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16, Sep, 2019

Top 10 Best Modular Switches Brands in India 2019 for homes, offices.

Top 10 Best Modular Switches Brands in India

Electricals are the quiet saints that increase the value of our spaces. Would you be able to envision a room without a light, fan or an AC? You can’t. What’s more, do you know what else you can’t envision a space without? It’s the unassuming switch. To turn on or off these lights, fans, ACs, clothes washers, your electrical devices and machines, you need a switch.

Furthermore, good for us, switches have made some amazing progress from being just useful to now being a style proclamation. In any case, we need to concede, they are crucial in any space. The comfort they add to our life can’t be settled on. Presently recall the switches in former times. Hard to work, stun administering and terrible looking.

Travel back to the present, and land in a universe of measured switches. Modular switches are anything but difficult to work, introduce, are shockproof and multifunctional. They are smooth to take a gander at and are accessible in a variety of colours, design and look. Above all, Modular switches offer the adaptability to introduce each switch as a solitary unit and thus choose the configuration you require based on the number of lights, fans, attachments you need.

As you know how amazing these Modular switches are, make a plunge here to find out about the 10 best brands for modular switches available in India.

What are modular switches?

Basically, every electrical switch is an electrical network breaker. Means, it disconnects the circuit essential for a bulb, PC, apparatus or any electrical device to work.

The procedure of circuit breaking includes minor electrical sparking. In the event that a switch is old, broken or utilized in the wrong way, the flash can trigger the huge fire flame. To prevent these fire flames, an urge for Modular switches precise.

What are the Advantages of using Modular Switches?

  • They are more resistant and much more capable to hold the heat waves.
  • As they are made of polycarbonates, they have a more extended life expectancy than epoxy, plastic and porcelain switches.
  • Modular switches come in different shapes, sizes and colours and can add to the style of your home, office, factories, etc.
  • The cost distinction between Modular switches and the old one is not much. Henceforth, anybody can bear the cost of Modular switches.
  • Predominant quality Modular switches are accessible Pan India, incorporating into the provincial(villages/towns) and semi-urban region.

List of Top 10 Best Modular Switches Brands in India 2019

1. Havells Havells-logo transparent background logo

Havells India Limited is a main electrical merchandise organization with an exceptional worldwide nearness. It makes a wide range of items like mechanical and residential circuit insurance gadgets, links and wires, engines, fans, Modular switches, home apparatuses, etc.

It is the first Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company to offer door to door service via  ‘Havells Connect’, helping clients to browse a wide assortment of items for various appliances. With the ‘Make in India’ approach and a broad conveyance network, The products made by Havells are radioactive free, because of an active member of environment protection activities.

If you are searching for switches that are an elegant, designer, eco-friendly then Havells closes your hunt. Its Oro Metallica Range is shock-safe and dust resistant and is a perfect combination for your Bedroom. The metallic completion improves the space and owns a style expression like no other.

Havells modular switches product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

2. WiproWipro-logo transparent background logo

With its best quality items, Wipro is a pioneer in the Modular switch industry today.

Bringing innovative products is the way to its prosperity and this is the thing that essentially added to the organization’s development. Their broad R&D division works reliably towards making and planning items that are explicit to buyer needs and inclinations.

You can locate the most protected and imaginative scope of switches at Wipro, alongside wellbeing gadgets. Wipro’s Stylus + switches have a one of a kind structure and fire resistant plastic that empowers additional wellbeing with an effectively separable spread plate accessible in matte, polished and metal completion.

Since they are anything but difficult to introduce, it lessens reliance on work and establishment time also. They are the correct decision for workplaces and homes giving right conductivity and upgrade to insides.

Wipro Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

3. Anchor


The Panasonic sub-brand, Anchor is the pioneer in electrical items catching consideration around the world.

With Panasonic’s refined innovation and Anchor’s huge client encouraging group of people, Anchor Panasonic today conveys a consistent and tremendous scope of inventive electrical, lighting and ventilation items.

The organization’s CSR profile makes it the most trustable and most secure electric switch brand that takes into account better vitality age, the board and protection. The modular switches created and planned by Anchor comes in the class of an ‘unquestionable requirement have’ for everybody.Click Below link for Modular switch price list for Anchor.

Anchor Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

4. Philipsphilips-logo transparent background logo

Philips is in Electrical business since 1891, founded bt Gerard philips, and they get renowned after a century in 1998.

In 2014, Philips was ranked 12th among India’s most trusted brands and these days they are well reputed and most trustworthy electrical, health & grooming equipment company in India.

Philips Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

5. Schneider Electricschneider-electric-Transparent-background-logo

Schneider Electric is driving the advance innovation and power management in homes, structures, server farms, foundation and ventures. They offer light switches and outlets that suit all insides and outsides.

Be it perfectly created changes produced using normal materials, encompassing dimmer switches, or weatherproof attachments that can withstand outrageous conditions, all arrangements convey comfort, network, control and wellbeing to your home condition.

Schneider Electric Electrica product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

6. Larsen and Toubro L&T-logo transparent background logo

Larsen and Toubro are one of the biggest and most regarded organizations in India with more than 75 years of a solid client-centred methodology. L&T has unmatched abilities in its scope of electrical wiring frill involving switches, attachments and different embellishments that have been created to satisfy the wants of buyers in free homes, private and business structures.

With their engaging plan and innovation edge, the range offers an unmatched mix of usefulness, dependability and feel. The wiring adornments of the brand accompany a warranty of 12 years*.

LnT Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

7. Luminous


Luminous make unrivalled quality particular Modular switches for homes, workplaces and straightforward applications, for example, doorbells, bulbs and roof fans. Glowing smart switches come at sensible costs and are accessible the nation over.

It is in the electrical switches business for more than three decades.

Luminous Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

8. Polycab


Polycab is a most growing organization in the electrical business having the notoriety of being the quickest developing organization in the Indian Cable area. The organization’s aggressive edge lies in item advancement just as unrivalled quality and prepared accessibility.

Today it has gone into a few other shoppers confronting categories, for example, fans, switches, lighting, switchgear and so on, as a feature of its desire to move from an unadulterated B2B to B2C.

Give your homes and dividers the extravagance they merit. Pick Levana from Polycab that are made complicatedly to the best subtleties as well as furnished with highlights, for example, LED lights, contact screens and considerably more.

Polycab Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

9. GM Modular


Reclassifying switch fabricating in India, GM as an organization puts stock in steady advancement to control out bluntness from the insides of your place. They make plans that compliment your way of life since great structure moves great living.

GM has been the primary organization to present some progressive items like new age switches and Wi-Fi home mechanization with a solid R&D group, further supplemented by a similarly committed and proficient item configuration group.

With a desire to make innovation that is practical and deserving of cash, GM’s scope of shrewd switches comes in offbeat plans that reflect magnificence, style and extravagance inside and Quality together.

GM Modular Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

10. Legrand



As a globally renowned in the electrical and computerized constructing framework in India, Legrand has been conveying complete arrangements crosswise over classifications and areas, from private and businesses to cordiality and modern spaces.

The wiring frill adds a class to your home alongside the emphasis on quality and innovative splendour.

Legrand likewise takes into consideration the customization of its items for more prominent shopper fulfilment.

Legrand Electrical product catalogue with price 2019 pdf

Wrap Up

So these are top brands electrical modular switches in India, Other than style and solidness, Modular switches offer unmistakable predominant quality. It is like a cup of tea to switch to modular switches from old switches in old or new buildings, as they do not require changing the wiring,

So, Don’t Forget to opt for modular switches the next time you need new ones.

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