Is it true that you have to be tall to play basketball?

When looking at any basketball match, there is a feature that is noticed in all players that feature on them. All of them tend to be quite tall. The 1xbet.in/live/basketball betting platform can be used to wager on the best players of this sport.

A person with a height of 190 cm is quite tall in everyday life terms. However, a player of this height is below the average of the NBA, which is 198 cm. Here is where an important question might be asked. Is it true that you must be tall if you want to play basketball? The real answer is no. All players of the NBA and other basketball competitions can be wagered on the 1xBet online bookmaker.

Although it is quite an advantage to be a tall person, shorter people might compensate for that with good jumping abilities.

The shortest players in the history of the NBA

As said before, the average height of NBA players is almost 2 meters. However, there have been much shorter players who have performed beautifully in the competition. You can sign up now to the website 1xBet – best basketball odds are available when wagering on players from lots of competitions of various heights.

Some of the shortest players in the history of the competition are:

  • Muggsy Bogues, who was 160 cm tall;
  • Earl Boykins, who was 165 cm tall;
  • and Spud Webb, who was 170 cm tall.
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All of them played hundreds of matches. The case of Muggsy Bogues is quite curious, because he was a teammate of Manute Bol, who is the joint tallest player in the history of the tournament. He was 231 cm tall, meaning that he was 71 cm taller than Bogues.

Bogues was also a member of the United States national team that won the 1986 edition of the FIBA World Championship. The best basketball odds available on 1xBet can also be taken advantage of while betting on contests sanctioned by FIBA.

How do shorter people play basketball

Basketball hoops are located at a height of 3 meters. In other words, its height is almost double the height of Muggsy Bogues. This is also a good moment to speak about how shorter people can play this sport. In addition to wagering on basketball games, the FIFA score update is also featured on the 1xBet platform.

First of all, it should be noted that not all basketball players are tasked primarily with scoring points. For example, Muggsy Bogues was a point guard. Their main task is to put the coach’s game plan into action. When attacking, their job is to begin the attacking plays. They can dictate the pace of the game and pass the ball to players that are in a good position. They are similar to a playmaker in football. As it can be seen, it is not necessary to be a tall player in order to be a good point guard. The updates of the FIFA scores and results from basketball matches are also available at 1xBet.

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