What to try at Freshers week

Any student heading to University will be wondering what to expect, and perhaps they will have heard of Freshers week, which refers to the first few weeks of university where students are invited to a range of different events to socialise and make new friends. They might also be wondering what to try at Freshers week, and which events might be suitable for them. 

In this article you will learn about the different types of activities available during Freshers week and which ones you should attend vs which are optional. 

Events not to be missed

Starting with the events every student should attend, perhaps the most important event is the Freshers Fair. Every university will run a freshers fair soon after all the new cohort of students have arrived, hosting plenty of stands for local businesses, societies, clubs and much more. Often local restaurants will have stands at these events and hand out exclusive discounts and offers to students which is a great way to save money while going out at university. 

Every university has a student union, usually a small bar or club for students to attend on site or nearby that offers discounted food and alcohol for students to enjoy, especially during Freshers week. This is a great place for students to meet others who are attending the same university and possibly meet people from their course. 

Nights out

Going on night out is a large part of the Freshers week events, as many famous bands and Artists travel around the country to perform in university towns for the new students. In big cities, events will likely be held every single night so students will be spoiled for choice on what to try at freshers week. 

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For the students who do not like drinking alcohol or going out to bars and clubs, there will be plenty of alternative activities including sports and other hobbies which will vary depending on the university attended. 

Join a society

Every university will offer a range of different societies for you to join, from football teams to pole fitness to creative writing or LGBT groups, there is something for everyone to be a part of at university. 

Typically, during Freshers week, students will get the chance to attend the first few sessions of a society to see if it suits them, and from there most charge a termly fee to cover costs. 

Many societies get the chance to go on trips abroad to compete or host annual events for all members to enjoy. Students can be as involved as they want in these societies, but they’re a great way to make new friends and network with people outside of your course. 

Get to know the city

For most students, Freshers week is the first experience that they will have of their new city and it’s important to have a look around and get familiar with the new surroundings. When first arriving, getting to know where the closest supermarkets, shops and amenities are, as well as how far it is to the university itself. Some students might be lucky enough to be living on the campus itself, meaning that they have easy access to the library, classrooms and student union. 

Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially for those who have never lived away from home, so learning about the area is a great way to start feeling at home. Though it may take a while to settle in, students should take full advantage of the spare time they have during Freshers week to get to know their new city. 

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Spend time with your housemates

When moving into student accommodation, the chances are the flat or house will be shared with up to ten people, along with shared kitchen and bathrooms. This is the first opportunity to make friends at university, and it’s important to get along with each other as living in such a large household can be hard. 

Suggest a friendly get together once everyone has moved into the accommodation, there are plenty of events to go to that can be attended as a group – keep an eye out for these at the Freshers fair!

Prepare to start the course

While Freshers week is mainly about having fun during the first couple of weeks, it’s important to be prepared for the course itself to start, too. This includes making sure all the necessary books have been purchased, writing equipment such as pens, notepads, laptops or other devices are ready to go and most importantly that the timetable is correct. 

Don’t be afraid to ask other students or teachers for directions around the campus, there may even be designated staff to help new students find their way around. 

With so much going on, it can be hard to know exactly what to try at Freshers week, but hopefully after reading this article any Freshers students will feel confident when it comes to choosing which events to attend and which opportunities to take. One last thing though – don’t forget about the student discounts!


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