List of top 15 paint manufacturing companies in India

The Indian paint industry

Around 65% of all paints sold in India are made by top Paint organizations in the sorted out segment. A report discharged by Indian Paints Association expresses the paint business of India develops to Rs. 707.8 billion amid the monetary year 2019-2020.

In India, paints comprise 75% of the market while around 25%is for mechanical paints. Paint organizations likewise offer opportunities to readily enliven their homes and workplaces with awesome painting pictures. The list of paint manufacturing companies in India, list of all paint companies in India and the list of top 10 paint companies in India are all available in this write-up for your benefit.

What is the List of paint manufacturing companies in India in 2019

1. Asian Paints Ltdasian-paints-logo

Asian Paints, India is the undisputed pioneer of India’s paint industry. The organization was built up in Mumbai in 1942. Today it, however, positions as Asia’s third-biggest producer of paints and also tops the List of top paint companies in India.

The organization is expanded into 16 nations and has 25 paint industrial facilities in India and abroad. Asian Paints, India and its product brands like Asian Paints Royale focused on the premium section whereas the tractor emulsion and tractor distemper focused at the economy portion. They have their base camp in Mumbai, Maharashtra and make a yearly income of around $1.6 Billion to $2 Billion.   

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2. Berger Paints India Ltdberger paints

Berger Paints India Ltd. is the second biggest paint producer in India. The organization touched base in India in 1923. The Berger Paints has 10 producing units in India and activities in Nepal, Bangladesh, Russia, and Poland. Its product assortment incorporates Interior divider covering, Exterior divider covering, wood completes, undercoats and waterproofing arrangements. List of top 10 paint companies in India is incomplete without Berger paints, India.

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Earlier known as English Paints, it follows its starting points to the UK, where it was built up in 1919.

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3. Kansai Nerolac Paints LtdKANSAI-NEROLAC

Kansai Nerolac Paints is better referred to just as Nerolac. It is one of the pioneers of India’s paint industry. Over the decades, it was additionally called Goodlass Nerolac and later Nerolac. It positions among the most rumoured paint brands of India.  List of paint manufacturing companies in India definitely starts with the leading name of Nerolac Paints.

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4. AkzoNobel India Ltd (Dulux Paints)dulux paints logo

With a history traversing more than 100 years, Dulux Paints is a profoundly regarded brand in India. Dulux makes embellishing coatings and specific coatings for the car, customer hardware, control, aeronautics, transportation and recreation create, development, oil and gas, water, wastewater, sustenance and drinks businesses, among others.

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5. Shalimar Paints LtdShalimar-Paints-Logo

Shalimar Paints is India’s most established paint organization. The organization follows its beginnings to 1902. Shalimar Paints properly merits the award of being India’s first homegrown paints and coatings producer. It makes coatings for outside and insides, metal, wood and floor.

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6. Pidilite Industries

Pidilite has a wide scope of answers for wood completes necessities of numerous classes of clients and shoppers. The item portfolio ranges from essential wood finishing need to cutting edge wood covering arrangements. These spread the whole range of wood covering process like planning of wood, fixing, tinting, and best coats.

Items focused at mass market of wood coatings comprises of against termite treatment, wood fillers, sanding sealer, stains, and Melamine and PU top coats in single just as two segment framework. These spread the requirements for good quality wood covering at moderate expense. Aside from covering wooden furnishings, a considerable lot of these items are utilized by craftsmanship units just as for DIY application by buyers. Likewise, they offer premium distemper, lime folio and stainers for giving these shoppers a new and brilliant look in their homes that is charming to eyes yet truly reasonable.

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7. Birla WhiteBirla White Paint

Birla White has been arranged by the Indian government as a ‘Yuva Ratna’ organization possessed by India’s corporate goliath, Aditya Birla Group. The organization makes specific coatings for insides and outsides called Birla White Textura.

This item fills the need of forint just as sturdy covering because of its high dampness, warmth, and parasite safe properties.

