23, Feb, 2019

India Smartphone Market sees a sound development of 20% in Q2 2018 as Xiaomi holds authority, According to IDC. In the second from last quarter of 2018, Xiaomi’s cell phones section recorded income of roughly RMB35.0 billion, speaking to an expansion of 36.1% year-on-year, which was chiefly determined by increments […]


In 2013, Amazon.com went down due to some technical reasons and the engineers took around 40 minutes to bring it back to work. Now just imagine for a company like Amazon who is the giant in the e-commerce business, what will be the loss in those 40 minutes. To your surprise, […]


To avail Free delivery on Flipkart1). Add the product in the cart you want to purchase.2). Add second product which is flipkart assured and is above 500 in the cart.3). Place the order.4). Once the order is confirmed, delete the another assured product. The product delivery will be of free. […]


The hotel chains in India are the new providers of world-class luxurious experience. The top hotel brands in India are competing for customer attention through their service quality. Looking forward to a dream vacation and unsure which hotel brands in India are the best? We assess the top hotel chains […]