Are Lab Grown Diamonds Strong

Yes, it is true that for the past century earth mined diamonds have been in the most engagement rings but this doesn’t mean that they are better and superior to the lab-grown ones. Lab-grown diamonds are no less than mined diamonds in appearance, quality, and strength. 

The main reason why people prefer mined diamonds is their traditional mindset and nothing else. With the growing social and environmental concerns, lab diamonds are preferred by more. 

Still do not understand how diamonds made in a lab are getting more value for people and why they are preferring them? No worries, let’s know first what are lab-grown diamonds and then why you should buy them in your engagement rings. 

What Are Lab grown Diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds are exact replicas of mined diamonds, except that these are developed in labs with the help of diamond seed and cost around 40% less. Lab-grown diamonds are synthesized in labs under the same conditions as the mined ones and that is why they show the same physical properties as them. 

If you are about to buy a diamond ring for your engagement but are confused about which diamond to buy, then let’s check what will be good for you by discussing two important aspects -cost and appearance in detail and then sum up what will be a good choice and why for you! 

Cost Differences

There’s no doubt how much girls love diamonds and always want to have this sparkle in their engagement rings. All thanks to lab-grown diamonds which have made it easy for everyone to buy them because of their low cost. So, it is rightly said that if diamonds are a woman’s best buddy then lab-grown ones are men’s best buddy. Therefore, you can go with rare carat which makes diamonds hard but not its buying. 

Where one carat of mined diamond costs about 2500-16000 USD, lab-grown diamonds are just around $100-$1000 which is much more economically sound for a wedding purpose. You can lower your engagement ring budget by buying lab-grown diamonds and save a lot of money which you can spend on your dream honeymoon and impress your fiance. 


Lab-grown diamonds are identical to the mined ones in every aspect and therefore cannot be differentiated, not even by the geologist experts. They can only be identified with some special tools, so there is nothing to worry about let these sparkle in your fiance’s fingers and spread glitter everywhere. 

Further, if you want to check the quality of your diamond ring and know whether it’s a lab-grown then examine its grading report. This will not only tell that it’s lab-grown but also tell its grade in color, cut, clarity, and carat weight which is known as 4Cs.

Why And How Lab-Grown Diamonds Are A Superior Choice 

Why should you buy lab-grown diamonds if you are not concerned with money and don’t mind spending thousands of dollars on mined diamond rings? So, first, you should know that diamonds grown in the lab are not only about money but also about environmental concerns.

Diamond mining causes loss of habitat to lots of flora and fauna, is harmful to miners’ health, and releases toxic gases into the atmosphere and whatnot. So, let’s sum up all the features of lab-grown diamonds that will surely convince you to buy them instead of mined ones and contribute a little bit more to environmental health. These are as follows:

  • Durable as mined diamonds 
  • Even specialist geologists can’t distinguish between lab-grown and mined diamonds
  • No harmful effects of mining because of lab-grown diamonds
  • Free form conflict 
  • Brilliant and durable like-minded ones
  • Same sparkle like mined diamonds 
  • Available at low cost
  • Same chemical configuration as mined ones
  • Easily available 

The lab-grown diamonds are not only all similar to the mined diamonds but even more than that. Apart from being available at a low cost and environment friendly, there is no major difference between both whereby these differences are their plus points. 

So, now whether you are going to buy mined diamonds or those grown in labs? Saving money or losing by buying mined diamonds? Contributing to the environment and mine-workers’ wellbeing or causing more danger to them? Acting smart or traditional? It’s all up to you to make your wedding grand, not in terms of money but consciousness. And, yes, don’t forget to visit rarecarat.com to get exclusive offers and designs which make your engagement ring special! 

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