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Expert Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Spotless

It’s more important today than ever before to have a clean home. With so many people working from home, the home has become everything. While others get out more now, some people are still inside trying to work and live their lives. A clean environment is more important than ever. To get the best cleaning service offer in San Diego area, hire Anita’s Housekeeping Services. For some, this is a struggle. Here are some cleaning tips from cleaning experts to help get and keep your home spotless.

Clean as You Go

Clean in stages. You’ve just installed your brand-new Kohler toilets in the house and have a desire to keep them looking as new as the first day you installed them. Do that by cleaning as you go. After you use the bathroom, take a second to spray the surface and wipe it with a cleaning pad. During virus-laden times, this could really help. Keep it clean by doing it all as you go. If you’re there, then you clean it. This applies to the whole house. After dinner, wipe and add the dishes to the dishwasher. Do that every time you eat. It’ll keep the dishes clean.

Out With the Clutter

When you avoid creating clutter from day one, you’ll be less likely to have clutter. It’s true that clutter attracts more clutter. Family members see a pile of dishes and add theirs to the pile. While you might have that one family member that helps out to avoid the clutter, most don’t in a family. Buying products that take up less space such as a foldable desk or a minimalist baby swing can give you more room and less clutter. Mess grows and attracts more.

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There are seriously whole businesses dedicated solely to the creation of an organized system for storing things in your home. You can seriously get it all organized and keep it that way. Make sure the family keeps the organization in place. Don’t allow things to go where they don’t belong. Buy containers and store foods in the pantry and fridge in a way that your family can grab easily. Replace the inventory when it’s all depleted. It will help you save money in the kitchen too. You’ll be less inclined to buy something new when you have a system set up to specifically handle a certain thing. The family might even become a bit obsessed with the organization system. It’s seriously an aseptic online today.


Have bottles of cleanser that really work. The best ones are homemade. If you can afford the organic cleansers, then go for them. Otherwise, make your own cleansers, so you can have a clean home that is also safe from harmful ingredients. As you work from home or just go through the week as a family, you’ll notice the improved health with homemade cleansers. Here are some great substitutions for the harsh chemicals on the store shelves.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar in a Spray Bottle
  • Hydrogen Peroxide in a Spray Container
  • A Spray Bottle of Disinfectant
  • Clear Labeled Glass Containers With Lids for Holding Grated Zote Soap
  • Another One for Holding Baking Soda.

Zote soap is just one example of a soap base used in countless homemade cleansers. Add this to water and boil to make a liquid spray disinfectant. The recipe is simple. You take half-and-half of the water to soap, then heat until the soap melts. Then you add your favorite scent in a few drops. Add in some 70% rubbing alcohol. This makes a great all-purpose cleaner for anything that isn’t wood. Add some cooking oil to apple cider vinegar and your favorite scent drops. Then you can polish and sanitize your wood surfaces as well. Take the bottle of apple cider vinegar and the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and spray the surface. Do one at a time. It will bubble. Then just wipe it clean. You can clean the glass surfaces with apple cider vinegar as well. It smells better than basic vinegar.

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Cleaning can be a fun project for your family when you assign team tasks for your kids. Compete for prizes they like as a reward system and get that house spotless clean all the time. Before long, you’ll be the one with that spotless home. Your friends will ask how you did it.

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