15 Best Dating apps for Couples, Lesbians, Gays & LGBTQ (2020) in India for iOs & Android.

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Catch the wit and give a laugh! However stuck up we may find ourselves in our lives, we always find time for love. We are the internet generation; we work hard, party harder. The adage of pure love and everlasting relationships is fast losing its sheen. Each one is aware today that love will not strike through the half-naked cupid with its tiny wings and stupid smile, merrily coming and striking the prospect with its love arrows. LOL! Nor will our partner ram into us on a busy subway with eyes meeting and hearts hammering or else in a train (Dilwale dulhaniya le Jayenge atypical). It is as simple as exploring a new sub with unknown toppings or some interesting sauces. The world is a place with ambiverts, introverts and extroverts. Not all possess the bold to go ahead and choose a mate in an instant. There need be a courtship period where one can assess each other and decide upon the future course. some slow and steady while some fast and furious .; let the chemistry fizzle a bit. The world is online so why not dating? Name it you get it. Best apps for hookups, casual fun,  feel the sizzle, love madly or seek friendships whether inter or intra sex.

There are two people in your life you should lie to… the police and your girlfriend.

We like to take dating as an adventure, an idea to explore, to indulge some more and get tied a little less. Still there a crowd that swears by long-term relationships. The rules of the game have changed drastically and surprisingly in favour of both the sexes. Give it a try with the top dating apps available in India without paying or with paying, best dating apps for hooking up or for your smartphones which can lend you a plethora of choices you could have ever imagined of in your real life. Global trends are soon catching up and yes we are spoilt for choices. From the raunchiest and skimpiest to the most fickle and toned down versions. The table is laid and there is something for everybody to savour. Have a look at the lists compiled by our experts and for the convenience let’s sort them further into few categories.

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Hey Romeos and loving Juliets! As we were compiling the list we decided to ease up the selections a bit. And present the delights to you in a three-course meal. The main course consists top 5 serious dating apps in June 2018 in India, the dessert will be laid with the top 5 hookup sites in India in 2018 and the final cocktail will be served with the top five LGBTQ and other communities dating apps in India in 2018.

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The feeling of love itself is fulfilling! Isn’t it? Finding someone to care for you, open your heart too and share your deepest desires with…is a wonderful feeling in itself. If you really want to take up the dating stuff seriously and are in dire need and emergency of a fire brigade to extinguish those flames of pal cum mate, have a look at the best picks for serious dating.


1. Youlove/Jaumo

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Tagged as the #1 premium dating app, it is for those lovebirds who are into serious and pure stuff. The app boasts of hosting about 25 million singles worldwide, wow!

The dating app boasts of a host of interesting features like location-specific matches up to 10 in number, 24 hours to reply or decline professional assistance and tips. Privacy protection is a top priority with your location a secret and complete liberty to choose your date.

The extra features are available only at a premium. So date, don’t play.

The delights start only when you start emptying your kitty. People are unaware as to who is visiting their sites. The fake profile issue though well handled creeps up now and then. Issues with the notifications and pop up messages.

Review: This is actually fantastic ,  you reach to person YOULOVE , if you don't love then YOURLOVE ll make  it . Go for it guys !!!

Download Links: Play Store       iOs

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2. CMB Free Dating Apps

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Another star in the category of best free dating apps, that meets high-quality matches. Forget endless swiping, browsing, texting and waiting and find some real connections here.

 This app works through facebook authentication, connects people who are genuinely interested in each other with prospective matches or ‘bagels’ being sent on a daily basis based on your FB profile and criteria such as age, ethnicity, height and others. The app also assists with private chat rooms and icebreaker questionnaire or, you can use the report or unmatch features when you need to revert or feel weird about a profile.  You look like a saviour, CMB!

The app applies different algorithms for boys and girls so suitable matches may take a week or so to appear and the number of choices may decline with time… No options available to delete your account forever.

Review: DATING – The word itself evokes mine feelings, what about yours? It’s obviously YESSSS !!! Bcz it’s jawaani, and it should be …… So here we can feed our feelings 😉 Try it It’s awesome

Download Links:             Play Store            iOs

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3. Tinder

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Calling themselves ‘world’s hottest app’; they are there as your wingman to expand your social network or meet interested locals.

The swiping trend – left to like and right to pass has been adopted by many tinder-like dating apps. It only fuels the connection when dual swipes happen. Get matched, chat and explore until you feel right to face your date over a coffee. The simplicity and ease of operations make the experience all the more enjoyable.

One can avail extra candies at a premium to boost one’s chances of getting swiped or liked.

The Swipe trend:- Left to Pass, Right to Like

The site often has technical glitches. Logging in, loading and connection issues. Premium services are almost forced upon the users, too quick battery depletion and the same old fake profiles issue.

