software applications.

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laptop , computer and tabs of appple

Laptops and personal computers are used by students mostly. Personal computers are fixed at home while laptops are portable and suitable for use while travelling.
One can play games, work from home, entertain himself/herself, get information via internet, study etc., Thus computers are used for multi-purpose at home.

⦁ DISPLAY- Many computers & laptops have edge to edge screens. Also, 4K & HDR (high dynamic range) technology makes games and movies look stunning.
⦁ STORAGE AND MEMORY TECHNOLOGY- SSD & DRAM are used to store large amount of data.
SSD (solid state drive) uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.
DRAM (dynamic random access memory) stores a bit in a separate tiny capacitor within an integrated circuit. Many more technologies are there in computers and many are to be added in future to make it more advanced and beneficial.

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charging is done in mobilephones

Chargers are today’s popular and most demand able product. We all use it in our everyday life.
Charger is a device used for charging a battery or battery powered equipment. Mostly we use charger for charging mobilephones, laptops, table-lamps etc., . It enables us to use the equipments by storing electric current in it. Power bank charger have been introduced specially for smartphone and used. Power banks have 5V USB output which is suitable for phones.

As battery gives DC voltage thus it requires DC volt too. But in our homes, AC power is provided thus a charger needs to step down voltage for which step down transformer is used.


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vehicles rush on roads

Vehicles are needed much in our everyday life. We can’t go everywhere by foot.
Earlier people have to go everywhere by foot and then bullock-carts came into existence which have wooden wheels. Now due to engines, vehicles run at a very high speed. Whenever we have to go outside such as schools, market place, office etc., we have vehicle at our home, or we can take auto-rickshaw or bus.
Nowadays cab facilities like OLA & UBER are doing same work to pick and drop people to their locations.

⦁ GPRS VEHICLE TRACKING- One can get live location of their vehicle if children or driver is out with the vehicle.
⦁ IN VEHICLE INTERNET – Wi-Fi & LTE 4G turns your vehicle(mostly cars) into a hotspot, allowing several devices to the network.
⦁ VOICE CONTROL- It lets you do things like make phone calls and send texts by simply pushing button and speak.
⦁ BACK UP CAMERAS- The cameras automatically show what is behind you.

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There are many more products we use every day and are very efficient and helpful for us. The technology is growing rapidly and doing more changes than yesterday. We should know about the latest technologies and then buy any product. It will help in choosing the best thing, and we can take advantage of it.


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