Which players will be the best in the coming years?

The current year 2021 has already passed the equator, leaving behind the two largest football tournaments – Euro 2020 and the America’s Cup. Both competitions were supposed to take place in the previous year, but were only held now due to coronavirus restrictions.

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2021 – Lionel Messi

We will repeat again and again: in our opinion, the most worthy candidate for the victory is the Argentinean Lionel Messi. In Spain last season he took with Barcelona only the Cup of the country, but won the Golden Boost of the national championship, becoming his top scorer.

However, the main achievement of Leo was the victory of the Argentine national team in the America’s Cup. He has traditionally been the leader of the team on the field and their main motivator. As a result, the “blue and white” became the best on the continent, and 34-year-old Messi won the trophy in the form of a national squad for the first time in his career.

2022 – Kylian Mbappe

This is the year of the next world championship. But, as you know, it will be held according to tradition not in the summer, but at the end of the year, when Qatar, which received the right to host the tournament from FIFA, will not be under 50 degrees of heat, but a little cooler. It was on the basis of the results of the World Cup in the year of its holding that, as a rule, the owner of the Golden Ball was determined. Remember 2018 and the triumph of Luka Modric, and earlier the success of Fabio Cannavaro in 2006.

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At Euro 2020, the French national team, which had previously won the 2018 world championship, failed loudly. In Qatar, the French must once again be both in sight and heard. Now 22-year-old Kilian Mbappé is simply obliged to lead the team. He does not hold both skill and ambition (especially!), Which means that the Golden Ball should eventually become his.

2023 – Jack Grealish

This summer, Manchester City made the 25-year-old ex-Aston Villa midfielder the holder of a transfer record for British football clubs. The Citizens paid £ 100m for him, which has never happened to any other player in the English Premier League. The contract with Grilish was signed at City for 6 years, which means that they feel the prospect in it, and they want to get in his person the leader of the team on the football field.

And Jack must repay the trust. The City will be the ideal environment for him to progress, and to reach all sorts of heights both in England and in Europe. “Citizens” have already accustomed to their victories in all-English tournaments, and are obliged to achieve triumph in the Champions League. 2023 will be the perfect year for the team in which Jack Grealish will rule the ball.

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