Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer: What Cases Can They Help You With

Being accused of a crime whether guilty or innocent is one of those events that have a possible life-altering effect on a person’s life. Getting through the process and receiving a fair trial will certainly require the contribution of an experienced and reliable criminal defense lawyer. In most cases, people delay visiting a defense lawyer for fear of the financial implications this has, but some reputable law firms offer free consultations to debrief on the nature of your charges from the belief that justice should be free to all.

Whether or not you are knowledgeable about your state’s legal procedure, whether you are innocent or guilty, the benefits of having a criminal defense lawyer are innumerable. They ensure that your rights are upheld throughout the process and that the final verdict is fair.  Some of the cases that criminal defense lawyers can help with include:

Driving under the influence:

Getting pulled over and charged for driving under the influence is a scary experience, and when in such a situation, it is advisable to first speak with a criminal defense lawyer. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can be able to ensure that you are exercising your Fifth Amendment right and that the correct procedure is followed throughout the process. 

Some reputable law firms, such as Spodek Law Group, offer free consultation and 24/7 access to the best criminal lawyers you could ever need. Such experienced lawyers will be sure to consider all the necessary details in your DUI to help keep the charges to a minimum or even dismiss the case entirely. 

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Assault and Battery Charges:

Charges of assault and battery are very serious and could land you a hefty fine together with long jail times, and jail is not exactly the place you want to spend 25 years in. Once the charges are filed against you, the next best course of action is to talk to an expert defense lawyer whose aim will defend you and have the charges dropped. 

Your expert lawyer from Spodek Law Group will help you see inconsistencies in the witnesses’ accounts and other leaks in the presented evidence because of their long experience in handling such cases. They will need to know the truth of the situation and if there were details such as used weapons and undiscovered relationships with witnesses to defend you best. Defense lawyers help make sure that any evidence that is presented in the court of law is accurate

Robbery and theft:

Charges for robbery and theft including grand theft auto will need a good lawyer who understands the complex law and has a knowledge of how the prosecution works and operates within the county. A good defense attorney will know how to effectively work the angles in your case and come up with the best defense plan to protect you from hefty fines and jail time. 

They may be able to prove how the charges were filed as a misunderstanding by getting the necessary evidence and information to provide a powerful case. Spodek Law Group lawyers will work with you every step of the way and make sure that you have regular updates on the progress of your case so you feel understood throughout the process.

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The purpose of a good defense lawyer is to defend their clients from the charges laid before them while protecting and educating the defendant on their rights. It is always necessary to speak to your lawyer on a one-on-one basis to get updates. To ensure success according to the complexity of your case, law firms, such as Spodek Law Group, may have a defense team of up to three people all ready to be of service to you. 

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