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Face being the most prominent part of your body, glasses make an integral part of your personality. Fortunately, we are in the era when you can define your mood & personality by using varied styles of glasses. You can as well as need to select right kind of eyewear for sending out accurate vibes related to your character & attributes.

List of Top 5 Metro Collection of Glasses by Zennioptical 

01. Johnson Round Eyeglasses 4420025

Johnson Round Eyeglasses

This frame has been made using premium quality of acetate. For bringing an edge in designing, this frame has been crafted with hand. The finishing of the products has been so supreme that that one cannot help but to notice this stylish frame on your face. The surface of the frame has been kept glossy for an impactful look. The round shape enhances the appearance of confidence in your demeanour.  Use this frame in all-around usage, maybe in your sunglasses as well as for daily glasses. This frame has been made available in three variants black, translucent as well as tortoiseshell texture. Users will have the option to buy this frame in various sizes as well. These glasses have been presented under metro collection which is probably most trending this season. The consumer can make use of their zennioptical promo code to grab a better deal. This frame will help you generate a variety of vibes, you can brag to be a scholar at college & also use a translucent colour to create a peppy appearance. One needs to select the glasses as well with the utmost caution, as it brings better comfort of the sight. 

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02. Van Alen Square Eyeglasses 4419623

Van Alen Square Eyeglasses

These full-rim glasses have been crafted in a square shape for finely defining your face. The material used in making these glasses is acetate. The client can choose to go for customized engraving on the frame. This piece can be utilized for progressive as well as bifocal lenses. Three colours are available for the buyers, translucent, purple tortoiseshell finish & black. We have observed these to be quite popular among teenagers & kids as it brings out a peppy & fun side of yours. This frame has been specially crafted with hand for a superior finish. This Van Alen masterpiece sends out a bold vibe with the lining job on the same. Users can choose to use these glasses for daily usage without compromising on the style & trend. Consumers have to try and always use the anti-reflective coating for lenses, which cut-down on annoying reflections & strain on eyes.   Also, prefer to use polycarbonate or high index plastic lenses which are thinner & light in weight. As suggested by experts, one has to use the frame which not just looks good but also provide the utmost comfort for your face-cut.

03. Maybeck Square Eyeglasses 4418925

Maybeck Square Eyeglasses

These stylish glasses support range between -20 till +12, which is quite sufficient. This full-rim style provides proper & complete support for holding these on a face. Just like all contemporary glasses the formation has been done using acetate. For a varied usage, this supports progressive as well as bifocal vision support. Each piece reaching you has been crafted by hand & finer finishing has been ensured. With the design which has a bold yet graceful vibe, you can carry a ton of confidence with yourself. The frame structure has been kept of medium wide size to accentuate face with the finest detail.  You can choose from three colours variant namely, black, dark brown tortoise shell design as well as classic tortoiseshell texture. Current trend suggests that all the fashion savvy millennials, ensure to carry as many varieties of glasses as they can. The trend has suggested as well as proved that using a novel design of glasses which accentuate your overall appearance is the most unique way to bring variation in style. Just in case, you are really bored with your daily look. Just bring little change in your eyewear & feel the difference instantaneously. 

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04. Van der Rohe Aviator Eyeglasses 4419925

van der Rohe Aviator Eyeglasses

These classic glasses have been made using Acetate of premium quality. They have a vintage vibe which has been trending currently. These aviator shape glasses only support plain lenses. The full rim structure with custom engraving makes them even more attractive when you carry them with full confidence. The frame does support vision range between -20 till +12. These handmade frames are just irresistible for anyone to own them immediately. Aviator style has been making people look stylish since decades & still it does not fail to serve the purpose. One can surely attain attention from their surrounding while carrying them at any place. This wider frame supports full coverage of lenses with a narrower keyhole bridge. You may get three variant in colour option namely black, brown tortoiseshell & classic tortoiseshell textured. In case you belong to a 40+ age group, these glasses will surely bring a youthful vibe in your appearance with vibrancy. Just like a similar pair of shoes do not help in various activities, using similar glasses everywhere is inappropriate. Always keep at least 2 to 3 varied frames which suit your face & use them in relevance.

05. Pei Round Eyeglasses 4419221

Pei Round Eyeglasses

This acetate built superior quality glasses are made with hand to bring the finest detail on the surface. They support the maximum vision range of -20 till +12 for complete utilization across the range. This frame does support progressive as well as bifocal lens structure. Its round shape has it all, the look of a nerdy scholar as well as a vibe of a peppy youngster. It will infuse a subtle boost of confidence in the way you carry yourself. Customers can bring home these in three colour variant, black, caramel/honey brown stripe as well as black/translucent grey. In case you are a scholar who wants leave a strong message for your supreme intellectualness, just go these frames & just observe how people around will knee down ( in their mind though) towards your strong appearance.

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Glasses have no longer been just a tool to help your vision. This smart & trendy generation has mastered the art to complement their personality using eyewear. Always keep your personal as well as professional backdrop in consideration while selecting glasses. Using a trendy & comfortable glass pair will harness a powerful personality attribute forever with you.

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