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3 Unique Ways To Embed Instagram Feeds On Your Website in 2020 | Mywisecart


In recent years, billions of users globally have moved towards online commerce and digital media for their shopping and browsing experience and this has made brands and businesses make their digital storefront i.e. website more engaging and commercial.

The unique part about digital media and commerce is that content plays a huge role in driving the traffic, engagement, and success fo the business. A website is the best channel for any business to achieve their goals.

But how do you make the website engaging and interesting for the users so that they are interested to engage and convert into customers? This is where the role of Instagram feeds on the website comes into play.

What Is Instagram Feed & Why Add It?

An Instagram feed is a feed of content be it images and videos that have been collected and curated from Instagram using hashtags, handles, tags, mentions, etc. into a feed. You can embed this feed on your website.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in present-age. It has over a billion monthly active users and half a billion daily active users globally.

The best part about Instagram is that it is the best platform when we talk about user engagement and the major reason behind that is the engaging and interesting content.

So, when you display this content on a website it channelizes the engagement to your website and drives results. To create and embed an Instagram feed, you can leverage different ways and we have listed the best ones here.

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Amazing Ways To Embed Instagram Feed On Website

1. Instagram Feed Widget

As the name suggests, the Instagram feed widget is a third-party application like Taggbox that allows you to integrate Instagram content into your website.

The Instagram feed widget helps you collect and curate content from your Instagram profile using your handle or mentions or maybe you can do it by using hashtags. The tool also lets you customize your Instagram feed to make it more creative and engaging.

You can change the feed theme, fonts, colors, designs, styles, posts, etc. to customize your feed. Also, you get access to the moderation feature to maintain premium quality feed content & remove irrelevant content.

Besides, you also get options like UGC rights management, real-time content updates, responsive design, easy integration, measure performance through analytics, and much more.

You can integrate this widget with website platforms like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Shopify, etc. The best part is that these Instagram feed widgets are free to use.

2. Instagram Plugin For WordPress

WordPress is a popular website building platform and the unique highlight for this platform is that it has millions of different plugins for adding different functionalities and features to the website.

Similarly, it also has a plugin for embedding the Instagram feed as well. The plugin like SmashBalloon allows you to collect content from your Instagram profile or brand hashtags into a feed and display it on your website.

These plugins are highly customizable with options to change the layout, designs, theme, styles, etc. to make your feed more engaging and interesting along with aligning the feed to your website theme.

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Besides, you can choose what posts you want to show and what posts you want to hide from the feed giving you full control of the feed’s content quality. The plugins are immensely responsive and mobile-friendly making it compatible with different devices and different screen sizes.

The downside with these plugins is that you can only create and integrate Instagram feed to WordPress website only and the integration doesn’t work with other website platforms.

You also get constant content updates to the feed and there are various options to make your Instagram feed plugin more engaging and exciting.

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3. Embed Code For Instagram

Till now we discussed the third-party applications and plugins but Instagram itself gives an option to embed the content to your website in an extremely easy and simple way.

Here how you can do it! Firstly, you have to log in to your Instagram account using a desktop or laptop. Then you can go to the post that you want to embed, open it, and select the menu option for that post.

You will see the dropdown with an “Embed Code” option and by clicking on it, you will get an HTML code that you can copy and paste into your website and it will help you display the post on the website.

It is an excellent way to embed any post that talks about your brand or a testimonial from an expert, etc. Also, it is a secure and simple way to embed Instagram content on a website that you can modify whenever you want.

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The downside is that you will have to embed one post at a time and not all posts or multiple posts together. Also, if the post gets deleted from Instagram then it will also disappear from your website as the code is no longer active.


Instagram is a highly popular and exciting platform that relies on visual content to drive engagement. Millions of brands are leveraging Instagram for their growth but you can take it beyond the platform with Instagram feed.

So, you can choose the best option for these given options to create and embed Instagram feed on to your website. They all have different functionalities and features for your disposal.

Get started now by choosing the best option and leveraging the Instagram feed to upgrade your website performance and increase your returns on investments.

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