Why Should You Get an Azure 500 Certification?

Nothing reassures a potential employer more than a series of credentials in a resume. After all, everyone has expertise on a particular subject, but certificates like Microsoft’s AZ-500 validate that the candidate spent time learning techniques and testing their skills.

The AZ-500 certification is for Azure cloud security and is considered quite valuable among employers worldwide. It is the primary security credential for Microsoft Azure. Several changes were made to the Azure certification by Microsoft, but considering there are 12 Azure certifications, it may not be clear who should take this exam.

This article aims to discuss the AZ-500 exam in detail to help you understand and obtain the certification at the earliest.

Who should take the exam?

AZ-500 is Microsoft’s highest certification for Azure cloud security professionals. It is not an introductory course. Instead, it is intended for users already familiar with the Azure cloud environment and have experience fixing and analyzing cybersecurity threats.

A typical AZ-500 exam candidate is familiar with Azure products and services, has general network expertise, and can create automation scripts. The exam aims to strengthen this understanding, prove knowledge and fill the gap.

Now that we know the target candidates for this exam, let’s talk about the exam itself.

What does the exam contain?

The AZ-500 exam covers four topics:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Platform Protection Implementation
  • Security Operation Management
  • Data and Application Protection 

Each of these topics has different weights to determine the overall passing score. For example, a candidate may be asked how to configure a web application firewall (WAF) or prevent DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service). 

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Another thing candidates need to know is to configure an encrypted database. All this information is very different and proves the wide range of experience required to take and pass this exam.

Although the exam is not the easiest, the real question is whether it’s worth it. So, let’s understand why the AZ 500 will be the next certificate of choice.

Advantages of AZ 500

Suppose your HR department has received two advanced qualifications for Azure security engineer. Both candidates have an appropriate degree, relevant experience, and reasonable time in their position. However, one of these candidates is AZ-500 certified.

From the two similar resumes, the choice of the interviewer for a job is clear. This may seem like a borderline case, but this scenario is much more common than you think. In addition to the incentives from HR, accreditation is treated equally by resume scanning software.

Recruiters seek certification, and certified resumes are often sorted at the top of the stack. Thus, having the AZ-500 certification is sure to provide you with an edge over the competition in the industry.

Is the AZ 500 certification worth it in the long run?

First, Microsoft Azure is the second most used cloud solution after Amazon Web Services. Virtually any business that uses the .Net stack leverages the capabilities of Azure. This is because Azure is much cheaper than AWS when used with Windows and SQL servers. Furthermore, with so many companies already tightly integrated with Microsoft via Windows, it’s easy to adopt a cloud solution when the final time comes.

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The AZ-500 certification has been worth it for many years. Azure course is not a fad or technology in recent years. As Azure grows and continues to grow, so do security vulnerabilities. As a result, the AZ-500 certification is predicted to only increase in value over time.


Security in IT is becoming more crucial over time. Being AZ-500 certified guarantees that you are a security expert regarding the Azure cloud services. It will make you  knowledgeable, employable, and a candidate for a leadership position.

So is the AZ-500 certificate worth it? The answer to this depends on your goals and desires. If you’re fully invested in technology, passionate about cybersecurity, and plan to use Azure for the long term, it’s worth it. The AZ-500 is an excellent achievement and is the industry’s flagship certification. However, if you’re new to Azure or don’t want to learn for hours, it’s best to pass.

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