All you need to know about the post office PPF calculator

Public Provident Fund is a government-backed investment option ing that is system considered low risk and efficient. It allows you to make small contributions to the retirement savings during business hours and create the corpus for the future. You can place the money to good use in the upcoming years and be financially secure. There is a need for the 15 years lock-in period for the post office PPF. 

You are unable to close the PPF account in these years. Due to the interest rates and attracted tax benefits,  PPF is considered the favorite choice of most investors. You can also easily determine the maturity rate on your PPF Investment.  

 In this article, you will know about the meanings and workings of the PPF calculator.

What do you mean by the post office PPF Calculator?

PPF calculator is a beneficial and simple tool that assists you to performs the calculations related to the PPF investment. With the help of the post office PPF calculator, you easily calculate the returns that you are supposed from the PPF investment based on the contributions. You can also analyze the actual maturity rate of the investment. 

For this, you have well-known investment knowledge and make a good analysis if you pass through all calculations. 

How does the PPF calculator from the post office work?

The use of the PPF Calculator is very simple. No need to have any technical experience or prior knowledge to use the PPF calculator. You only need to place the following information correctly. 

PPF terms The least investment period in the PPF from the post office is 15 years. And the maximum period of the PPF is 50 years. 

  • Deposit frequency
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When you invest your money in PPF from the post office, then you can easily determine the deposit frequency. You can fund the deposit on the PPF either quarterly, monthly, annually, or semi-annually. 

  • Deposit amount

You can start to invest in PPF with the initial deposit of Rs. 100 and a minimum deposit of Rs. 500 for the year. The deposit quantity can be selected at your own leisure, but it must be changed according to the deposit frequency. 

  • Interest rate

The interest rate on the PPF from the post office may change according to government guidelines. You can check the interest rate on the internet that is currently applicable on the PPF account. 

After entry of the deposit amount into the PPF calculator, tap on the compute button. After clicking on it, you can get the relevant information related to the PPF, such as maturity rate, interest earned, and the overall PPF investment amount. 


In this article, we tell you about the PPF amount and the PPF calculator. You also get information on the important terms related to the PPF. Hope you get all the information on the applicable interest rates on PPF accounts. You can easily calculate the PPF account interest rates with the help of the PPF calculator. 

Thanks for reading the complete article.  

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