How to create a convenient and intuitive website prototype?

To construct a building or build an airplane, you always need a preliminary plan and scheme. This is so you can clearly imagine the final form of the project, while avoiding unnecessary costs for production refinement. The same approach should be used when you want to create a website. The prototype of the website makes it possible to visualize the design and work out the visual structure of the web pages. Based on the prepared prototype, the client and the developer can make edits and understand in real time how specific changes can affect the final aesthetic of the website.

What is a website prototype used for? 

Simply put, the website prototype is an illustration of the website, in the form of a series of wireframes. When preparing the website prototype, the basic components of the product or brand should be examined from the perspective of user interaction. The wireframes can then be edited, modified or refined, before the developer starts writing the website code. Once the wireframes are agreed upon, the content details can then be planned to follow a flow. The development cost of a website is usually driven by the number of planned pages, complexity, and deadlines.  

How to create a good website?

Club Debut’s development team can help you to create the website you desire. If you are not sure of the direction, the team will create a discovery session around your project, to help you perfect the prototype to meet all your requirements and wishes. Club Debut platform solution is unique in that it specializes in creating trending websites for popular online stores. In addition to the direct website development and creative content services, Club Debut also provides other business resources, brand consultation, merch and apparel manufacturing, and e-commerce services all on one platform. To learn more or book a consultation, go to www.clubdebut.com.

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