CS:GO Popular Betting Markets And How To Bet On Them

Being one of the most watched and played esports titles, CS:GO can offer many opportunities to bettors. As for the markets, there is a great variety, such as the following:

  • Moneyline
  • Tournament Winner
  • Handicaps
  • Over/Under
  • First Death

With them, you can be sure to find the one that suits you best. However, to make successful bets in any sport, you need to know in depth the competition and its markets. Follow https://csgoeasybets.com/ if you want to find more information about CS:GO match betting. Below, you can also get to know the different betting types and how to wager on them.

Types of Bets in CS:GO

Here we have selected the most popular CS:GO betting markets you can find

in virtually all bookmakers. So, let’s take a quick summary of these options to know what to expect from each.

Match Winner

It is the most common and simple market for CS:GO that appears in every sportsbook. Anyone with little knowledge of two teams competing in a match can make successful predictions. All to do is to choose one out of three possible outcomes:

  • 1 – the first team winner;
  • X – the tie in a game (if a bookie offers a draw option);
  • 2 – the second team winner.

So, you just have to choose one of the teams that you think has the best chance of winning and betting your money. This CS:GO market can bring good value wagers if some game analysis is made beforehand. 

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Tournament Winner

It is another type of bet in CS:GO, in which you have to choose between the two teams that compete with each other. But this time, you will not bet on the results of a single match, but on the result of the entire tournament. It requires more knowledge of the game and analysis of the teams.


This bet on CS:GO can be offered by bookmakers in the event that one team is much stronger than the other in a match. The extra points are given to non-favorites to match the chances of the two teams.

For example, team A plays against team B. You want to bet on your favorite team A that is the underdog. You may take a bet with a handicap +1.5 on a team A, which means that the team receives a handicap of a map and a half.

  • If team A loses 1:2, the bet will have 1+1.5=2.5, and it will mean that team A won. 
  • If team A loses 0:2, the bet will have 0+1.5=1.5, and it will not work as team A lost.

Thus, even if the weakest team loses, it may have a higher end result due to the additional points. Therefore, it is a good opportunity to earn some money by betting on them.


In CS:GO total bets, you are given a predefined number of deaths by knife or head shots since the beginning of the match. Your task is to guess if the final result will be greater or less than this number.

You can place this bet on the following outcomes:

  • Frags: these are Over/Under bets in a specific round, but related to deaths.
  • Individual Frags: these determine how many deaths a team will have in a given round.
  • Maps: these bets determine how many maps will be played in a best-of-three match
  • Rounds: the total rounds on a specific map in a match.
  • Bombs: the total number of planted bombs or unarmed bombs. 
  • Individual players and the entire team: these wagers determine who will have more or less deaths, games won, etc. 
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As you can see, Over/Under bets require experience in the game and a thorough analysis of the conditions and strategy of each team/player. We recommend you search for the team statistics and game dynamics before making any wagers.

First Blood

One more opportunity to earn money with your knowledge of CS:GO is to predict which team will have the first death or frag in a game. There are different variants of the bet, where you can choose to wager on an entire tournament, match, or round.

It is not as easy to make such a prediction as it may seem at first glance. In such a short time you need to feel the rhythm of the teams or see who is closest to having a frag in their favor.

Other Common Markets

Besides, there are plenty of other betting options to choose when wagering on a CS:GO game. Some of them work well in live betting. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Round knife
  • First team in N rounds
  • Top fragger
  • Map winner
  • Deaths from specific weapons
  • Total shots to the heads

The variety of betting markets may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you haven’t wagered on eSports before. However, as you get more experience and knowledge, there will be more than one type of bet you will want to try and place. Just trust the process!

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