5 Star Hotel Chains in India 2020 to make your stay comfy

The hotel chains in India are the new providers of world-class luxurious experience. The top hotel brands in India are competing for customer attention through their service quality.

Looking forward to a dream vacation and unsure which hotel brands in India are the best? We assess the top hotel chains in India and enlist them for your benefit. We would recommend the domestic chain of hotels in India to enhance your vacation. So whether you are a single looking for a vacation or a family head seeking a perfect timeout period, you have top hotels chains in India listed out for all your needs. So, take a look at the best chains of hotels in India that bring a complete vacation in themselves (apart from their scenic locales).

So, if you wish to search for themes like What are the best hotels chains in India? Or List of domestic chains of hotels in India, you have come at the right place. Further, you will be able to answer your queries like: Which are the chains of hotels in India? & What are the hotel brands in India? We will bring to your aspirations, the reality of luxury and comfort.

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List of Best 5 Star Hotel Chains in India 2019

1. Taj HotelsTaj-Holidays-Logo

First Of all, if you ask the question, What are the best hotels chains in India? Then the first name that pops up in our mind is definitely Taj hotel. One of the prime luxury hotel chain in South Asia. With iconic property to the disposal of its patrons, the group remains the leader in customer delight.

Driven by 100 years (and above) in handling urban definition of fun and leisure, the destination is the result of constant endeavours to excel. The sub-brand of the Taj hotel includes Selections, Vivanta, Ginger and Taj say. The list of domestic chains of hotels in India especially in the case of Taj Mahal palace subsidiaries is the best way to get a relaxing outcome.

  • Residences

A home of modern hotels at the best destinations in India, these Taj Mahal residency hotels offer an exclusive gateway with the best experience possible.

Further, the promise of 24 by 7 entertainment along with great food, yoga experience and smart technology makes for a promising vacation. With spaces designed for every use- collaboration to enjoying – you are at the best place along with best regional dishes to savour.

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  • City Hotels

The Taj City hotels are situated in the heart of bustling cities of the world. With their prime properties at posh locales, the luxurious sleek designs match the rhythm of these cities. With international designers contributing to the luxury of design and art, these hotels have an abundance of the indo-western looks.

Taj Palace New Delhi exterior view

The finest cuisines and luxurious pools, the perfect setting for a corporate venue. Also on the offing are the jiva spa for rejuvenation and soulfulness. Their multilingual staff arranges glamorous to formal events in the lap of luxury.

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  • Wilderness Retreats

Tata group does nothing in half. So when it comes to staying close to nature, Tata and its crown jewel Taj hotel bring you closest to the wilderness.

Forget any small hamlet in the woods, it is actually a royal palace in the scenic route. So, whatever be your wish: bonfire night or romantic escape, the wilderness retreats arrange it for you. How Many Hotel Chains in India can do the same for you? Answer: A few.

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  • Convention Centers

What seems like home to the premium version of the corporate and commercial venues, the Taj hotels and their staff help with arranging an immersive experience.

From family functions to product launch, seminars to milestone celebration: the Taj convention centres are designed to allure the exquisitely crafted niche, central to the brand story.

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  • Beach Hotels

The sound of lapping waters, close to the region of the best beaches of India, that is the best manner to describe the Taj beach properties. With soft sand and pristine cocktails, the luxury gets redefined truly with the Taj. There is more to the luxury than what meets the eye.

Wake up to the sound of waves lapping languidly at the shore. Go through your days unwinding on powder delicate sands with a mixed drink close by. Reveal quietness as you investigate a perfect, private island, and wonder about the abundance of magnificence that flourishes inside the sparkling blue oceans. Yield to the alarm melody of the sun, sand and surf with Taj Holidays.

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  • Palaces

Meander through the storied lobbies of a fantasy royal residence, where dreams wake up. Withdraw into your superb suite, enlivened by the style and plushness of an imperial room.

Alternatively, experience the fragile kinds of cooking created from ageless formulas, and treat yourself to old wellbeing treatments in the most peaceful encompasses. Be submerged in a real existence saved for a picked few with Taj Hotel Holidays.

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  • Hill Resorts

Look at the fog coming in over the slope tops from your lavish estate. Wonder about brilliant nightfalls that will blow your mind from a private deck. Relish a conventional Kashmiri Wazwan as the all-around flawless Dal Lake gleams before you. Delight in the curious appeal of chugging through the Nilgiris in a novel, UNESCO-recorded steam train. Go through lovely domains, and warm up with a customary Gudda. Experience the slopes more than ever with Taj Hotel Holidays.

