Making deposits with Skrill account

Before everything else, you need to make yourself a Skrill user account. For example, unlike the Trustly payment platform, it is still necessary to register a user for yourself in Skrill. This is a completely personalized e-wallet, the account of which is permanently owned by the user. First, go to the Skrill website and click on the “open Free Account”button. After clicking, you will receive a questionnaire. You can add your full name, the desired currency and the country of residence. Choose a secure password that can be easily remembered or stored in a completely secure place. Add your correct email address. It must be correct, because the necessary information will arrive there later. Read the terms of use. Then press the registration button. Verify your account and add your bank or debit and credit card information. It will be needed to make your first payment to your Skrill account. If the account creation went well and you also received your first transfer to the Skrill account, then everything is ready.

With a registered and active account, you can start playing online casinos. However, first you need to make sure that the specific online casino has Skrill support at all. On the Casino page here you will find a complete overview of the online casinos that support Skrill payment options. Now let’s take a step-by-step look at how to make your first deposit in an online casino using Skrill. With Skrill, you can get your winnings from the casino quickly. 

What is this? A special program offered in casinos for loyalty to customers who spend a lot of money. How to get it? Find the offer page of your casino, find the VIP program section there (caution-not every casino has this option, select the service provider that offers the VIP program from our page), read the terms and conditions and, if necessary, take the appropriate steps to comply with these conditions and activate the VIP program. What you need to know? If you play at high stakes (it’s called high rollers), the casinos themselves enroll you in special programs. According to the level of the player or the money spent, various promotions are issued, such as a higher chance of winning, weekly or daily bonuses or lottery tickets with large prizes (cruise tickets, football match tickets, F1 tickets, laptops, iPhones or even cars). Online casinos in India offer a wide range of casino games that are not subject to any restrictions. With our help, you will definitely find something that meets your needs, whatever they are – the market is wide and diverse and offers something for every customer.

Most popular casino game for most players. The slot machine is easy to use, very fun and engaging and offers a wide range of bonus games, new spins, and various symbols. This is the largest and most common category of games. There are different types of slot machines – Classic (the most common, familiar to ordinary users from the media), video slots, 3 reels, 5 reels (three or five cells, respectively), progressive jackpots. Each player has his favorite, but all of them are equally catchy and easy to understand, and this is why they have gained such wide popularity. 

Make a final confirmation and you can start enjoying the money transferred from your account in a few moments! Some online casinos have support for the Skrill 1-Tap service. This is a revolutionary method that Skrill only recently began to offer. This is a feature that allows you to make deposits even faster than before. The era of lightning fast payments brings Skrill 1-Tap to more and more online casinos. As of now, there are not many online casinos operating in India that support this solution, but it is only a matter of time before more companies start offering 1-Tap. 1-Tap function name comes from just one tap on your smart device screen, which you have to do after entering Skrill data. If you have done this pat on the screen, the payment is instantly confirmed.

Skrill has a decent help desk. First of all, they have a very large information base to offer, where you can find answers to the most common questions. Users ‘ help materials cover all important topics, from deposits and limits to fraud prevention and promotions. For contacting, Skrill proposes four different options: email, chat window and phone. The chat window is the fastest, and to ensure even smoother service than usual, you should definitely log in with your user. The second option is to contact them by phone. However, it must be taken into account that calling an international number costs and has limited response times, and the time zone is not India but GMT. Skrill support can also be contacted via email. However, this is a slower option compared to the phone and chat window, because you can wait longer for your answer. Also, with any connection option, it may turn out that you need to communicate with the casino instead. Not all issues related to Skrill money transfers may be within the competence of this UK company itself. For example, the payout may be delayed due to online casino activity. In this case, you must contact the customer support of the online casino in order to query the report.

Skrill is an absolutely safe means of payment, as it is registered with the Financial Supervision Authority of the United Kingdom. Also, this large company has a European e-Money License, which gives them the right to operate in many countries. When Skrill security comes up as a topic, there is no way to overlook the timing of these Moneybookers. At that time, users encountered various problems. Some of these opinions are still circulating on the internet. But today’s Skrill is much different from the company of that time. Skrill folders all modern solutions to make payments secure. The Website is fully encrypted. When you move from a trusted online casino to Skrill to make a deposit, the connection hidden from strangers ‘ eyes works all the time.

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