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Most important factors in online marketing in 2021

Marketing trends are constantly changing. Especially in uncertain times like this – we are living in a fast-paced world. You’ll learn more about social media marketing and how the secret tips can change your life. For instance, you can get more Instagram followers, buy YouTube views and work on organic reach of YouTube. We will talk about the most important factors in online marketing for this year.

Develop visual content

The power of video continues to dominate, although B2B marketers are still exploring ways to use video that resonate with their audience. In fact, Cisco predicts that over 80% of all internet traffic will come from video by 2021. This means that brands definitely need a strategy to build and promote video content .

Video content is viewed from any device, increases the time on the site and can clearly demonstrate the features of a product or service. This makes videos a powerful tool for increasing reach and conversions. According to Forbes, 90% of customers say video helps them make purchasing decisions, and 64% of customers say watching videos makes them more likely to buy. For internet marketers, this is a sign that the time has come to rethink their content policy towards increasing video share.

Some of the existing content can be updated with videos. So, you can show your business from the perspective of customers and influencers to create a friendlier brand image. 

Using videos with live people will help you not only grab the attention of your customers, but also increase traffic to your YouTube channel. You can later use these videos at trade shows or on social media to expand your storytelling capabilities. This will allow your audience to get to know you better.

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Use templates to save time

When it comes to content and time management, manual control loses to stereotyped digital solutions. They help you effectively plan a variety of content (including videos, social media, etc.) in such a way as to quickly get feedback and determine what kind of interaction potential customers prefer.

The easiest way to create a sort of roadmap for your published content is to develop a rubricator. It is a table with content diversification by type and site. It can contain the following fields:

  • The type of content being published;
  • The degree of its popularity with your target audience;
  • Used channels of placement and promotion,
  • Main content, tone and themes of posts;
  • Header templates;
  • The main message you are trying to convey;
  • The frequency of posting and videos;

Perhaps one of the most popular social media scheduling systems is Hootsuite. Platforms like these allow internet marketers to analyze their progress over time and use the data to plan their future marketing strategy in more detail.

Develop personalization

One of the key tasks in ecommerce sales is not just to attract new customers, but also to keep existing ones. Our research on ecommerce sites in Central and Eastern Europe shows that repeat customers generated 15% of their revenue in 2020. Due to the fact that they do not need to spend additional advertising budgets to attract them, it is much easier and cheaper for them to sell their products, and then such buyers can generate up to 80% of income.

Regardless of what digital marketing tools you use to promote yourself, your customers are more interested in why they should choose your product. Then the task will be to find out the preferences of your target audience, study the methods of communication that are familiar to her, and provide support throughout the user’s journey to purchase. To know more about how to identify and target the right audience for your campaigns, visit us.

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