Zenith: A Watch Brand That Mahatma Gandhi Owned and Loved

If you have never heard of Zenith Watches before, then you probably need a short history lesson concerning luxury watches. Yes, the name “Mahatma Gandhi” is perhaps familiar to you since he was one of the greatest peace advocates the world has ever known. He became famous as the great Indian leader who relied on peaceful ways to promote India’s independence from then-colonial power in Great Britain.

Gandhi and his Zenith pocket watch were an inseparable pair. He relied on his silver watch to help him keep up with an active schedule in the realm of Indian politics. This Zenith watch was actually a gift from Jawaharlal Nehru, who eventually became Prime Minister of India. Gandhi was so attached to his Zenith pocket watch that when it was stolen once he became very anxious until the remorseful thief returned it.

Learn more about this brand and why it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a new timepiece to add to your collection.

History Values Zenith Watches

Zenith watches have been around for quite a long time – over 150 years, as a matter of fact. It has staying power in the market because it is a luxury watch brand. It doesn’t try to cater to each and every watch market demographic out there. Even though only a small number of consumers patronize Zenith watches, the brand has name recognition among influencers who know how reliable a genuine Zenith watch is.

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Zenith Watches Can Survive Tough Usage

One reason Zenith has a name in the market is that its watches are very durable. An excellent example of this is when the famous skydiving stuntman Felix Baumgartner broke a series of skydiving records while wearing his trusty Zenith watch. Baumgartner appreciates the role his sports watch plays in his career that way.

Zenith Makes Precision Watches for Both Men and Women

In the early part of its history, Zenith made mostly men’s watches for sale to the public. However, as time went by, the company ventured into making ladies’ watches as well. One example of a precision watch for both genders is the Zenith automatic chronograph. This kind of Zenith product can measure time so precisely up to 1/10th of a second. This is great for sports activities where some victories between competitors are decided by a second difference.

Zenith is an Affordable Precision Luxury Watch

Although there is a small group of watch connoisseurs around the world who follow the arrival of the latest Zenith watch models, the brand is considered “affordable”. This is especially true compared to other luxury brands, such as Patek Philippe and Rolex. No, you probably won’t find Zenith being sold in your neighborhood mall amongst regular wristwatches. But it is not priced as high as those two other brands mentioned. This means anyone whose net worth has increased lately might have his or her eye on a Zenith right now. This helps mark their entry into the big-time world where only the big boys and big girls play.

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Spotlight is on the El Primero Collection

One Zenith collection that has garnered accolades from many consumers and watch collectors is called the El Primero Collection. The company prides itself on the ability of the El Primero line to precisely measure time up to a fraction of a second. El Primero also depends on its power reserve, maxing out to 50 hours, which is great for sports fans and athletes who travel a lot in between tournaments.

Why the Public Loves Zenith Watches

Zenith watches have a loyal following not just because it has rugged sports watches. Consumers also love the classic yet straightforward designs of Zenith timepieces. There is no one watch collection under the Zenith brand that can be said to be the epitome of Zenith watch design. After all, this watchmaker tries to accommodate design preferences throughout different markets. But, in general, the Zenith aesthetics remain as classic as possible, so that the watch design tends to be something that almost everyone can relate to. A common theme is that each Zenith watch can even double as a formal dress watch so that there’s no need to switch between Zenith elite watch models as you transition between your day activities and evening events.

Conclusion: Keep Collecting Zenith Timepieces

Knowing all these about the Zenith line of precision luxury watches is great since you will become aware that you don’t have to follow each timepiece trend. If you prefer to remain a Zenith fan throughout the years, you won’t be disappointed by the array of choices within the Zenith brand series. Rather, you may find yourself amazed by the sheer array of watch model choices under the Zenith umbrella of watch models. If you like, you can invest in your own collection of Zenith timepieces so that you can pick one for your very important occasion to match your wardrobe for that essential event.

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