Tips to Consider Buying a Slow Juicer Machine

Including fruits and vegetables in a regular diet is a necessity. When a person is not a big fan of consuming fruits and vegetables, preparing healthy juices out of them is an excellent option. The nutritional benefits of juices made of fruits and vegetables are encouraging more people to consume them. But the overwhelming brands of slow juicers available are making buyers confused to shortlist a specific slow juicer.

The article highlights some of the important factors that must be considered buying slow juicers.


When one is considering investing in a slow juicer, budget is one of the vital aspects to consider. The market is filled with high-end juicers as well as entry-level ones. Depending on the specifications, features, and potential, juicers vary in price.

 Getting overwhelmed by the array of options is natural. But when the budget is a constraint, one must consider an entry-level slow juicer that is not only cost-effective but also caters to all the juicing functions. For individuals without budget issues, there is a host of advanced-level products available.


While buying a slow juicer, design is yet another factor to give importance to. Slow juicers are available in a wide variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Depending on personal tastes and preferences, one can invest in a specific type of slow juicer. Compact juicers seem to be highly popular among buyers today. They seem to be ideal for those who have limited kitchen space. Furthermore, compact products are easy to store, and even don’t have too many parts to clean and maintain.

Feeder tube size

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The process of cutting and dicing fruits and vegetables in a slow juicer feeder tube is time-consuming. It is recommended to use a wide feeding tube so that the preparation time is cut down. One must ensure that the feeding tube is big enough to fill in large fruits and vegetables and execute the juicing process as quickly as possible.

User convenience

One must buy a juicer that is not only easy to assemble, and disassemble, but clean as well. When a juicer comes with several different parts, it becomes challenging to clean it properly. Furthermore, constant monitoring of the juicer’s feeding tube is necessary. When the feeding tube is large, the process of cutting fruits and vegetables for the juicing is also reduced. There is less clogging, and more juice can be produced.

Noise level

When one is planning to buy a juicer without disturbing the peaceful surrounding, a slow juicer is the best consideration. Noise can be annoying for a lot of people especially when the juicer is in use for a long time. It has been found that slow juicers produce a low level of noise when compared with the other types of juicers available. Furthermore, their juicing function is also better without hampering the ambiance.


The heat produced by a juicer is yet another vital aspect that cannot be ignored while buying a slow juicer. Juicers that function that higher speed produces more heat as compared to those operating at low speed. Excessive heat generated by the juicers oxidizes the fibers and nutrients in fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, juicers that generate low heat retain the necessary nutrients and minerals. Therefore, considering the heat generation from a juicer is important to inspect before buying.

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Spare parts availability

While looking for a slow juicer, it is necessary to consider that the spare parts are available easily. When the spare accessories and parts are difficult to find easily, it becomes a huge challenge to operate the machine. After years of functioning, a specific accessory or part of the juicer might need a replacement. If the part is not available, the entire juicer becomes useless.

Feedback and reviews

Reviews and ratings provide a clear idea about the pros and cons of using a particular product. Furthermore, the feedback also offers a better idea about the product as a whole along with the necessary information. Hence, it is always recommended to buyers read the reviews and feedback before making a final decision.


When one is investing in a top-level slow juicer, considering the above-mentioned factors is essential. It helps the buyer decide on buying a particular model that caters to his/her juicing demands. Furthermore, it will help the hassle of getting overwhelmed and be aware of the main considerations for buying a slow juicer.

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