Review: woohoo wow! it really made our life enjoying and  easy , I think you all guys know it, Give it a try ;)

Download Links: Play Store      iOs

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4. Woo

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Another stalwart to your rescue, Woo is an app loved by women all over the world and especially in India for they really take into consideration their issues.

The app furnishes only curated and verified profiles, the contacts especially those of females are secure and hidden, free internet calling for women without revealing their number, match your likings with preselected tags, like and ignore people without their knowing and use crush feature to tell if you like them. WOOPLUS is the premium service with advanced features.

The features are available only after paying the premium. Fake profiles are less but technical slags and slow response and matches are a problem. Users find it difficult to reach old crushes and contacts.

Review: say it who Who ll be the one ;) Get your who here It's easy here  Good luck munchkins !!!

Download Links: Play Store    iOs

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5. Okcupid

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This app calls itself of a different league to help focus people on create enriching profiles and highlight their personality rather than depend on pretty face slays through their okCupid discovery.

It lets you match with people who share your passions and through one on one messaging they let you focus on connections that really interest you. The filtering of choices is worth it, isn’t it?

Though free for users, it provides an upgraded ad-free version, of course, at a premium.

Technical issues with the messaging and matchmaking. The app crashes are a problem too with profiles disappearing after you liked or messaged them after a while. The dupes issue is prevalent here too.

Review:Get your wish done with cupid , here !!!  Don't miss it

Download Links: Play Store      iOs

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 dating couples beach

The FAST PACED lives that we generation z leads today, though appealing, is often times depleting and hollow. The pressures of workplace often lead young people to look for casual fun or indulge themselves without the regrets or the moral hangover. No worries! People like to have fun, hang out with new people, explore their sexual sides or heat up their bedroom tactics and the list becomes raunchier so guess yourself please. Just lust and passion to explore and no giveaways of hearts and emotions. here’s a list of top five hookup apps we would recommend you all for your casual dating and passionate encounters.

1. Pure

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PURE’s tagline itself is exhilarating, ‘you’d be surprised what you are into’. Setting the stage for coitus adventure, it steams up the tease with complete anonymity.

With no connection to social media it secures the information through end to end encryption.  just upload a selfie and match with someone with whom you want to sizzle up your chemistry. Begin the chats, go on for an hour and if you feel the magnetism let the real fun begin. The app is clear with its discreet approach towards sexual encounters with no strings attached.

The main issue with the app is that either the choices are too far away or else they are meagre. The one-hour time schedule for a prospective date to choose from, the app being too expensive to use but free for women users is often cribbed at by the men.

 Review: get pure soul with pure ;)

Download Links:    Play Store     iOs

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2. Happn

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The unique feature that sets this hookup app apart from others is the feature that allows you to connect with people whom you have crossed the path in real lives and who happen to have the app at that time.

The app keeps the location private for a user and connects only those people who seem interested in each other.  The app is basically free, just a titbit for the first HI is required. One can send anonymous likes. If both like each other, then its a crush. The app is all for dating strangers and having real fun. There is a game as well to ease up with our partner and let things take their course.

Too much information required at the time of registration.every additional service requires payment. One needs to have an FB profile to get registered. The creeps issue persists with occasional slags.

Review: Happn ko kaun nahi janta hai re (who doesn’t know about happn) Agr Happn nhi chalaya toh kya khaak enjoy kiya zindagi ko (if you have never used happn than you are yet to enjoy your life)  Hamari toh zindagi ko zindagi tak phuchaya  Happn ne (my life became life after I used happn)

Download Links:  Play Store   iOs

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3. Casual Dating & Adult Singles Joyride

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The JOYRIDE casual dating app is all for your deepest and darkest desires. Be spontaneous with anyone, anywhere and anytime!

It offers a seven-day free trial, stay anonymous and discreet, all your activities are under wraps, one tap sign up, location-specific matches and other filters to suit your erotic escapades.

Too less choices available, fake profiles, spams and bots issue, extra features available at a premium.

Review: get pleasure of dating with hotties  , without any blah blah blah , that you did guys ,  I know Enjoy it !!

Download Links:  Play Store     iOs

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4. Badoo

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Tagged as the ‘mass phenomenon’, it is one of the largest dating sites for singles ready to mingle.

The app ensures verified profiles and photos, the largest pool of multicultural members, vote via swipe or browse profiles that you may have crossed path with or share common friends, two messages unless you reply, video calling and much more.

The premium is not refundable so be careful before you take the leap, unusual profile blocks reported, fake profile issues, technical lags and services available at a premium after the free trial.

Review: It's something interesting  , blossoming Blossom your life.

Download Links:    Play Store   iOs

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5. Lovely

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Why should boys have all the fun? Lovely is here for the ultramodern ladies and career women of today who like to go beyond the commitment phobia.

