5 Top Tips When Designing Your Bag

Printed bags can be used to promote your favourite brands and businesses, and they can reduce the use of plastic carrier bags. As more of us become more environmentally conscious, reusable printed cotton bags are coming in useful to carry shopping and help us to reduce the damage we are causing to our environment. These bags are a great promotional tool for businesses in all sectors – they can be gifted to customers, or they can be purchased to promote businesses or brands day-to-day. Taking the time to produce a printed bag means you can promote your company in a modern way. Read on for some top tips on how to design your bag. 

1.Type of bag 

When choosing a reusable bag to promote your business, you are going to need to think about the type of bag you will use for your design. If you are creating a bag for everyday use, that can fit a small amount of shopping in, a cotton bag is one of the most popular designs and one you will be most familiar with seeing in a tote bag. If you are designing a bag that is made for larger contents, you should choose a gusseted bag. These bags feature a fold, which means there is more room for belongings and shopping to be carried easily. You can also choose various lengths of straps too – all you have to do is decide whether your customers would prefer long or short handles, and which you think would look best with your design. 

2.Type of fabric 


Once you have chosen the type of bag you would like to use, you should also think about the type of material. Cotton bags are some of the most popular – they are strong, and 100% recyclable so great for reusing. Canvas bags are also environmentally friendly, and they are strong, so they won’t be likely to break on the way home from the supermarket! Jute bags are larger than your cotton and canvas totes, they are reusable and sturdy but still attractive. Once you’ve chosen the characteristics of your bag, it’s time to choose the design! 


The colours that you feature on your promotional bag should represent your business. If there is a colour that you associate with your brand, you could choose to use it as a base for your design. You should keep in mind that it has to appeal to your customers so that they can use it every day to spread the word about your business when they’re out and about, but you should think about how you can make your bag stand out from the crowd. Think about the colours that are in your logo, and choose a contrasting shade for your bag, as you want your logo to stand out instead of getting lost. 


You should have your logo front and centre on your new printed bag. This is how your company will be recognised – make sure it is large enough and featured on the front of the bag so that your customers can promote your company with pride. Make sure it contrasts with the colours on your bag so that it doesn’t fade into the background – it should be as eye-catching as possible. If you don’t have a logo, design one! Keep it simple, but make sure it represents your brand. 

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Review your overall design to make sure that you’re happy with the colour, the material, and the way the bag looks – after all, you want your customers to like your new totes so that they reuse them time and time again. Once you’re happy with your design, you could make a couple of variations of the initial piece so that your customers have a choice – you could even make them collectable.

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