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2. Oberoi Hotelsoberoi-logo

The Oberoi Group, established in 1934, works 31 inns, Nile Cruisers and a Motor Vessel in the backwaters of Kerala. The Group is additionally occupied with flight providing food, air terminal eateries, travel and visit administrations, vehicle rentals, venture the executives and corporate air contracts.

A particular element of The Group’s lodgings is their profoundly energetic and all around prepared staff who give incredibly mindful, customized and warm administration. The sub-brand of Oberoi- Trident inns are five-star lodgings that have set up notoriety for brilliance and are recognized for offering quality and esteem.

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oberoi hotel delhi interior view

What are the best hotels chains in India? Surely, the top contender is Oberoi and its shoot off Trident inns. List of best hotel chains in India which spell luxury include:

  • The Oberoi, New Delhi

Oberoi Hotels and Resorts is synonymous the world over with giving the correct mix of administration, extravagance and calm effectiveness. Universally acclaimed for all-round perfection and unparalleled dimensions of administration, Oberoi lodgings and resorts have gotten multitudinous honours and awards.

The Group’s lavish lodgings have built up notoriety for rethinking the worldview of extravagance and perfection in administration among relaxation inns around the globe.

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  • The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

A delightful place with all that you expect from a five-star lodging. Entirely agreeable beds and cushions, extraordinary restroom, and toilet, magnificent, mindful and enchanting administration.

The bar floor serves brilliant mixed drinks and evening tea in the hall is an exceptionally wonderful affair.

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  • The Oberoi, Bengaluru

The Group’s lavish inns have built up notoriety for rethinking the worldview of extravagance and perfection in administration among recreation lodgings around the globe.

The hotel joins the elite List of domestic chains of hotels in India as the top contender.

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  • The Oberoi, Gurgaon

Oberoi Hotels and Resorts is synonymous the world over with giving the correct mix of administration, extravagance and calm effectiveness.

Globally acclaimed for all-around brilliance and unparalleled dimensions of administration, Oberoi Hotels and Resorts have also gotten countless honours and awards.

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  • The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur

The best hotel chains in India are undoubtedly the Oberoi’s. To prove this, the brand bought out a luxury hotel aptly named above as their homing ground.

Further, the desert expanse and the joyfully decorated interiors give you the best way to spend quality vacation post your hectic schedule. Rajvilas brings you all the more closer to the original brand vision of the group.

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  • The Oberoi Grand, Kolkata

In the city of misthi doi, the Oberoi Grand stands as the true picture of the city and its culture.

From lip smacking delights to beautiful interiors, the hotel remains the face of the metropolitan brand called Kolkata.

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  • The Oberoi, Mumbai

Artistically designed interiors that are modern and contemporary best, at Oberoi Mumbai, fix up your business meeting to gain the best outcomes.

The beautiful rooms and meeting venues make sure that you leave your heart with the city of dreams. Surely, beautiful view casts a mystic spell on the visitors of Oberoi Mumbai.

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  • The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort & Spa, New Chandigarh

These inns join best in class offices with trustworthy administration in a   domain, introducing the perfect decision for business and recreation voyagers. The city beautiful is definitely the homing ground of the quality hotel chains in India.

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  • The Oberoi Vanyavilas, Ranthambhore

Meet the majestic king of the jungle at Ranthambore National park. Succumb to the allure   rustic rural areas and the pampering session by the hospitality expert panel at Oberoi vanyavilas in Ranthambore. You will acquit yourself with the jungle safari and enjoy the privileges spread out at Vanya Villas by the region.

Pack your bags this summer and head out to meet the nature in its true form at the national park with open safari! Enjoy International wilderness experience at the cost of national travel!

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  • Wildflower Hall, Shimla in the Himalayas

Closest to the lap of nature and queen of hills: Shimla, the wildflower hall is the best way to spend quality time in the lap of luxury. Offering exotic views and facilities, this is truly a magnificent creation from Oberoi. Sprawling lawns and breathtaking views, mornings are misty and evenings are romantic.

So the next time you wish to gift a true Valentine experience to your love, drop off at wildflower hall in the lap of mighty Himalayas. Forests that give you fresh oxygen and water that is clear beyond expectations, the best joy is definitely close to the lap of mother nature.

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  • The Oberoi Cecil, Shimla

On one hand, the wildflower hall welcomes the uber elite to itself and on the other the Oberoi Cecil warms up the budding list of entrepreneurs and aspirational middle class.