The girls can choose from the number of men registered there with full security over the details and authority over when and how someone would be able to see you and finally approach you.  

The one-click signup is smoothing up the entry to meet sophisticated individuals around you a lot more fun and safe.  

Limited dating pool, benefits available only once you pay for VIP service, the dupes and fake profiles issue persists here as well.

Review: Actually , basically , really , obviously this app will make you find your  lovely partner !!

Download Links:    Play Store    iOs

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Love is like a virus. T can happen to anybody at any time. Celebrate your sexuality, be bold and jump in to find one that interests your soul and spices up your life. The dating scene in India has never been so happening with the top dating apps without paying or with paying. Especially the top dating apps for LGBTQ community with prospectives ready for fun encounters, relationships and even hookups. A famous quote goes, ‘openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start.’ take a plunge and go gaga at the thought of finding your love.

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1. Lesbian Chat & Dating Spicy

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It is super simple with spicy- they celebrate diversity and welcome all lesbian, bisexual and transgender people to join the party

No unwanted visitors, choose whom you want to connect with, privacy of details and anonymous profiles till you want to reveal, well suited for the lesbian community, fit for casual and actual love or LGBTQ encounters.

Imposters issue- men faking as women, very few technical slags and services available at a premium. Highly reviewed by users as good or satisfactory.

 Review:First time on app and I can’t wait to find my love!

Download Links:  Play Store    iOs

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2. Gay Dating & Gay Chat Disco

[metaslider id=886]

A dating and hookup app especially for guys with a thronging community of gays, transgenders, LGBTQ. Join the party!

Full privacy and anonymity till you feel comfortable to reveal yourself to the other, gay chats available with the hottest guys around. And nearby.

Technical slags and breakdowns, slow uploads, too few choices available, extra services available at a premium.

Review:Thank you so much !!! I enjoyed it….

Download Links:  Play Store   iOs

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3. LGBT+ Amino Community and Chat

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They cater to every combination of relationship that can exist from gays, lesbians, transgenders to  Bisexual, Queer, Pansexual and more in a safe and welcoming environment.

More than just a dating app, share your experiences and issues, put forward your opinions and yourself to find support, give contributions, and yes, of course, date and chat with like-minded people.

Posts get deleted and blocked for reasons related to ridiculous rules, more of a community of people rather than a proper dating app where you can indulge in some real fun.

Review: ...they have a great community and I recommend young LGBT+ person to join and have fun!  

Download Links:  Play Store      iOs

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4. Surge

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It is a free gay social network to meet and chat with curious, bi and gay men. They are determined to provide a safe experience to the users and only adults are allowed.

Unlimited browsing through profiles, background notifications, get matched and cat, upload up to 8 pictures on your profile, photos and videos disappear after being viewed in chats. Instagram connection and nearby matches available too. Sizzle up the quotient guys!

Premium membership available in spite of being advertised as free, fake profile issue, too less matches available as per the location, spams and bots hamper the authenticity of profiles.

Review:It has the potential to become the best dating app out there for the LGBTQ community.

Download Links:   Play Store   iOs

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5. Grindr

[metaslider id=891]

It has been rated as one of the top free apps for dating and meeting attractive and interesting gays and bisexuals.

Location-based searches, clearer profiles, sharing of photos during chats, filter choices, profile customization, block, star and report options available to suit the needs of the users. Up gradation available at a premium as Grindr XTRA. and a whole lot of other features to match every preference and choice.

Slow uploads, app crashes and other technical glitches reported too many apps for the free version, fewer choices available based on the filters and faulty services even if the premium is paid.

Review:I like it a lot. I’ve met great people so far. It does need push notifications.

Download Links: Play Store   iOs

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[su_heading](DISCLAIMER: According to section 377 of the Indian penal code same  LGBTQ and same sex is criminalized and considered against the law of nature. We do not promote it neither do we intend to violate any governmental regulations) [/su_heading]


We are sure that your fling and hookup info would have been satiated as you reach the end. The world is full of infidelities and heartbreaks. You may as a shy person never be able randomly to approach a gal or guy. Or maybe the spurt of relationship failures have led you into a state where you want to enjoy the thrill and affection with no strings attached. India is a young nation with each heart beating or wanting to beat for someone. Let loose! Jazz up a bit and explore what has been unearthed for you all..these apps are sure to provide a partner for coffee, your weekends together, to have some pure fun or just a casual flick. Experiment with your luck.dare to bare! You may find the love of your lives within these very apps, who knows!

If you had any experience with these apps do share in the comments section below. Good or bad, let the world hear you. If you know about some other interesting apps or genres of relationship that are yet to be explored tell us the same.

Save a boyfriend for a rainy day - and another, in case it doesn't rain.( apply the same logic for every date please!)

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