Top mobile trends 2022

The most prominent trends in mobile development in 2022

Apps offer new opportunities for companies, especially in times of a global pandemic. They help increase your reach and provide customers or employees with user-friendly access to goods or services anytime and from anywhere. This also affects the mobile trends in 2022.

Guys in SECL are, of course, always up to date regarding app development. We are curious to see how mobile trends will develop and which perhaps unexpected trends will prevail in this fast-paced industry, so we asked them to share this information with us.

The mobile trends 2022

Nowadays, we can see the Mobile First ideology everywhere – most search queries are made via mobile devices. For this reason, it is not only important to have a website optimized for mobile devices but, at best, also an app that users can install with just a few clicks and with the help of this app to receive information, shop, chat, play, and much more.

The following trends are very popular for 2022.

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and M-Commerce

Because of the increasing demand for apps, companies rely on AMP technology to reach more customers. Google Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) is a slimmed-down version of an HTML page. It allows a slim mobile page design, leading to faster loading time. As developers, guys at SECL create complex websites with a responsive design suitable for all mobile devices. Google now has an index for mobile search in which AMP websites are higher in search.

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By the way, the motto “Mobile First” has also arrived in the leisure industry. Due to recent years’ lockdown, the way people spend their free time has changed. Since there is still no early end to COVID-19 this year, the time we spend with our mobile devices will continue to be very high. Games and apps that help make time at home productive and useful are more popular than ever and offer an alternative to all activities that are no longer possible in times of social distancing.

Our shopping behavior has also changed. Due to the closure of the retail trade, e-commerce went through the roof. And probably the shopping behavior of many people has changed sustainably as a result. M-commerce (mobile e-commerce) should not be overlooked. So now, at the latest, is the optimal time for all shop operators to rely on online-based trading. (By the way: do you already know PWAs? With Progressive Web Apps, you can provide your customers with a mobile application even for low development costs.)

Cloud-native apps

First of all, let’s explain: cloud-native apps are not hosted on classic servers. All services are taken over by providers such as AWS or Firebase. These offer managed databases, storage space, load balancers, firewalls, and a long range of other necessary services and organize the use. Cloud-native apps are already programmed so that all these services, possibilities, and advantages can be used without any problems. This means, for example, that these providers store all of an app’s data.

The three biggest advantages are:

  • Cloud applications are scalable because everything is done automatically by the providers.
  • As an app operator, you have less effort with regard to the Administration, maintenance, security, firewall, etc., of the app.
  • You only pay for what you consume. So the costs depend entirely on the traffic.
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Cloud applications reduce the running costs of an app, and if you want to have an app developed, you can save costs in app development.

Machine learning/AI

Integrating artificial intelligence into mobile applications has greatly changed the app world and made apps even more versatile. We assume that in the future, more and more processes will be automated, and this technology will detect processes. User preferences are recognized, productivity is increased, and online business is simplified. What is already possible with Alexa, Siri and Co. will soon be indispensable in mobile applications.

Wearable devices

Wearable technology has also been on an upward trend for years. Linking smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers with an app offers users optimal use without intermediate steps. One can easily check blood pressure, pedometer, heart rate, and much more daily.

The handling of our health caused by the pandemic also had an impact on sales during the last years. At the same time, this also means that the demand for corresponding apps will grow.

5G technology

The introduction of 5G technology has shown a great impact on trends in app development. This technology will change the way apps are used and created for developers, sellers, and operators. By this year, 5G connections will almost quadruple. They bring not only an improvement in smartphone Internet connections but also the speed, functionality, and efficiency of apps.

5G technology in mobile phones is expected to offer a tenfold reduction in waiting times while improving overall network performance and capacity for traffic. In this way, the technology will ultimately increase the functionality of mobile apps. More functions will be able to be integrated into an app without significantly affecting the quality and performance of the app.

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Conclusion on the mobile trends 2022

App development is a fast-paced industry that constantly changes due to new technologies and innovative inventions. An app with the technology from a few years ago could no longer prevail on the market today. For this reason, guys in SECL use the latest technologies so that your app is up-to-date and can prevail in the competitive industry. 

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