The Oberoi Cecil too offers grand views of the beautiful city of Shimla and its scenic locales. When over here, do make a call to the local market and the gaiety theatre! .

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  • The Oberoi Udaivilas, Udaipur

The moment you enter in the Udaipur region, you are welcomed by palaces made from sandstone but decorated with rainbow hues. The dash of colour in the desert and the sprawling lakes in the city make your heart leap with joy.

Just when you are mesmerized with the view, Oberoi Udaivilas at the city reminds you that you are their king. The best that the royalty dwell on is present in Udaivilas.

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  • The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda, Kerala

Oberoi motor vessel, the best way to explore God’s own dwelling place. The beautiful beaches and the equally premium version of Oberoi satisfaction on the Motor vessel, it is the match made directly in heaven.

3. Trident Hotelstrident-logo

Trident Hotels has nearness in six nations under the extravagance under five-star ‘Trident’ mark.  Trident inns are five-star lodgings that have built up notoriety for magnificence and are recognized for offering quality and esteem. These lodgings join perfect areas with best in class offices and trustworthy administration in a minding situation, settling on them the perfect decision for business and relaxation explorers.

At present, there are ten Trident lodgings in India. These are situated in Mumbai at Bandra Kurla and Nariman Point, Gurgaon (Delhi National Capital Region), Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneshwar, Cochin, Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur. The Oberoi Group additionally works a Trident inn in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah.

trident hotel hyderabad exterior view
In the Trident Club benefits category, the hotel incorporates a single direction exchange between the inn and the aeroplane terminal, nonstop head servant administration and express registration and registration at the exclusive hangout gathering. Visitors can likewise appreciate select access to the Trident Club Lounge for day by day breakfast and mixed drink hour.

  • Trident Agra

The Group’s duty to brilliance, tender loving care and customized administration by exceptionally energetic and all around prepared staff has guaranteed an unwavering rundown of visitors and awards in the overall neighbourliness industry. Remain with Trident Hotels in Agra and witness the changing tones of the Taj Mahal.

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  • Trident Bhubaneswar

Which are the chains of hotels in India that help you explore the possibility of a city as unique as the Sun City? It is Trident Bhubaneswar offering the historical local history with the designer appeal.

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  • Trident Chennai

What are the best hotels chains in India that access the south of the country and help explore its mysterious ways of contemporary as well as a traditional craft? Try Trident Chennai to understand what means to meander through the best regions of the country.

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  • Trident Cochin

Experience bona fide Ayurvedic medicines at our spa in Trident, Cochin. Trident Hotels are astoundingly found, near the air terminals, railroad stations, renowned sights and business areas of every city.

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  • Trident Gurgaon (Delhi NCR)

Trident’s lodging arrangements and inn at the NCR Delhi offers are extraordinarily curated selection to give you the best esteem, as you’ll as address your every desire and make true recollections that will endure forever.

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  • Trident Hyderabad

At the heart of India, lies Trident Hyderabad with its tasty treats and joys of nawabs. This hotel is bound to transport you to their times along with the best hospitality standards possible.

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  • Trident Jaipur

Appreciate clearing sea vistas from your room or suite at Trident, Nariman Point in Mumbai: India’s Maximum City. Meander around the great fortresses and royal residences of Rajasthan when you remain at Trident Hotels in Jaipur or Udaipur.

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  • Trident Bandra Kurla Mumbai

Trident Hotels in Bandra Kurla and Nariman Point (Mumbai), Hyderabad and Chennai highlight Trident Club Rooms and Suites, intended for recognizing business administrators who are dependably moving. Situated on the elite Trident Club Floors, these lodgings give an extravagance withdraw to visitors who need to lead the business in an agreeable yet proficient condition.

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  • The Trident Nariman Point Mumbai

The Trident Nariman Point Mumbai is the welcome point to the highly urbane city of Mumbai and its people. A single stay will blow your mind and heart.

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  • Trident Udaipur

Trident Udaipur, Rajasthan has been seen as the true epitome of the royal traditions that have evolved with the times. The best dining and entertainment experience of the hotel is making people make beeline for the Udaipur region.

4. Ashoka Hotelsashok hotel logo

The Ashok’s neighbourliness, abnormal state comfort, quality administrations and taking into account its recognized demographic has made it a name to figure within the nation. The ITDC Corporation is running inns, eateries at different spots for travellers, other than giving transport offices. What’s more, the Corporation is occupied with creation, dispersion and clearance of visitor exposure writing and giving diversion and obligation free shopping offices to the travellers.

