Peace Dollar: Everything You Need To Know About The Collection

The Silver Peace Dollar was established from 1921-1935, representing ideal and exceptional numismatic styles. It’s linked to harmony after World War I, with a special status compared to other silver coin collections. Read on for more about this Peace Dollar collection.

Peace Dollar History

So how did it start? After World War 1, numismatics suggested a coin that could be used to celebrate the harmony that surpassed. Farran Zerbe highly welcomed the idea during his tenure from 1908-1910.

Peace Dollar Key Dates and Designs

Choosing the design for the peace dollar was a bit hectic. This welcomed multiple design competitions immediately after the new coin was publicly announced. To his luck, Anthony de Francisci, the famous sculptor in Italy, was assigned the contract to design this peace dollar. He used Miss Liberty portraits on the left side, putting on beautiful crowns. 

The crown was encircled at the top with the words “IN GOD WE TRUST” and the peace dollar key dates appeared on the bottom. The sculptor came up with two versions, one is an eagle trying to break a sword, whilst the other one is the eagle holding an olive branch.

When did Minting Started?

The Pittman Act first authorized issuing the Silver Peace Dollar, after which the minting process started in 1921. Andrew Mellon, the secretary of the Treasury, approved the minted Morgan dollar designs dollar the same year. The minting of more than one million Peace Dollars started in Philadelphia, leading to a low coinage relief in 1922.

Nowadays, peace dollar coins have drawn the attention of multiple collectors, which has even resulted in the limitations of peace dollar key dates and grades. The historical role of the Peace Dollar as a global power has commemorated the Americans’ huge sacrifices during World War 1.

How to Complete a Set

Peace dollar collections come with multiple options, comprising lower-cost and ultra-pedigree collections. To accomplish a whole set, you will require the integration of 24 peace dollars plus the mint marks. Before a complete set is made, multiple peace dollar sculptors pay attention to the Mint issues of Philadelphia.

These peace dollar key dates show the four years of problems for the low relief version, which then generates a unique set of the following dates. The next 1921 dollars show how such dollars were limited dollars for both the mint state status and circulation.  

For collectors wishing to produce the peace dollar key dates, it’s essential to embrace the 1928 dollar coins in Philadelphia. This dollar represents only a small fraction of the annual production.  It’s also easier to obtain other high-graded and quality coins. The collection process is done via various strategies. The collecting approach chosen depends on your investment objectives and the budget.


The history of the silver peace dollar coin is quite comprehensive, and so is the minting process. Before investing in these dollar coins, consult a certified peace dollar key dates professional to help you. With this ultimate guide, any person, whether a beginner or not, can get to understand the background of peace dollars in length.

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