3 Timeless Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

When it comes to accentuating any outfit’s beauty, jewelry plays a huge role. It is an inalienable part of any woman’s wardrobe. It allows women to express themselves in whatever manner they wish, whether with bold statement pieces that make them stand out in a crowd or with subtle jewelry that simply enhances their pre-existing look.

Some jewelry, though, simply cannot be disregarded by any fashion-conscious woman. These pieces have been tested by time and are evergreen timeless classics. We’ll discuss a few of the key jewelry items that every woman should own in this post.

Pearl Necklaces

There is no beauty that is better than what is natural, and nothing says that as clearly as pearls do. They personify timeless elegance and are perfect for any occasion, formal or casual. They can be fashioned into many different pieces of jewelry. However, they look their best in the form of necklaces. 

Even the most simple-looking pearl necklace can make the wearer shine and stand out. They may also be used in combination with other jewelry to further accentuate a person’s look because of their versatility and vast range of colors, styles, and sizes.

Diamond Stud Earrings

In 1947, Frances Gerety, a copywriter, coined the phrase “Diamonds are Forever”, and to date, there is no better way to describe them. Nothing says “I love you” the way a beautiful diamond does. 

Diamond stud earrings are a great way to showcase a good diamond. They are small in size, which makes sure that they do not stand out in a way that is obnoxious, but instead do so by their brilliance, with each glint catching the attention of those around you.

While the diamonds in such earrings are available in many different shapes and cuts, we strongly feel that the timeless round brilliant cut is simply the best choice when it comes to diamond stud earrings. A round brilliant cut maximizes the brilliance of any diamond and is particularly effective for these types of jewelry, due to their small size. 

Regardless of the diamonds you choose, it is crucial that the jewelry you select be bought from a reputable retailer like Evry Jewels. The importance of a reputable store cannot be overstated. A trustworthy company will provide you with a variety of designs and styles so you can select something that is uniquely personal to you.

You can be confident that the materials used to create the jewelry were of the finest quality and displayed superb craftsmanship when you buy anything from a reputed jewelry store. It simply guarantees that the jewelry you purchase is well worth the cost.

Tennis Bracelets

Tennis Bracelets actually have an interesting story behind them. The term “Tennis Bracelet” was coined in 1987, when the diamond bracelet on Chris Evert’s arm flew off her arm in the middle of a match. The match was paused as she looked for it and from there, the term “Tennis Bracelets” came to be.

Tennis bracelets refer to a row of gemstones that are worn around the wrist. Due to their high adaptability and ability to be created from any precious gemstone, they are available in a huge range of shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be combined with other pieces of jewelry to create a multi-dimensional look or worn alone.


If worn properly, jewelry may be a terrific way to express oneself. Thanks to their versatility, they can help you convey your personality through them and are the perfect way to complete an outfit, providing them with a final touch of glamor and elegance. Purchasing timeless pieces of jewelry ensures that they can be a constant part of your wardrobe, regardless of the ongoing trend, making them a very sensible purchase.

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