The Corporation has broadened into new roads/creative administrations like Full-Fledged Money Changer (FFMC) administrations, designing related consultancy administrations and so forth. The Ashok Institute of Hospitality and Tourism Management of the Corporation gives preparing and instruction in the field of the travel industry and accommodation.

hotel ashok delhi exterior

By and by, ITDC has a system of eight Ashok Group of Hotels, five Joint Venture Hotels, 1 Restaurant, 9 Transport Units, 9 Duty Free Shop at aeroplane terminal and seaports and two Sound and Light Shows In addition, ITDC is likewise dealing with an inn at Bharatpur and an eatery at Kosi for the Department of Tourism. What’s more, it is likewise overseeing providing food administrations at Western Court, Vigyan Bhawan and Hyderabad House, New Delhi. Which are the chains of hotels in India that make the customer feel next to royalty? It is surely the stately Ashok.

  • Hotel Kalinga Ashok Bhubaneswar

What are the best hotels chains in India run by the government of the nation? It is definitely at the birthplace of the King Ashoka of Kalinga. An appreciable gesture of the Ashok group of hotels.

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  • Hotel Donyi Polo Ashok Itanagar

Joining the beauty of North East with the splendor of the luxury, Ashok brings stately rooms to the unexplored regions of the nation through Hotel Donyi Polo Ashok Itanagar.

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  • Hotel Jammu Ashok

A terrain unexplored by the weak yet for Ashok it is a regular day at its Hotel Jammu Ashok. Which are the chains of hotels in India that have gone beyond the call of duty and comfort in the higher attitude? Who else but Ashok group of hotels!

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  • Kosi Tourism Lodge

Another arena of the mountains of the north east meet the luxury settlement of the hotel Ashok to give best results for holiday makers.  Welcome yourself to the Kosi tourism resort and be mesmerized by the beauty of the nation.

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  • Ashok Delhi

The Ashok Delhi Set upon 25 sections of land of prime land in the Capital’s strategic territory, the inn’s reality class administrations and comforts spoil presidents, superstars, and recognized customer base with customary Indian accommodation.

Ever receptive to the requirements of the time it offers tradition the travel industry for national and global meetings, extravagance rooms and suites, a variety of universal cooking encounters, enhanced with a fitness centre and goal wellbeing spa and a business focus.

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  • Hotel Samrat Delhi

At hotel Samrat, Delhi the elegant hosts gather to celebrate their best occasions. With its sophisticated halls and ballroom, it makes the best place for the high end party.

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  • Hotel Patliputra Ashok Patna

At the hometown of the centre of learning, the Ashok Patna brings the charm of the rural backdrop of the nation and mixes it with equally charismatic service providers. That is Hotel Patliputra Ashok Patna for you.

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  • Hotel Pondicherry Ashok Puducherry

Pondicherry could never sound the best without the official backdrop of the Ashok Group. Explore the former Portuguese colony and its evolution over the years. Enjoy varied cultures blend together to form one culture!

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  • Hotel Ranchi Ashok, Ranchi

What are the hotels brands in India that bring joy and happiness as their core customer delight? Hotel Ranchi Ashok, in Jharkhand takes a new turn towards roads less explored.

5. Ambassador chain of Hotels

The Ambassador – Hotel and Conference Center was set up more than 20 yrs back with a goal to offer observing explorers a peaceful, agreeable and sumptuous place to remain in the core of the city. With more than 2 decades of expert involvement in the accommodation business, they welcome every one of the visitors to a position of eliteness with an individual touch, a space to free best mental faculties.

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  • The Ambassador Mumbai

The Ambassador – Hotel and Conference Center is a boutique styled Business Hotel which offers a mélange of ethnic customary appeal and present-day offices to make your stay in the Holy city of Ajmer most comfortable.

Ambassador Hotel offers a decision 26 all around enriched cooled rooms including 1 extravagance suite.

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  • Ambassador Ajanta, Aurangabad

The Ambassador, Aurangabad, Maharashtra is a boutique business property giving elevated requirements of neighbourliness and a favoured location for corporate voyagers just as remote and residential travellers.

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  • Ambassador Pallava, Chennai

All rooms are richly named, total with current solaces, with direct dial office, Color Television and satellite projects. They likewise offer 24-hour room administration and clothing administration.

The anteroom is exquisitely intended to depict captivating excellence, The Ambassador Reception offers an exceptionally warm and satisfying outcome from the neighbourly Front Office.


