Find a Good Rehab in Grand Junction

Many different factors go into choosing the right rehabilitation center for your needs, location, and kinds of treatment that you’re receiving. However, many people don’t know what factors to look for when evaluating a facility, so they might miss the opportunity to get treated in the best way possible. This article offers tips on identifying the best facility in Grand Junction, Colorado, so that you can make wiser decisions.

When you’re considering getting treated, the best thing that you need to do is learn more about outpatient and inpatient treatment. Knowing more about these services will help you make a wiser decision and ultimately make the entire transition easier.

Inpatient Services

The residential addiction treatment facilities will give you more immersive and in-depth care. You can go into a facility in Grand Junction where you will live on-site for 24 hours a day. This will allow you to concentrate and focus your efforts on recovery. The inpatient services in rehab facilities in Grand Junction are often sought after by people who have a severe degree of addiction and might have other mental health issues that they need to address. 

This is a treatment setting that’s very effective for many people. They get access to 24/7 medical assistance, medications for withdrawal symptoms, and support groups that live in the area as well so they can develop coping mechanisms and become sober afterwards.

Outpatient Services

These outpatient services are tests, medical procedures, and counseling that are done without the patient needing to stay overnight. They generally cost less, and people can still go to their families, jobs, and studies after the session is done. This is ideal for people who have already finished inpatient treatment and are required to do follow-ups.

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Choosing the Right Facility

There are a few things to keep in mind when looking to find the right center in Grand Junction for you or your loved one. Here are some of the factors you should watch for when selecting a rehabilitation facility: 

  1. Location: The center should be located in a safe and secure area. If possible, choose one close to home so that you or your loved one can easily visit the facility. 
  2. Size: The facility has enough space for patients and the 24/7 staff. It’s ideal to have private rooms while you’re undergoing inpatient treatment to sleep well at night and have the privacy you may need.
  3. Staffing: Look for a facility that has qualified and experienced staff members who will be able to help your loved one recover from their addiction. These may generally include nurses, doctors, counselors, therapists, and nutritionists that can assist the patient in making positive changes in their lives.
  4. Insurance Coverage: You need a fully insured center licensed by state and federal agencies. This will ensure that your loved one is receiving high-quality care, and you may also prefer one that is part of your insurance network. The therapy is more affordable, and you’re more likely to finish the programs during your stay. Learn more about insurance in this link here.

What to Expect?

  • The first step you need to take before going into an inpatient rehab is to undergo detox. This is where you clean your body from various substances you’ve developed a physical dependence on. It’s also the phase where many people experience withdrawal symptoms.
  • Detox will give you flu-like symptoms and unpleasant feelings. For those who have been using drugs for a very long time, the side effects can be dangerous or even life-threatening. An acute or severe withdrawal symptom may need medical supervision, and this is why you need to get into rehab in Colorado.
  • People who are experiencing unpleasant symptoms will need doctors that can prescribe them medications to help them out. The rehab center is a great and safe setting where they can begin their recoveries.
  • After successfully managing the withdrawal symptoms, various therapies are going to be started to get rid of maladaptive habits and destructive behaviors that can lead to cravings and compulsive abuse of drugs and alcohol. The treatment, education, and group support will be able to help you recover faster.
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The Importance of Transparency

When choosing a rehabilitation facility, it is essential to be as transparent as possible with your choices. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Ask about the experience and qualifications of the staff in the facility
  • Check out their amenities, treatment options, pricing, packages, and insurance
  • Be sure to ask about the program and services they offer.
  • Be prepared to answer questions like: What kind of rehab will I be receiving? How long will it take? What is the cost?

Selecting an Outpatient Center

Like an inpatient program, you can expect many services for outpatient treatment. These programs may vary depending on your case, offerings, facility, and budget. The length or duration will also vary. Some factors that can affect these are the patients’ current health, the kind of substance they are using, the severity of the addiction, medical history, and life commitments. Others may require about 8 to 24 hours of participation each week, which can last for a year.

These rehabs may employ the same practices as inpatient services like group therapy, one-on-one counseling sessions, life skill development, and medication-assisted detox. However, the patients don’t necessarily need to stay inside the facility, and they can still attend to their obligations outside of rehab. See more about the stages of rehab on this site:  

Long-Term and Extended Care Options

There are options for extended care and long-term rehab, and these are available for patients who have completed most of the initial assessments and inpatient services. Most of the efforts for comprehensive care include ongoing outpatient programs, sober living communities, and medical assistance during emergencies.

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Sober living homes provide augmented and extended care with an unrestricted living arrangement to people who need it. These offer transitional environments for people who have just gotten out of the facility and are not yet ready to return to work. This prepares them to go back to society and find a job. This can range from six to twelve months, and this is very helpful for those who tend to have a relapse after getting out of the rehab facility in Grand Junction.

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