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Ranking of the Best Universities in Japan

Japan is one of the most populous countries in the world that attracts people from all over the globe who want to explore a completely different culture and lifestyle. However, it turns out that it’s also a perfect destination for students who want to try their hand at international education. What are the best universities in Japan and why should you consider them?

Why is it worth studying in Japan?

Japan is a breathtaking country that offers various perks which make it stand out from the crowd. Why is it worth applying to one of the top universities in Japan?

  • They offer top-notch education. Students learn from experienced specialists who use advanced tools and reliable data. If you want to get a degree that will help you find a well-paid job in the future, you should definitely consider applying to one of the Japanese schools.
  • They allow you to learn a new language. While being in Japan, you can brush up on your language skills and explore a completely different culture. This can broaden your horizons and may help you build a quality network that may come in handy in your future career life.
  • Japan is a safe and peaceful country. It’s a perfect destination for everyone who likes tranquility.
  • The country is full of monuments. By applying to one of the top universities in Japan you can mix business with pleasure and explore important landmarks after classes.
  • Japan is an immigrant-friendly place. If you decide to go there, you don’t have to be afraid of being attacked or bullied.
  • The country can boast delicious cuisine. If you have ever tasted Japanese food, you know how it can pamper your taste buds. By going to Japan, you can explore completely new taste combinations and eat wholesome meals.
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Our ranking of top universities in Japan

When thinking about the best universities in Japan, it’s impossible not to mention:

  1. Keio University
  2. Waseda University
  3. Kyushu University
  4. Hokkaido University
  5. Nagoya University
  6. Tohoku University
  7. Tokyo Institute of Technology
  8. Osaka University
  9. Kyoto University
  10. The University of Tokyo

Don’t wait! Explore available options and programs to apply to a university that best suits your preferences and get a degree that will help you find the job of your dreams.

The takeaway

Studying in a foreign country like Japan can be a great adventure. International educational institutions offer appealing programs and degrees that can help you expand your career prospects while having fun. Check out the best universities in Japan and build your future.


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