6. Clarks Hotels

Quintessentially a traditional Indian brand in its DNA, The Clarks Group of Hotels is one of the Leading Hotel Groups in India, recognized during the kingdom for its specific taste of hospitality and finesse.  

With 5-megastar commercial enterprise and leisure resorts in the town of Jaipur, Lucknow, Agra, and Khajuraho, Clarks offers its guests sustainable luxury, green offerings and services and a hint of historical past with a warranty of excessive stages of best.

  • Clarks Amer, Jaipur

The Clarks Group boasts of being one of the first five superstar lodges in India. Clarks firmly accept as true within sustainable luxurious, adopting eco-friendly methods.

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  • Clarks Khajuraho

The temples of Khajuraho bring you to explore the true meaning of being in a relationship and exploring its limits. With Clarks Khajuraho you experiment with the best hospitality management schemes for making your stay a comfortable one.

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  • Clarks Shiraz, Agra

Repeat with a promise of undying love to the beloved and turn it into an unending experience with Clarks Shiraz at the love city Agra. State your vows and satiate your physical joys with the leading hot brand in the region.

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  • Clarks Avadh, Lucknow

Our provider philosophy on the Clarks Group of Hotels is driven by means of know-how of the significance of guest desires and a watch for element throughout all offerings.

The Hotels feature rooms & suites & penthouses, meeting rooms, restaurants, lounges, spa, enterprise and a gym imparting the proper mixture of carrier, capability, and comfort.

7. Mansingh Hotels

Mansingh Hotels & Resorts (MHRL) is a part of an Industrial Group founded by means of Late Seth Mukand Lal. Seth Mukand Lal, a near accomplice of Mahatma Gandhi, setup Mukand Iron & Steel Works at Lahore in 1927. The organization later added diverse rolling turbines at Lahore and Ghaziabad. The organization’s foray into Hotels commercial enterprise stated in the early Eighties whilst Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited, proprietors of MANSINGH Hotel at Jaipur turned into taking bid by the family.

The organization realised its duty closer to society. In addition to the Business activities, the group has been very active in Philanthropic and spiritual activities. A wide variety of Post Graduate Colleges, Hospitals, Polytechnics, Schools, Orphanages and an Engineering College are going for walks underneath the auspicious of the Group.

Presently, about 20,000 college students are reading within the institutions set up and run with the aid of the Group in Yamuna Nagar and Radaur in Haryana and in Ghaziabad in UP.


In 1986, Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited (Formerly called Indo Continental Hotels & Resorts Limited) obtained a Hotel assignment at Ajmer from the Rajasthan Financial Corporation and Rajasthan State Industrial Development & Investment Corporation (RIICO). The mission changed into carried out with loans from RIICO. Hotel is now a landmark of the town of Ajmer.

In 1987, the Group acquired its 0.33 Hotel located in the City of “Taj”, Agra via the amalgamated of M/s Hotel Pink City Pvt Ltd., into it. After the takeover, the Group renovated the Hotel to offer it an entirely new look. The motel additionally witnessed an addition of 60 rooms to make it a ninety-seven Rooms lodge.

The remaining addition to the resorts of the Company is a 60 rooms 3 superstar Deluxe Hotel constructed on a site adjoining the employer’s first Hotel at Jaipur. This motel is catering to the upmarket phase and is one of the maximum fashionable properties in Jaipur.

Mansingh Hotels & Resorts Limited has lately made its foray into the actual property and has set up a multiplex cum shopping centre at Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad, U.P.

  • Hotel Mansingh, Jaipur

A 95 rooms, 5 Star Hotel, situated within the coronary heart of ‘The Pink City, Jaipur’. The inn is a unique blend of all expensive facilities, with a strong point Restaurant. Coffee save  Bar, Bar-Be-Q, Banquet, Conference, Swimming Pool, Health Club and Shopping arcade.

The first hotel of the Group. ‘Mansingh’ at Jaipur gave the Group its gift call, MANSINGH GROUP. The Mansingh Group valued inheritance and cutting-edge luxurious draws many vacationers time and again to its numerous resorts.

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  • Hotel Mansingh Towers Jodhpur

A 53 rooms, Deluxe rooms resort, adjoining to the Mansingh Hotel, Jodhpur. This resort is absolutely geared up with ultra current facilities to cater to the up marketplace tourists and business vacationers. The inn has a multicuisine, eating place, Bar, Banquet, Conference, Library and Business centre.

Knowing the significance of this sort of momentous organization, their skilled personnel tak