Moving your books

You may be the owner of a small school library that you want to move into your home, or you may have inherited several bookcases from your grandfather, or you are just a big fan of books and you see that you cannot move on your own all the books you need at once. This is not a very rare problem, because in addition to the number and weight of books there are many pitfalls which can interfere with convenient transportation. For example:

  • Mixed storage of archival documents and books
  • Old, rare books, which should be treated with care and caution
  • Lack of packaging materials
  • A mess in the collection: that is, you have no idea how many books you own.

To make your life easier, you can hire movers, like Paramount Moving, to help you. As a rule, they use ways of packing books that allow them to be transported carefully and not damaged in the process. Also they can give you advice on how to get yourself prepared for books moving. So, let us assume you have already contacted the movers and the date of moving is set. Then, your next steps should look like this:

  • coordinate the route of transferring the books with the moving company, so that they transport your books carefully and quickly;
  • sort out your books and list them: for example, you can make an exclusive list consisting of book title and book author. Natural next step is getting the books numbered, and after that, you can sort the books by topic or by genre;
  • purchase strong boxes, film and tape. You may also need a cart for moving the book boxes more easily;
  • pack the books according to the sorting before – scientific to scientific, fiction to fiction, – wrapping each book with a film so that they do not move during transportation. Empty spaces in the boxes can be filled with wrapping paper or other soft material;
  • label each box with contents, including library section (e.g. fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, etc.) and shelf or assortment number.
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It can take a significant amount of time to sort and label your books collection, especially if it consists of a big number of books. You can also find the task of packing paperback books to be quite tricky. To get rid of all this headache you could simply delegate the above actions to movers, though this may cost you a little more money. In this case, on the moving day you will have to wait until they handle the packing and sorting, and then make sure that nothing has gone wrong after the transportation is done.


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