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Tips on how to pack for a house move

When moving major items like furniture, it’s usually a good idea to enlist the assistance of specialists. However, if you want to save money, packing your own belongings may be the best option.

So, here are some packing suggestions to help you with your move and make your life a little simpler.

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Getting started early is key.

The earlier you begin preparing for your house removal, the better. Pack first the things you don’t need, such decorations and out-of-season apparel.

Plan ahead of time for pick-ups and drop-offs (or sell on eBay) to avoid last-minute panic.

Put off buying necessities like toilet paper and soap until the last minute.

Make sure to update your address before you move.

Organize Yourself

Your name, address, and the contents of each box should be clearly written on the outside of the box (e.g. kitchenware, books). To help the movers, note on the boxes if the contents are heavy or delicate.

Using coloured tape, you can keep track of which boxes go where in the house.

All removal boxes should be numbered, especially if moving over state lines. It’s likely that either your removalist or you will notice if a certain number is missing. As a result, you’ll be able to discover it easily.

If you can, dismantle your furniture before you begin the moving process.

Before you move into your new house or workplace, do a thorough cleaning.

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Hire a vehicle with a lot of room for storage. It’s preferable to have a little extra room than to have to make many journeys.

Be Wary

Protect liquids from spilling or leaking by covering their openings with plastic wrap.

Boxes with fragile contents should be wrapped with insulation. You may use anything you have on hand: bubble wrap, newspapers, towels, clothes, or even socks to package them. Another option is to ask your removal company for packing materials if you’re moving to a big city like Melbourne, Tokyo, or New York; some companies will supply them for free or at a reduced cost.

Packing kitchenware side-to-side rather than stacking them on top of each other prevents them from breaking.

Get the most out of what you’ve got.

Moving out on a budget, especially as a student, might be a major consideration for some individuals. Before purchasing moving boxes, search for any big containers, bags, or baskets. As a result, your relocation will be less expensive and less wasteful.

The clothes can be stored in closets, drawers, or other furniture storage areas.

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