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8. Apollo Paints Pvt. Ltdapollo-paints-pvt-ltd-logo

The organization makes an assortment of coatings including eco-accommodating, outside and inside emulsions, polishes, wood completes, unique coatings, improving paints and essential applications.

Apollo Paints has won a few awards in India and abroad. This incorporates the Singapore Green Council Certification, a first for the paint business of this nation.

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9. Jenson and Nicholson (India) LtdJenson and Nicholson logo

Jenson and Nicholson (India) Ltd is the second most established paint producer in India. The organization was built up in London in 1821.

It is one of the best paint organizations in India. It is giving world-class items arranged by utilizing the most recent innovation.

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10. Snowcem PaintsSnowcem Paints Logo

Mumbai-based Snowcem Paints is the nation’s most rumoured brand of concrete coatings. It was built up in 1959.

More than six decades, Snowcem has propelled different creative and spearheading items in the paints business of India. It remains the favoured brand for concrete coatings for common, mechanical and army bases in India.

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11. Mysore Paints and Varnish LtdMysore Paints and Varnish Ltd Logo

In 1947, the organization was nationalized and started working as a Public Sector Undertaking under the state administration of Karnataka. List of paint manufacturing companies in India are completed smoothly by the addition of Mysore paints.

In 1989, it accepted its current corporate personality. Mysore Paints and Varnish Ltd fabricates forte paints, for example, street coatings, mechanical paints, claim to fame paints, varnishes, epoxy paints and prep coatings.

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12. Jotun PaintsJotun Paints Logo

Jotun is one of the biggest coatings producers on the planet and It is spoken to in more than 100 nations. The Group has 63 organizations and 40 generation offices on all mainlands.

Jotun makes paints and coatings in India that are extraordinarily created for one of a kind conditions, expresses the organization’s site.

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13. Gem PaintsGem Paints logo

Pearl Paints has a cutting edge Research and Development division. Bangalore-based Gem Paints was set up in 1981. The organization fabricates defensive, mechanical and enhancing coatings for different applications. The brand makes it to our List of top paint companies in india.

Consequently, the organization keeps on improving its item contributions and dispatch the most recent covering answers for the Indian and outside market.

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14. Advance Paints Pvt. LtdAdvance Paints Pvt. Ltd Logo

The underlying contributions of Advance Paints included broadly useful paints, for example, oil bound distemper, dry distemper, groundworks and engineered veneers that were basic to the time. Today, Advance Paints produces superior coatings for the business.

It is a noteworthy provider to Indian Railways in the transportation classification and furthermore gives marine paints to the Indian Navy.

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15. Suraj CoatsSuraj Coats Logo

Working from Pune, Maharashtra, this organization produces a fortunate scope of inside and outside coatings for an extremely wide scope of enterprises. The organization was propelled in 2004. The item offering of Suraj Coats is extremely broad. The company finds a place in the top list of paint manufacturing companies in India.

Suraj Coats item portfolio incorporates Marine Enamel Paints, Paint Sludge Recycler, Antifouling Paints, Fast Drying Paints, Polyurethane Paints, PU Paints, Epoxy Paints, Epoxy Thinners, Industrial Finishes, Polyurethane Finishes, Epoxy Finishes, Stoving Enamels, Epoxy Primers, Synthetic Primers, Marine Paint Systems, Etch Primers, Two Pack Polyurethane Finishes to give some examples.

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As we have seen, India’s paint industry has a long and fascinating history. Indians are enamoured with hues, which has added to the blast of this current nation’s paints industry.

Picking a decent paint brand is basic for the looks of the house whether it is all things considered or inside.  You should be watchful while picking the best brand for your paintwork. There is a wide scope of paints to browse and you can even go for imaginative and eco-accommodating paints which won’t just give your home a decent look but royal experience as well. Loads of Indian paint industrial facilities have been giving exceptional yields to financial specialists, which says a lot of their prospering exchange.

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