The Process for Solar Panel Installation in NJ (5 Things to Expect)

If you’re considering solar panel installation in NJ then you’re probably wondering about the process. It’s always best to go into these decisions with at least expectations and knowing a bit about the process. Solar panel installation can seem difficult to understand, but we’re going to make the process easier by discussing 5 things that you should know when you get solar panel installation in NJ. 

5 Things To Expect During A Solar Panel Installation 

When it comes to preparing and understanding a solar panel installation in NJ, it’s best to at least know what steps are likely to take place. We’re going to look into some of the most important things that will happen that you should know about during a solar panel installation in NJ. Learn more on our website at


The first thing that will take place is an assessment which is essential when it comes to choosing a system for your home. First off, a contractor will come to the property in order to inspect and ensure that your home and electrical system can handle solar panels. Your home’s roof or landscape has to be inspected as well if they are going to be holding the solar panels. This is a beginning phase to make sure your home is ready for solar panels. 

Design Plan 

Designing the solar panel layout is important because this can make or break the system. The contractors will help develop a plan for your solar panels that will give you optimum power and sustainability. The panels themselves will be chosen and the equipment will be planned. This is the time to ask questions and make sure that the design plan is accommodating for you and your family.


Financing, pricing, and incentives are huge things that many homeowners should know about when it comes to solar panel installation in NJ. A lot of solar companies offer some sort of financing options if you’re concerned about the overall upfront cost of solar panels. Pricing for solar panel installation in NJ varies, but on average it can be about $15,000 to have them installed.

However, there are many different incentives that can be taken advantage of in order to get a bit of your money back from the initial investment. These solar panel incentives in New Jersey come with a 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit, plus other state-specific incentives. 

Obtaining Permits 

For certain things such as solar panels, there are permits, warranties, and agreements that need to be made before going through with the project. Essentially you’re getting permission from the city or state to place those solar panels on your property. These permits can be different for every state, but your contractor will obtain the New Jersey permits and any other necessary items before continuing with the installation. 

Final Inspection 

Once your system is installed, that’s not it. A lot of homeowners don’t know that the full system has to be shut down and inspected before being able to fully operate and run how it’s supposed to. Thai inspection is done to ensure that everything was installed and built correctly, the materials are in good standing, and it passes any necessary safety inspections. Once this inspection is done and you’ve passed, then the solar panel system can begin to run fully. 

How Long Does Solar Panel Installation Take?

Another huge concern or wonder from homeowners getting solar panel installation in NJ is the timeframe in which it will be completed. Solar panel installation is a big project and there are tons of other steps to consider besides the physical installation process. Inspections, paperwork, and obtaining permits can take time, up to weeks, to complete. 

Ultimately the time it takes for solar panel installation in NJ is dependent on the size of your home, the type of system, and how big it is. With that being said, a solar panel installation can take between one and four months to complete. For larger projects, it could take longer than that, but typically residential projects are on the shorter side of things. 

Is Solar Panel Installation Loud?

Solar panel installation in NJ is very exciting and the day that the panels are actually installed will be long-awaited. However, it’s important to remember that this is a big project that involves big pieces of equipment and many workers. One thing that people might not consider is the noise level because solar panel installation can be loud. On the day the panels are physically installed people will be walking around on your roof, moving heavy materials, and working nonstop all day. This isn’t necessarily the best condition for some families, so making accommodations on the day off is an option. 


Overall, knowing what to expect with a solar panel installation in NJ can make the process go much smoother and it can alleviate a little of the stress. Remember to be prepared and always ask questions if you need more information about the installation process. The contractors are there to walk the homeowner through all of the steps, but this article should’ve at least given them a place to start when knowing what to expect during a solar panel installation in NJ. 

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